Monday, April 25, 2011


April 19, 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
Well, we just had interviews with President. They were the last formal interviews with him. Next will be with President Andersen. These interviews went well. I did ask him if I'll get to train before I come home. He said yes! I only have three transfers left. (Can you believe that!) So that means I'll be training pretty soon. That will be a very humbling time in my mission.
Also, President told me that he needs me somewhere I probably won't be in Liberal next transfer. I wonder where I'm going to go. I guess I'll find out in three weeks! I'm gonna be sad to leave Liberal...not as sad as leaving Hugoton and Ulysses though.
The work here has been a little slow for us lately. We had to drop most everyone because they weren't keeping commitments. So right now we are focused on finding. We were given some great advice during interviews on how we can find so I"m excited to put that into action. I really want to get out of this dry spell.
So I'm curious, Emma, how is your daily hour of piano playing going? I bet you've made some great progress in your piano playing doing that!
Well, I really can't think of anything new or exciting that has happened.
At interviews they talked a lot about giving promised blessings. They talked about how it will help give people a reason to change. They also shared how promised blessings will become more specific the more we give them. There was a point on my mission where I did focus on that but I have since drifted away from it. I'm excited to get back to doing it.
They also talked about how if we believe that something will or can happen then it will. If we don't believe it though then it probably won't happen. It's interesting how much our faith and our belief is connected to what happens to us.
Well, I know this letter is a little on the shorter side but I want to get it off before the mail comes....and I don't have much to tell this week.
Love you all. Have a happy Easter!
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. That family of four I baptized in Ulysses....the mom and her three little daughters...they are getting confirmed! I'm going to be going to Ulysses this Sunday for their confirmation. I'm so excited! Thanks for your prayers for them!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


April 19, 2011 e-mail
Hey family!
Hows things goin'? I'm doing just fine.
I thought it was funny that you started off your e-mail by telling me about how you were cutting the grass, because just like two days ago I was telling Elder Clark how I wish someone would let us mow their lawn! I actually really miss it. I'm jealous that you got to mow! I know...that's crazy huh?!?!?
Yeah...I don't think that Kansas would free you from allergies. Elder Gomez (one of the Elders here in Liberal) is suffering from allergies right now. There is a LOT of dirt and dust but there is also a surprising amount of green.
Wow.....lucky you! So you got to meet with a member of the presidency seventy! I have to say that he is exactly right. The scenery is not what makes it. It is definitely the people. The people here are amazing! They are very open and friendly. They know how to make you feel right at home! (For the most part. Trust me....there are the exceptions!)
I'm glad that you enjoyed the pics! It'll be fun going through them with you all and explaining them! That is something that I look forward to. Are you going to load up the card with pics and videos when you send it back? That's always fun for me.
Dang, 65 tornado's! Why can't they share? All I ask for is just one! Is that too much to ask? Man, that is quite the story about that man and his three month old baby. I wish that everyone could be as fortunate. really is humbling to be able to interview people for baptism. I have loved being able to do that. I've got a few more coming up that I'm really looking forward to. I feel like I grow a ton just being able to hear their testimonies.
I will definitely pay attention to how people receive the message this week. I'll let you know if I notice or feel a difference. I have a feeling we will see a difference.
Well we got to take a tour of Dorothy's house today. We got to walk down the yellow brick road. It was fun. I'll send you a few pics.
Well...I gotta go. I'll tell you more in my letter.
Love ya all! Hope you have a great rest of the day and week!
Love Elder Cryer

P.S. If I see the Easter Bunny...I'll be sure to send him your way!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


April 11, 2011 Letter

Dear Family,
Well, it is p-day morning. Today we have a mission wide p-day activity. We all have to deep clean our apartments from about 10am to 12pm. Yeah! Doesn't that sound fun? Well, not really...but it'll be nice to have a deep cleaned apartment.
Well, it's been a busy week here in the Liberal district. I had to do a baptismal interview in Hugoton and Guymon on Friday and then I had another one on Saturday. So there was quite a bit of driving done these past couple of days. Baptismal interviews are a fun part of being a district leader. I love getting to go to new places and meet new people and hear their testimonies. It really helps to strengthen my testimony of how the gospel helps us to be happy. It's neat how easy it is to care about people when you hardly even know them. It's been really fun.
Elder Clark and I are currently in the finding stage. We had to drop a couple people yesterday because it's the third week that they've promised to be at church and haven't been there. And they won't answer their phone or door until after church.
Well, we have been having some nice weather lately. It was 90 something yesterday and it looks like it will be another nice day today.
So, I have what will probably be my last interview with President Pfile on the 18th of this month. I don't know if he will do another one right before he leaves or not but I doubt he will. I think my next interview will be with President Andersen.
Well, I just got back from e-mailing and shopping and then when I checked the mail I had a letter from Emma!
Yeah, I'm going to walk the "yellow brick road" on the 19th I think. That's our p-day.
Yes conference was awesome! I took a ton of notes. I always love how much I learn. Then the hard part is applying what you learn. That's why it's such a good idea to read over the talks again. I'm excited to get the conference issue.
Well, I'm excited to hear how your boogie-woogie piano playing comes along. You'll do great. You and Sam have always seemed to pick things up really quick on the piano. How's my violin? Has it been touched at all? Just curious.
Well, love you all!
Love Elder Cryer

Monday, April 11, 2011


11 April E-mail
Well hello everybody!
So there were tornado's in Iowa? Why not here??? I can't come home until I've seen one! Surely they have to be coming soon. Actually I've heard come May or June is when they start to hit. So hopefully I'll still be in Kansas by then.
So Snuggles is still making her escapes from the outside to the upstairs huh? do need a Husky! That would keep her away!
So Yahtzee seems to be the game to play I right? I don't remember playing it that much back home but now it sounds like you lose it....I mean, play it quite a bit. (Sorry...had to throw that in!) Dang, so Sam came out of nowhere and snagged the champions spot? Sneaky!
So ward conferences are over now? That took a long time to do them all! Sounds like you had some good questions asked! How are the youth in the stake doing? It's funny because even though I'm thinking about all the people here I still find myself wondering about random people back home....just wondering how they're doing. A lot of times the thought is not even attached to anything at just comes. I'm sure I'll be surprised when I come home and see how much everything has changed because I still see our ward and stake just like when I left!
Hey, thanks for the pics! :) I'm looking forward to receiving that letter.....actually its more like a book...from Emma! Something really exciting must have happened!
And Dang....L.C. looks just as good as when I left. Actually I couldn't really tell from that picture but the sunset looks sick! There have been a couple of cool sunsets here lately.
Well, we ended up dropping some people recently because they weren't progressing. They kept promising that they would come to church and after three weeks of no shows we decided that we had to move on. I never like doing that but sometimes you've got to.
So I heard from somebody that the government shut down for thirty that true? Whats up with that? Its crazy being so out of the loop because you never hear whats leading up to what. We just get all the big crazy news because that's what people are talking about.
Well, as always...I love hearing how things are going! Thanks for all the letters and prayers. They do not go unnoticed!
I have a letter sitting on my desk that I started this morning for you all so I'll be sending that home with my picture card. So that should be something to look forward to.
Love you all a bunch!
Love Elder Cryer


5 April e-mail
Hey everyone!
I'm glad to hear that everyone is still doing great!
Yes...General Conference was awesome! The four of us Elders here in Liberal were talking and agreed that conference is more exciting then Christmas when your on a mission. It really is! Christmas just isn't that exciting on a mission...its just another day (except we get to call home which is sweet). But Conference is just plain awesome! I learned so much. My favorite sessions of course were Saturday. Morning, afternoon, and Priesthood. WOW!
Dang, So Sweet Pea is on her way to Sweden huh? Big trip! Is Carson getting excited for his mission? I bet he must be. I sent off a letter to them a week or so ago.
So agent Doug Dick has a new vehicle? Its probably smart to switch vehicles fairly often so that the enemy never knows what to look for. He's a smart wonder they keep him around. And no, I don't remember the story about the 80MPH drive while in pj's! That sounds like an epic adventure!
So how was the 119th anniversary of the sundae? Sounds tasty to me! It looked good too! Are you kidding me?!?!? Calories are the last thing on my mind! I could probably use a couple extra!
Well, we had a confirmation for the young man that got baptized our first week here. He's planning on getting the priesthood this Sunday!
Oh yeah....transfers! :) I found out that nothing is changing. I stay in Liberal as district leader. I was hoping for senior companion in Ulysses/Hugoton but that didn't happen. Dang it!
Other than that not much else is new. One Elder here in liberal is getting replaced by an Elder Gomez. He's been out like five months I think. And then one other Elder in the district (Guymon) is getting replaced by an Elder Valdez. Elder Valdez is hilarious! I'm excited to have him in the district.
So two days ago there were a ton of fires everywhere. Guymon Oklahoma caught on fire, Satanta caught on fire and they had to evacuate, and Liberal caught on fire. Don't worry or freak out please! Everything is perfectly fine. But it was pretty crazy. The wind was really really 90 degree wind going 30mph....and the sky was filled with smoke. You couldn't even see the sun! The eeriest part was when the temperature dropped from like 87 degrees to 64 degrees in a matter of like five minutes. You could feel it drop. We were with an investigator and they went and turned on the weather channel to see if we should know about anything. We weren't in any danger but Kansas City, to the east of us, has a tornado warning. There were lots of other severe weather warnings like hail and thunderstorms and all that but they were all to the east of us. I was so disapointed. I NEED to see a tornado before I leave Kansas!
Well....I cant think of anything else to least not in the e-mail. I'll reply to your letters as soon as I get back to the apartment!
Love you all
Love Elder Cryer!


6 April 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
Well, how is it going? Liberal is treating me well. I get to stay for another six weeks! Our investigators are happy that Elder Clark and I are staying. It's never fun for people to lose 'their' missionaries. Our transfer p-day was really hectic though which is why I'm writing this letter this morning before it's time to do my studies.
So you had a pj day? That sounds very relaxing and comfortable! I bet you all loved it. No wonder reality hit so hard after spring break!
That walk in the rain you all took must have been an adventure! People must have been looking at you like you were crazy! Only crazy Oregonians would go walk, sing, and dance in the rain!
So, mom, you mentioned that you all got a letter from President Pfile. That's neat. I can't believe how close they are to going home.
I definitely am doing all I can to stay focused as I come nearer to the end of my mission. I want this point of my mission to be my strongest.
Yes, Morgan is a friend of a member family here. We haven't been able to make contact recently though because the member family was in Idaho for a while but now they're back.
You know, back home I remember you talking about how we would sometimes be too in the mood for entertainment and I never really saw that. But now that I've had the contrast of the mission I can see what you mean. There really is so much more out there if we look for it. You're right...I do know that God lives. I've heard, seen, and most importantly felt way to much to ever deny it. I'm going to miss being a missionary 24/7 when that time comes. I hope I can still keep a strong focus on the things that matter most. Especially as I still have a strong desire to go into the entertainment business. Music and film are still what I see myself doing.
Well, today we have a couple lessons planned and some service. We're going to be taking a couple to the church tonight to show them around and teach them.
I did get to do my first baptismal interview for someone last Saturday though! That was neat. A very cool experience. He was way ready for baptism. He got baptized in Hugoton last Sunday. So things are going good here!
Well, I need to start studies now so I"ll let you go.
Love you all a ton!
Love Elder Cryer

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


March 28, 2011 Letter
Dear Family~
Well, it's been an interesting week herE in Liberal, Kansas, We are 90% sure that two of our investigators were put into jail. One of the last elders recent converts was for sure put into jail. Another one of our investigators is on probation and is going through alcohol withdrawals and was in the hospital. So, in short, it's been interesting.
We have been able to teach quite a bit this week. Oh, we taught one lady that would not cooperate with us. She accepted to be baptized but she refused to attend church! She had three concerns. We resolved each of them one by one and then she rotated through them all again and again! Finally we had to leave by just leaving an open invitation to come to church if she ever wanted to come.
We taught another guy this week...he was drinking vodka the whole time we were teaching. It was pretty ineffective. By the end of the lesson he was getting offended at everything we said so we prayed and left. We did an effective lesson this week as well though. We tracted into a really nice guy that let us in. We taught a first discussion and he had lots of question. He was really, sincerely looking for answers. It was a great lesson. The only hold up that we had was that he only gets one Sunday off every three months! He has his work schedule for the whole year. His next Sunday off is in May. He's looking for a new job though so hopefully he finds one with a better schedule.
We went out this week and did some service for an older couple in the branch as well. We just helped pick up the yard a little. Then they fed us lunch.
So, Elder Clark has seen some of my drawings and he asked me if I could draw a picture of him and his girlfriend on the beach. So I gave it my best shot. If I remember I'll send the pic in my e-mail later today. It turned out pretty decent.
So mom, when you mentioned the daffodils it reminded me of something. You'll probably never believe this but the grass here is starting to turn green! It looks so weird! I haven't seen green grass in so long. Don't get me wrong, there's still lots of brown but every once in a while you'll get a splash of green.
So, I've told everyone about dads stunt driving under falling trees. Basically everyone agrees that dads a STUD! They were all like, "Dang man, your dads awesome." It was pretty funny. I can only imagine the look on the guys face in the opposing lane! That was probably pretty priceless. I'm glad nothing bad happened as well.
Man Sam, that was quite the rainstorm you were caught in! We haven't had a good storm in a while. This is tornado season though so I'm praying that I'll get to see a tornado! That would be sick!
Mmmmm...P.F. Changs is so good. I remember the last time I ate there I was in Salt Lake getting ready to come on my mission. That is good food. And you got a 'Golden Child Moment'! Congrats. Welcome to my world! (Just kidding)
So you and Emma got to ride on a ferris wheel! Lucky. Oh, and mom too! The whole crew went...well, female crew. I can't believe that mom and Emma were both tensed up.
So Emma, you and dad got to go to Carls Jr. Guess what....I haven't seen a Carls Jr. since I left Oregon. I don't think that they have them here.
Your right, our branch president does know the secret to get to any Elders! Maybe that does have something to do with mY belt loop busting! I'll have to be more careful about how much I eat!
Well, I'm going to wrap up so I can get this sent. I love you all! Keep up the good work, I love hearing all the updates from home.
Love Elder Cryer