Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 17, 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
It rained today! It's been a while since I've seen that. It's crazy because everytime people pray for 'the needed moisture for their crops' it comes. It's amazing how quick it seems God answers that request. And as soon as he does they give thanks. It's been really interesting to see that.
Well, mail comes in about an hour so I'll see if I have any more letters to reply to but in the meantime I have two letters from Emma.
It sounds like you had a great time on New Years Eve! I always loved that, getting together with all my friends and eating breakfast at midnight and playing games. So I keep getting the feeling that you hate the dances. Why do you even go? (Stop, reverse that!) You must love dancing. You talk about it in almost every letter! (I'm not complaining, I'm just saying you must love it!)
So, dad, I heard you were privilaged enough to witness this dancing sensation in action. Is she as crazy as I've been hearing?
So, Emma you got your hair cut short as well? What is this with you and Sam getting short hair? I'll need to see this.
So have you been enjoying teaching piano (or at least helping with it)? How much do you have saved so far? Are you planning on going over before or after grandad comes over? I really enjoyed the story about the garbage in Kay's front yard. You figured out what lots of people just don't seem to get. Application of knowledge. That's what wisdom is. When we learn how to appropriately apply what we've learned. I bet you felt great after you did that too! It's crazy how enjoyable unenjoyable things can be when we do them for the right reason, with the right attitude. Thanks for sharing that with me.
Well, my other camera card is full so as soon as I get my other one back you'll have more pics to look forward to!
Not much else at the moment. I'll keep you updated as the potentials that we have become new investigators.
Take care! Love ya all.
Love Elder Cryer


January 24, 2011 e-mail
Well hello. So we meet again!
I got both your e-mails today! To answer your question...my dentist appointment went great. I got my teeth all cleaned and got my cavities filled. In fact we're having dinner with his family tonight. (I think he wants to see if we can chew our food pain free). Elder Smith is having a little irritation with one of his but I've been good.
Wow....new windows! I bet that looks great. Man, from the pictures I've seen the house looks so different. It looks awesome. The back bathroom looks great.
Speaking of looking great...whats with the 09 Charger in the driveway? Is Sam looking at cruising the town in style?
Well I'm glad that Sam didn't write to me with invisible ink....that would have made things a little more difficult to read!
Well, the work here is moving along. We have run into a little difficulty with that family of four we just baptized. Two more people just came into the picture and its causing things to be disrupted a little. I know with the Lords help though that this situation can be turned around and we could be blessed with another two baptisms. We have also found a ton of potential people. We are just trying to follow up with them to see if they are really interested or if they just wanted to get rid of us. That is awesome that the work is going so good back home. That is something that I want to get better at...getting a member to every lesson. It really does help. Its a little harder here because the ward/branch is small and most everybody (men and women) work during the day. So it can be tricky but we can be doing it more than we are.
We had interviews yesterday up in Garden City. I always love the chance to talk with President and Sister Pfile. I love them a lot. I'm really not looking forward to when they go home. Luckily I still have a little while longer with them. :)
We also got taught by the Zone leaders and Ap's. The mission has been working on a new way of putting together lesson plans. We are using the Do, Feel, Know method.
1) What does the investigator need to do/commit to.
2) What does the investigator need to feel in order to do/commit. What kind of environment do we need to create.
3) What does the investigator need to know in order for this all to happen.
It takes a little longer to plan a lesson out this way but it really helps us as we strive to teach people..not lessons. It helps us tailor fit each lesson to the person. I'm still getting the hang of it but its awesome.
Well, unfortunately my time is up.
Thanks for the updates and the pics! (You know how I love those!)
I'll fill you in some more in my letter.
Love you all...have a great week! Enjoy looking at the world through new windows!
Love each one of you a ton,
Love Elder Cryer

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Monday January 17, 2011 e-mail
Hey! Hows life?
Life in these parts is good. We worked in Hugoton this last weekend and found a few potential people to teach so we're excited.
Me and Elder Melville had a tie trade go down last Friday after district meeting. (I'm pretty sure I got the better end of the deal). I got an awesome pink and white paisley.
I am still dying to know where Carson got called to. Do you know if he's sent me a letter yet? I want to know where he's going, when he leaves, how he feels, all of it!
I can't believe Jays out already. I bet he's loving Brazil!
Tomorrow I go to get my cavaties filled. That will be nice to get that all taken care of! And its even better because its free. I'm not looking forward to my "big lip" but I'll get over it.
So yesterday we helped someone carry a hide-a-bed out of their basement. That thing was a beast! We had to manuever it around a few corners, up some stairs, through a small hall, out the front door, and then into the garage. That took care of my excercise for the day! But its all good because they gave us a huge bag of frozen food in return! I love food!
We taught a spanish speaking man the other day. He is the husband of a less active member. We had to take the young mens leader with us because he speaks spanish. It was interesting teaching with a translator. We would teach a few sentences and then Brett (The member) would translate into spanish and then translate any responses back into english. It was cool.
Also, another cool thing was that Felipe (one of my fairly recent converts) taught young mens this last sunday. He taught lesson one out of Preach my Gospel. It was so neat being able to watch him teach what we taught him only a few months ago. He's doing so well. He comes every single Sunday and loves blessing the sacrament.
So I finally got some new tracting pants! Elder Smiths mom sent him three pairs. One of them didn't fit and so he asked if I wanted to try them on. They fit me great so I gave him $20 and called them mine. I also got a free pair of black tracting shoes recently. So I think I have everything I need to finish off with. That is, unless I get beat up in some form or another!
Today is P-day so we'll be doing the usual. But we will be playing basketball with some investigators at about three. That should be pretty fun.
Well.....I haven't gotten an e-mail yet so I'll get it and reply to it next week.
Take care! Love you all
Love Elder Cryer

P.S. I heard that the Ducks lost. Dang it!!! They got so close. I heard that they just lost by like two or three points. I guess its a good thing that I wasn't able to watch it. That would have been too painful to sit through!


January 11, 2011 letter
Dear Family,
Right now I'm sitting in the dentist office waiting for Elder Smith to get his filling. Sorry for the messy handwriting. I'm sitting in a chair with no desk.
At the moment it is -3 degrees outside. There is snow on the ground. I've been told that the high for the day is about 24 degrees with a wind chill facto of down to -15. This should be fun day to be out! I've got my thermals on!!
So can you believe that I'm in Ulysses again?! This will make it about nine months here. All the members here are amazed! They say no one has stayed this long in a long, long time. I don't fully understand why I'm still here but I do know that ther's work to be done so I guess I'll just get busy!
Thanks for the note you wrote to the Sieberts, mom. I have not gotten it to them yet because we haven't been able to meet up with them yet but I should be giving it (along with a few other things from members here) to them tonight I hope.
So who are the teens that you're teaching piano to now? That's neat that Emma gets to help out with that. I bet she enjoys it. (Am I right Emma?)
So, Emma, how is your cruise/England fund coming? Are you going to make it?
And Sam, how are you enjoying driving?! Are you rearin' up the roads?! I bet you enjoy being able to come and go as you please!
Well, right now we are working with the husband of a less active member, and about four other people. We're keeping busy but we are definately trying to find new people. what do the missionaries there do to find? Do they have any creative ideas?
Well, I know that this letter is a little short but I think I told you everything in my last e-mail.
I did go on team-ups this last week which was good. I got to serve with Elder Melville and Elder Partington. It was nice to get some fresh ideas. I got to see one girl that I extended a date to! She visited the Hugoton branch a while back with her brother and I was teaching the class. So I taught a restoration lesson and extended the invitation for them to be baptized and then a few weeks later the Liberal Elders baptized them. (Because they live in the Liberal area) So I got to see her and say 'Hi'.
Well, I better get this off before a blizzard comes and stops the mail!
Love you,

Friday, January 14, 2011


January 10, 2011 e-mail
Hey Familia!!!
I'm back.....and I have news! That's right...transfers has come and it has gone. The question is 'am I e-mailing from Ulysses or somewhere else?' Are you ready for the answer.
Well lets see...what else can I talk about to make the suspense a little more intense?!
Oh....you will find a picture attached. I've been wanting to make P-day a little more fun/interesting and so I decided to buy a sketch book. This is a picture of the Savior that I drew in about an hour. Its still not quite done but its getting really close! I'm thinking about making copies of it and giving a copy of it to each family that I baptize. I don't know....its just an idea. I want to keep drawing so that hopefully I can get better.
What else is new....ahh yes. I got my teeth cleaned today and guess what?!?!?! I have two small cavities. :( So I go in on the 18th to get some fillings. Now are you ready for the best part? The dentist is a member so I get everything done for free!!! I love being a missionary! :) Today was the first day my teeth have been cleaned in a year and a few months. Ewww! ;)
So thanks for your e-mail!!!
What kind of pictures needed explaining? Were there a bunch that you didn't get? I'm glad that you enjoyed some of them!
It sounds like your ward conferences have been going really well. It sounds like there's lots of good stuff being talked about! The focus on the plan of salvation is interesting because that's what we just talked about on Sunday as well. What are the odds? There is a lot to the plan of salvation but its really very simple at the same time. It is very interesting to me how everything in the gospel seems to be that way. Every principle or topic has so many layers of understanding. It seems like just when we think we know it all we catch a glance at a deeper meaning, something we never noticed or thought about before, which sends us off on another search for more truth and light. God has such a masterful way of teaching on an individual level.
Thats awesome that Nathan has decided to go on a mission. Speaking of missionary work, I can't believe that you told me that Carson got his call but you wont tell me where he's going! He better get a letter off to me soon because I'm dying to know where he got called to. He will love his mission.
Thanks for the pics that came with the e-mail. I always love getting pictures. I was wondering. I wanted to show Elder Smith that video of Emma and Natalies magic show that they did but I can't find it in my emails. Could you send it again do you think? That would be awesome.
Well...we have two new people with baptismal dates and we had two people come to church. I love seeing people take action! We've got some good stuff going on right now.
There is snow on the ground here. Its been snowing all day. Its supposed to get down to about 25 degrees tomorrow with wind chill factors down to about -15 F (Yes, negative fifteen!) That should be lots of fun!
So today is NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! GO DUCKS! You'll have to let me know how they do. I hope the win!
Well......I cant think of anything else right at the moment.
I hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to you soon!
Love you all,
Love Elder Cryer!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


January 3, 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
Well, we had the baptism for the Sieberts yesterday. It went so good. Didn't they look great in the picture?! It was a very sepcial day for me too. They were so happy. Afterward we were talking about something and somehow transfers got brought up and Cori said, "Well, we would all miss you alot, whoever got transferred, but I think Whitley would have a big problem with that!"
Transfers come again on the 10th and 11th of January. Elder Smith and I think that we might have one more transfer together. But on the other hand, I've been here for a little while. I just don't know anymore.
So how is it, getting back into normal life? Is it nice to be back or no? I guess some parts are good and others are not. I'm glad to be back into the normal schedule! In fact...we have interviews coming up in a couple weeks. I'm looking forward to that.
I just walked out to the mailbox, across the snow and ice, and guess what I found?! A letter from mom! I love getting letters. I'm going to read it right now.
Yes, I did tell Cori what you said. I remembered! I'm glad that you all had a good Christmas. My Christmas was the same way. All my focus was on others which made it really nice. It gave me more time to focus on the 'why ' of Christmas.
So have you had any luck finding a slide/negative converter? Those things are really neat, and would be great to have so we could back up all our pictures. Speaking of pictures, I think I have a card to send home. I don't think you've seen this one yet. Enjoy!
Congrats again Sam on finishing the Harvard Classics. I know I already said that...but it really is very impressive. it sounds like you have a couple new books to dive into! I will never understand what you see in books! You obviously see more than just the words (which is all I see)!
Mmmmm...fried rice, sweet and sour sauce, egg rolls. Sounds good! I've been thinking about making fried rice again. I just haven't yet.
New windows on the 21st! That will be exciting! I bet that will make the house look a lot newer. Are you even replacing the huge window in the front?
Well, I better wrap this up so I can get it in the mail! Don't want to make you wait too long. Love you lots.
Love Elder Cryer

Friday, January 7, 2011


12/31/2010 letter
Dear Family,
It's weird to think that that's the last time I'll be writing 2010. Tonight is New Year's Eve! There is snow on the ground and it is COLD! Today we hit a high of 6 degrees and the wind was blowing which made it colder. Luckily we didn't have to spend much time out in it. We had our District Meeting here in Ulysses from 10:30 to 12:30 and then we went to the Sieberts and did their interviews. (Which went great by the way!) They all passed without a problem. I'm so excited for their baptism. I get to baptize Cori (mom) and Whitley (the 10 year old). Elder Smith will baptize Sami (the 12 year old) and Katelynn (the 8 year old). We can't wait!
Now it's 1-1-2011! Crazy! Last night we went over to the Sieberts and played Yahtzee and ate snacks. Sami made home-made salsa and also spaghetti. It was actually pretty good. I wish you could meet this family! They are so awesome.
So, a few questions to answer. Emma, you asked what our letter reading routine was. Basically we usually read our letters to ourselves and then we'll sometimes share highlights. Of course I did let Elder Smith read our entire Christmas newsletter. He enjoyed that. Speaking of letters...from your last letter it sounds like you are enjoying dances WAY TOO MUCH! It sounds like you saved Tyler's first dance experience though!
As for your next question. I don't know what will happen to the ward parties here when I leave. They'll probably quit having them. (Just joking)
So I got your letter with the list of things going on in 2011. That's a lot of exciting stuff. Busy year it looks like.
You got asked out? Was he out of his mind?! It's a good thing dad doesn't have a gun! (Sorry, had to throw that in!) Dating's no fun anyway! I like the idea of the 'Attention Please' note! It might not be a bad idea!
I don't know if I thanked you all for my Christmas letters. I really enjoyed that. The pictures were a nice touch. It is a great thing being a missionary during Christmas. It's so much easier to focus on what it's all about. You're not concerned about what you get or how much you have. It just doesn't matter. And when you do get presents it seems that you appreciate the sacrifice the person made to get you the gift rather that the gift itself. It's awesome. I hope that focus stays with me after I come home. And I was SOOOO excited to hear you're planning on serving a mission Sam! Missions are AWESOME! I don't regret AT ALL coming on a mission. Best decision I've made so far!
Oh, congrats Sam on finishing the Harvard Classics Collection! That is...amazing! I could not do that!
And good job, Emma, on winning the Swell Swine award. I loved the picture of Mom, Sam and Dad in the newsletter. They look so sad! Classic!
Well, on Monday I'll let you know how the baptisms go! Love you all.
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. Transfers is next week so you may want to send stuff to the mission office address in case I get moved. Thanks! I find out what happens on the 10th of January.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


3 January 2011
Man, 2011 already? What ever happened to 2010? :)
Well, you were right...we did have a P-day on Saturday but we were told to save e-mailing for today. So, here I am!
It sounds like you all had a fun new years!....well, Emma at least! Did you do the traditional bugle blowing? I was listening for it! I don't think I heard it though. We really didn't do a whole lot of celebrating ourselves. We played some games with the family that just got baptized! That was a lot of fun. I love that family so much! We played a few rounds of Yahtzee. I was "THE GRAND LOSER!!!"
So life has begun again for all of you. Its about time you get back to work! :) You're right...I have no sympathy! It was actually really nice over break because it made it a lot easier to see people. Now we have a ton of schedules to work with. Oh well...it can be done...sometimes!
I do remember the Stays. Indian food?! That would be interesting. Save me some will you? :) It may taste a little different by the time I get back though!
Well...I think I told you all that it snowed here a few days ago. Well, we still have some snow on the ground and lots of ice. You have to watch it on the road because there's random patches of ice everywhere. Looks like the cold is here to stay from what we've been told.
The baptism went so good on Sunday. The ward gave great support and the talks were great. This family is going to do great in the church. I'm so excited for them.
Right now we are still in the finding mode. We need new people to teach. We will be doing lots of tracting and working with members to find new people to teach. Missionary work is intense but its so fun and worth every minute. Its kind of like Alma. There's nothing more bitter than the bad times...but nothing more sweet than the good times.
Well....we do have to run...and my mind is blank right now. I'll see if more comes to me when I get a pen in my hand!
Love you all tons!
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. How was your pop tart dad? :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Christmas Day December 25, 2010 letter
Dear Family!
It was so good to talk to you all! It sounds like you're all doing very well. It was fun to hear some of the news back home. I'm very excited to get the Town Cryer. I loved getting that last year.
Right now as I'm writing I'm listening to Harry Connick Jr. Christmas. Elder Smith is taking a nap. After we finished our phone calls we ate with the Woods and then played a trivia game. Then we went to the Arnold's and ate with them. Now we are here. We're planning on seeing the Moyer's and Peters in a little while.
I'm trying to think if there is anything that I forgot to tell you on the phone. Did I tell you about Pablo? The other day we had a ton of people to see and they all fell through so we decided to tract. On the third door we found Pablo. He and his little daughter were watching a movie but he paused it and said we could teach him. He's a neat guy. Very teachable. We asked him about baptism and he said that he'd already been baptized as a baby but thought he should do it when he was older so it could be his decision. We gave him a date for the 9th of January. We want to meet with his wife too.
The mission has been making a lot of adjustments. The biggest one is that we're not directed to teach The Restoration on our first visit anymore. On the first visit we are just supposed to talk and teach BAPTISM! We just heard about this so I'm really excited to try it. We role played it in District Meeting and it's really neat.
That's all the up-dates I can think of right now. I'll be writing again on New Years because that's a P-day.
Love you all!
Love Elder Cryer