Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey everyone! How's everthing going?
Well I'll start with some bad/sad news. My companion went home last friday (Jan 22). He wasn't sent home for doing anything bad. He just was struggling because he didn't agree with the way the mission was being run and he said it was really hard going home twice for health reasons and coming back out again. I tried my best to convince him to stay out but he wouldn't listen. He even got a call from his stake president back home and he convinced him to stay for a bit but then he got fed up again so he decided to go home. So long story short....I had to get a new companion but they didn't have an extra's anywhere so I'm in a theesome now. I'm serving in Calhan Colorado with Elder Torres (Who is my mission grandpa because he trained Elder Oakes who trained me) and Elder Miller (who came out with me. He reported to the MTC on the 16th of September like me so we were in the MTC together, we flew out together and we were in the mission home together!) So, I'm really sad that Elder ____ went home but I'm glad to be in Calhan serving with these two great Elders! Elder Miller and I both have a crazy sense of humor so we just go back and foth with jokes and sarcastic remarks! Its funny. Elder Torres likes to joke around too but he's pretty serious so he keeps us in line! (We're really not as bad as I make it sound!)
I wanted to let you know that any mail that was sent to La Junta after I got transfered probably wont ever find its way to me. So just so you know....the last letter I got was on the 21st and it was the one from you mom...with all the faces all over the letter.
Well...I gotta go now....Love you and I'll get a letter to you this week. Hope everything is going great back home. Everthing is good here. We have an investigator (that I just met yesterday) who has a date for the 31st of this month so that should be exciting!
Well We'll talk to you later.
Love Ben

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