Tuesday, April 27, 2010


26 April 2010
Hey! Hows things going? Last week was a good week for me.
So I told you about that referral that we got in my last e-mail. Well,we went to see him and he wasn't home and so we called him and he still really wants to be taught but we found out that he's not in our area and so we have to hand him off to some other elders. Its kinda a bumber for us but hey...at least he's getting
taught! :)
So Elder Greenfield got transfered back to where he came from. I guess an elder went home for depression and so they needed Elder Greenfield to go back. So we just had
him with us for a week. He was awesome.
So last week we were tracting and this girl let us in to teach her. She couldn't believe it because she is trying to get over her alchohol problem and she had been sober for three days but she was about to relapse again and so she was praying for help when we came! She recognized that God had answered her prayer through us. So we taught her and commited her to be baptized when she knew these things were true. She agreed! Then I started talking about the Book of Mormon and she was like..
"Wait.....you guys are Mormon?"
We said, "Yeah".
I guess she (like a lot of other people) have heard some crazy things about Mormons. We answered some of her questions and then she said she would keep an open mind and read and pray. So then we left and about three hours later she called us saying that she had talked to some of her friends. They discouraged her but after we talked with her on the phone she agreed to read and pray some more. Then she will tell us if she wants us to come over and teach her more. So we're waiting to see what happens. We'll probably call her soon and see where she's at.
So you sold the Volvo huh dad? Thats awesome how fast you were able to sell it! Gotta love craigs list! :) I'm sure that LC will love all the attention! Man I miss driving her!
So we got tornados? I so wish I could have seen it. I really hope that I get to see one before my mission is over! Well.....as far as the weather....we have had a bunch of lightning and rain storms. We've had a LOT of high winds and also hail and snow. Its just been alot of everything! Today its nice sunny blue skies and hardly any wind!
Thanks for sharing your studies with me too! It is amazing how opposite we understand the meaning of power as opposed to how the world sees it. I actually taught the gospel principles class yesterday and we were talking about how when we recieve the priesthood we use it only for serving everyone but ourselves. Of course we do recieve blessings as we excercise that power righteously but we can't directly
use the priesthood power for ourselves. Its so true that really the greatest power comes as we come to gain Gods trust.
So mom....I did get your email about my bike. I will call him today and get everything sorted out. Thanks for calling about that for me!
Well today we once again came over to the Barks and made breakfast.
Today brother Barks has the day off and so we are going to do some
stuff with them. We're going on a hike somewhere and then we're going
to help him repair or build some fence. Should be really fun.
Well....I gotta go.
Love you guys! Have an awesome day!
Love Ben

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Dear Family,
Hey everyone! How is your week going? Ours was a little slow teaching wise but good still. We have a new Elder here with us...Elder Greenfield. He joined us on April
14th because his companion (Elder Dixon, who was in my district while I was in La Junta) completed his two years so he went home which, of course, left Elder Greenfield needing a companion. So he's here until the end of the transfer (May5). He's really cool though. We've been getting along great. He's teaching Elder Torres the Rubik's cube and he's going to teach me next.
So last Tuesday we went and helped a family move. They're moving into a house that they're building here in Calhan. We were helping them move furniture and it was so windy! It started out blowing at a steady 30mph with gusts up to 60mph but within about an hour it was pretty much blowing a steady 60mph! It made things a little tricky but we managed.
Also, after dinner that same night we were driving back to our apartment and there was a lightning storm! My first lightning storm on the mission. It was striking about every two seconds. It was way cool to watch. Unlike our storms back home where you see a strike, then eat dinner, take a nap, take out the trash and then it strikes again. And I hear that that storm was nothing compared to some they get here. I hope I get to see a really intense storm!
Oh, funny story. So do you remember C? She's the lady we baptized in February. Anyway, we were in Wal-mart the other day getting Elder Greenfield some food and stuff and I saw her. So while Elder Greenfield was picking between brands Elder Torres and I went over to say hi.
I said, "Hi," and then went to shake her hand and she just gave me a big hug instead!
Then she did the same thing to Elder Torres! We're not really supposed to do that so we were both just hoping no members saw it! I mean, it wasn't our fault! C is awesome though. She loves the gospel and is way sincere.
O.K. so since we're on the subject of females...yesterday at church I got attacked by the Beehives! I guess that the word somehow got to them the I have candy on me when I'm at church and so they all came wanting some. I gave them each a piece and then within two minutes they were all back wanting more! I gave them each one more piece and then, although they continued to beg, I told them that they would have to wait until next week. It was funny. I love the youth in both wards here! They are all awesome!
So Emma, you asked if I did anything for April Fools Day. The answer is no. First of all I didn't really have time to think of anything and second...Elder Torres doesn't really like practical jokes, so I figured I would play it safe.
I liked that quote on obedience....
"When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power."
It's really true. I've noticed that alot on my mission. He does give, or endow us with power as we obey the rules...even the small ones that seem dumb or irrelevant. Sometimes I think the only reason we have a rule is to see if we'll follow it even when we don't understand it. Obedience tells a lot about a person.
Guess what? It's actually starting to turn green. Most all the yards are starting to show some green. It rained yesterday, which should help even more. Elder Greenfield showed me a picture the other day of when he was in the Valley zone near a place called 'Rough Creek Falls' I think he said. Man it was pretty! Green, mountains, boulders, waterfalls etc. I would love to serve there at one point.
Thanks so much mom for those 'Gems of Brigham Young'. I've been excited to get that. I've had time to read through it once but not mark anything so I'm going to read through it again.
Yeah, I'm still staying happy and working hard despite our almost empty teaching pool. I know that the Lord is preparing people for us to teach. We just need to keep preparing so that when we do find them we'll be ready and able to teach them.
Oh, tell the Francis family congrats for me. That is really exciting for them that they got to be sealed.
Sounds like Emma gave a great lesson on the Atonement. It is amazing how all encompassing it is, isn't it?
What??? You've been craving pizza parlor pizza? How?...Why?...
Yeah, next month when I get money I think I'm going to buy the stuff to make some pizza. It's a little expensive but I probably won't survive without it.
Well, that's about all the news I've got. Hope all is still well back home. Have an awesome week! Love you all.
Love Ben

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


April 19, 2010
Hey guys!
Well its been a good week. We got a referral a couple days ago from the Elders down in Pueblo West saying that they taught a guy and he said if he knew it were true he would be baptized. Then they found out that he lives in our area! So we have to go and teach him and get him baptizzled! :)
So a few days ago the three of us (We now have Elder Greenfield who I told you about in the letter that I wrote this morning.....I'll send it off today!) were out tracting and we rode up to this one persons house and before we even got off our bikes this lady comes out and says in a very irritated voice "Can I help you?" We were like "yeah!" so we told her who we were and stuff and she said something that has been cracking the three of us up ever since! She said in a very serious, stern voice: "I do not want you on my property...I want you off my property." After we left we were just cracking up! "Oh you don't want us on your property, you want us off of it....thank you so much for clarifying!" It was really funny.
So it looks like the girls had fun at the tulip farm. They might as well move in because they're at that place so much! I like the pics though! Looks fun.
Oh so also the other day we were having trouble with our CD player in the car. It hadn't been working for a few days and we really wanted to listen to some music while we drove and so we're all three sitting in the car and Elder Torres decides to try slamming the area around the CD player to try and jog it back into working order. He did it a few times and still nothing. I was like "Here...let me show you how its done" and so I dramatically got ready and positioned just right and then I slammed and yelled "BAM!" and then we heard the CD start to spin and the music began playing! Elder Torres and Greenfield just looked at me in amazement and started cracking up and saying "I don't believe it! Thats so stupid! How did you do that?!" It was way funny.
So mom did you ever talk to dad about my bike? Its still working alright but I was just wondering if I could get a free tune up or something!
Well, I got more updates and stories but they're in my letter!
Man, by the looks of those pics it looks nice and green still there at home! I can't wait until it's that green here. I hear it does get pretty green.
Well have a good, fun week! I hope things are going good for you all!
Tell grandma and grandpa hi for me and tell em I love em! And the rest of the family whenever you talk to them!
How are the Masons doing? I need to write to them again and see whats up! Tell them Hi for me as well would ya! Thanks
Well...I Love you! :) Take care
Love Ben.


April 12, 2010
Dear Family,
So, I'm really sorry but this letter might be a little short because I don't have much time. It's 10pm right now and I have to be in bed by 10:30.
So, about 'B'. He is a young kid that Elder Torres and Elder Miller found a couple days before I got moved here to Calhan. They tracted into him and then I became involved in teaching him by the second lesson. He took a while to decide to be baptized and it was only after he prayed for an answer that he received a witness that he wanted to be baptized. So he was baptized on January 31st. He's been super active ever since. He's doing great.
Right now in my personal study I am completely focused on the Book of Mormon. It's been so cool because it's never all fit together for me. I've known the stories but they were all separate. But this time through it's all fitting together. It's been so neat. It sounds like your studies are going good. Man, I'm definitely grateful for my conscience!
So dad, yeah, we do meet with the Bishop and Ward Council every Sunday. That's when we update them on the work we've done that week and then they give us information and assignments. I am amazed at how much missionaries know about the people in the ward. They know practically everything! Maybe it's just all the gossip here in Calhan but watch out...your missionaries might know everything about you!
This last week we helped a family who is building a house. It actually felt nice to get out and do some of that kind of work! We moved a ton of hardwood flooring and siding and lumber and sheet rock. It made me feel like I was right back at Jerry's.
So guess what! The grass here is actually starting to turn green! It didn't think that would ever happen. It's very nice to see some green for a change!
Well, that's about all the updates from me. Again, sorry this letter is a little short but it's been a rather slow week. Elder Torres and I are praying and working hard to find people to teach...we've hit a little bit of a dry spell.
Well, I have to go now...I love you guys! Have an awesome week. And again...thanks for all your prayers for me...I need all the help I can get! Know that you're in my prayers.
Love Ben


April 10, 2010
Hey Hey Hey!
Hmmm...well its been an interesting week. We haven't really had anyone to teach. I'll give you an update in my letter because I don't want to mention any names in the email. We did go and see one less active guy. He's had a rough life and the bishop and his parents really want us to focus on helping him right now.....the goal is to get him on a mission! :) It was funny because we went over to just "visit" with him (so he thought) and we ended up teaching him the first lesson, kinda. We committed him to read and pray every day and all that good stuff. He was like "well I dont want to say yes because I dont want to be a liar". we were like "o.k. well then just say yes and then do it and you won't be a liar!" He eventually said he would. :) So then right before we left we asked when would be a good time to swing by again and "just talk". He told us that work kept him WAY busy and that he couldn't possibly set a time in stone. But we were like "well how about we set up a time and if it doesn't work for some reason you can call us?" He just laughed and said "whatever guys...it wont work out though...I'm really busy!" We just said "oh thats fine.......how about Wednesday at 2:00pm?" He agreed. So then on Saturday night we get a call from him and he says "I dont know how it happened but somehow I got Wednesday at 2:00pm off work!" I wanted to say "Well I could tell you how it happened!" lol but I didn't. :) So we're going over there this Wednesday.
So dad you asked where I email.....its at the church building. We use the family history center.
Other than that one young man we aren't really working with anyone right now. We're working really hard on finding. We do get alot of member referrals. The ward here is awesome! We always have members coming up to us saying "Hey we have a family that says that you can stop by and teach them". The problem is going by when they're home. It seems like alot of people have weird work schedules around here. But we do get quite a few member referrals. Thats basically what Elder L Tom Perrys visit was all about....he focused on the ward mission plans.....and the Calhan and Falcon wards have done a great job putting it into action.
I cant' believe it got so windy up at grandma and grandpas house! I remember that table that you said blew over and it is not light at all! That must have been some strong wind! We do get crazy strong wind here. Its basically always windy but every few days lately we've been getting really strong winds. And its constant too...not just gusts! The other day we were out tracting and the wind was SO bad! We couldn't walk in a straight line if we wanted to! We literally had to fight the wind just to walk. It was pretty insane.
Well thats neat that you and mom got to go to the temple with grandma and grandpa last Saturday. Man, I miss the temple! I can't wait till I get to go! I will get to go when I go on my jubilee when I hit my year mark. (Still five months away) I can't wait. I hear that the Denver temple is really pretty. But man...it sounds like you ate some pretty crazy stuff at that restaurant! Those Pupusas actually sound really good! I am getting alot better at eating different things. Elder Torres is determined to get me to like avocado/guacamole. We'll see how he does! :) There is this one family in the ward that makes the BEST food! He wanted to be a chef when he was in college but changed his mind but boy can he cook! We're going over there next week and he's making us buffalo wings and french fries! MMMMMMmmmmm! I cant wait! :)
So Sams reading Jesus the Christ huh? Yeah I do have that one. I have read a little of it but President Pfile doesn't want us to spend a ton of time in it and so I have to find time aside from study time to read it. So I sometimes read it after I eat lunch or right before bed or something. I havn't gotten to far yet but I am enjoying it.
So Sam....I like your new hair style! Is it easy to manage? It looks great! I actually just cut my hair (for the second time) all by myself. It was getting to that point where I'd wake up and scare Elder Torres because it looked like my hair was flying out to attack him from all sides and so I figured it was time to cut it again! Now its back to the nice, short cut that I like!
Well......Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.......There is a lady in the ward who owns this knitting machine thing and she told me that she would make me something if I wanted and so she is making me a vest! Its going to be medium grey with maroon around the bottom and around the neck. I'm excited for it.
Well I know that there is some stuff that I didn't reply to but I'll do that in my letter!
Thanks for the letters and emails and prayers! I love you. Have a fun week!
Love Ben.


April 5, 2010
Dear Family,
Thanks for your letters Sam and Emma! Sounds like that was a great fireside Emma. Lot's of good points and things to think about. I liked that question..."How do you stay faithful in a faithless world?" Because, really, that's the key. Staying faithful. And we do that by applying the atonement every day. I'm pretty sure that if we are applying the atonement everyday we will have the strength to stay faithful. Like Richard G. Scott said in General Conference, "If we build on the atonement we will be alright, no matter how severely the world is shaken."
Well, Sam, your done with winter term! SWEET! Let me guess....you got "A"s in all your classes.
So what did you do for spring break? Anything way fun? I had a great spring break! I spread the gospel!
O.K. so I tried your amazing "hiccups be gone" trick the other day and it really does work! You are amazing! We were out tracting and I suddenly got the hiccups and so I thought, "Hmmmm, what's 763 divided by 5.5? Then by the time I gave up on the problem they were all gone! So thanks for telling me that story...it was inspired.
Man, General Conference was awesome wasn't it. I took 11 pages of notes! Both sides filled on each page! I think a mission helps you to really appreciate conference. I was looking forward to each session!
So the other day I ate a deviled egg and sun dried tomato pizza. Neither one was too bad but I didn't really enjoy the deviled egg too much! Not really my thing. But the pizza was good. I've been craving some home-made pizza lately. I'll have to make it here soon or I may die!
So, guess what! The other day we were driving down Hwy 24 at 65mph when the straps holding my bike to the bike rack snapped and my bike came flying off! Luckily the truck behind us missed it! So we stopped the car as quick as we could and I jumped out to get it. Amazingly it didn't get to much damage. The handle bars are a little scratched and the seat got torn on the side but it still switches gears and rides fine. The back wheel did get a little bent so I have no back brakes at the moment but we have an extra bike wheel in the apartment that should work. But I was glad it's still ridable!
So, we were tracting the other day and the weirdest thing happened. We knocked on this one door and a younger guy answered. There were a few people in the house. Anyway, I introduced Elder Torres and I and then said, "We're sharing a message about how you and your family can be together forever, even after this life, and what you need to do to make that happen. Is that something we could share with you?"
He said that we could and so I asked if we could come in and share it with him.
"Oh, no man, I'm kinda busy right now," he said.
I was a little confused at this point but I just said, "Oh, well is there a better time we could come back?"
He said, "Yeah man, that'd be best."
So I asked, "Well, when would be good?"
Then he said, "Um...right now's fine."
Yeah, I was confused too!
So then Elder Torres tells him that we like to begin our lessons by saying a prayer and asks him if that would be alright. He kind of gave us the 'are you joking' look and then said, "Sure, whatever."
So, there we are on this guys doorstep and Elder Torres says the prayer. Just a few seconds before he finishes the prayer I peaked open my eyes because I heard the door shutting. Sure enough he backed up and shut the door. Elder Torres hadn't heard and so when he opened his eyes and saw the shut door he looked over at me like 'what happened?' and then looked back at the door...then we heard the guy start laughing inside. I just said, "I guess he's not interested," and we walked away. It was so weird!
So then we were finishing up our tracting and heading back to the car and I turn to my left and see a Pitt Bull a few hundred yards away and he's running straight towards us....teeth bared. I didn't think much of it because dogs run at us and bark and growl at us everyday. Of course, they're almost always behind a fence. Well, I quickly realize that there is no fence between us and this angry dog. He was running so fast though that he slipped when he came to the loose gravel road we were on. I think that startled him a little because he scrambled to his feet and ran away...but he turned right back around and did it again. This time he got closer to me (I was closest to him this whole time) and I thought for sure he would try to bite me. For some reason though through all of this my heart rate didn't change a beat...I think it should have but it didn't! Anyway, he kept snapping at me, getting a little closer each time and then finally his owner noticed what was going on and called...well, more like screamed him away from us. It was a very exciting adventure!
So, one more story for you. This happened a couple weeks ago. In the morning I don't hear Elder Torres' alarm because it's too quiet (and I don't have mine set to go off right now because it bugs him for some reason) but I wake up when I hear him get out of bed. And so this one morning I hear him moving around and so I roll out of bed onto my knees and say my prayers, then I get up and go into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and the figured I'd go wait in the office while Elder Torres showered (because he likes to shower first). So I walk into the office and look at the phone and it says 2:34 am. WHAT! Now I'm confused...and really tired still. Then I hear Elder Torres get up and come out. When he spoke I thought he said, "Let's get going." I was thinking, it's 2:34 am. So I asked, "Where are we going?"
He looked at my weird and then said, "How's it going?"
OH! I understood now. "It's going good," I said then we both didn't say another word and just went to bed. The next morning we were talking about it and I guess I had just heard him get back from the bathroom but I thought he was just getting up. When I got up and brushed my teeth Elder Torres said he was laying in bed thinking, "What the heck is Elder Cryer doing?" and that's why he got back up! It was really funny. Very confusing for poor tired me.
Well, that's about all the news I have for you. Most all of our investigators have dropped us...although Kaye just dropped us for a week and so we should be going back there this week sometime. We're also working with a less active boy, trying to get him to go on a mission. He's had a hard life but has had a change of heart towards the church so we're teaching him the missionary lessons in hopes to get him active again and out on a mission. He's a really nice guy...really good with people...he'd make an awesome missionary.
Well, I love you all lots! Keep having a great week!
Take care...
Love Ben

Friday, April 9, 2010


Well howdy do!
Hmmm. I'll warn you in advance that this may be a shorter letter. I don't think I've got much news for you this week. I told you about our new investigator. I told you about our car getting stuck. I told you about all the sandwiches I've eaten. I told you I'm staying in Calhan until at least May 5th. I've just told you everything!
I did get a letter from Elder Downs, now Drew Downs, (my 2nd companion) on Saturday. It was good to hear from him. It sounds like he's doing really well and staying busy. He said his whole family loves me and wants me to visit when my mission is complete. I don't really know how they love me when they haven't even met me but hey, sweet! It's all good with me! From what Drew told me though I think I'd love their family! They seem super cool.
Wow dad, a nine mile walk! Are you practicing to be a missionary again?! You know how I never liked walking...well I'm learning to like it! ha ha I get to do it a LOT!
Well mom, you asked if I was learning a lot from Elder Torres. I am definately learning alot. He's the hardest companion I've had so far. He is a perfectionist....and I am not!...So one of the biggest things I've learned is how to forget myself, forget what I want, forget how I want things done, and follow my leader. He's also taught me alot about being bold and telling people how it is (with love). And he's taught me alot about the scriptures. So it's been a little difficult serving with him but really good. There's something we can learn from everyone. We are working hard as well. Your right...missions ain't for whimps! I am learning how to work hard...even when I'm tired. Which is all the time!
It sounds like that was a really good fireside that you went to. I liked how he talked about choosing your team and sticking to it. It seems like too many people are trying to choose the best of both worlds nowadays, which just doesn't work. You have to choose, it's so true. I liked the character test too. Also that quote by Orsen F. Whitney. I feel that a ton on my mission. Like I've known people forever that I only just met. It's a weird feeling to meet someone for the first time and feel like you know them already. But I've had it happen with members, ivestigators and missionaries. It's neat. And the same is true about people when they hear the gospel. I've had lots of people say that it sounds right, or familiar. That's because it is! We all accepted the gospel at one point....that's why we're here. It's not so much about learning to live the gospel because we've already learned. We just have to remember how to live it.
Well, today we've got a bunch of tracting planned and a few lessons to teach. Should be a good day. We have interviews this week too. Those should be good. They're on Thursday.
Well, I hope your week is going great. Mine is! (I think,...it hasn't quite happened yet!)
I love you guys!
Love Ben
P.S. I have a few funny stories to tell you. Just a sneak preview....bikes flying off cars at 65 MPH, a really funny door we tracted into, and vicious attack Pitt Bulls! (Dont worry....no one was harmed in any of these occasions!) But anyways...those will be in my next letter to you!
P.S.S. Thats is really funny dad that your companion got your car stuck in a ditch too! You were right he was trying to dig our car out with the ice scraper....which ended up breaking by the way...apparently it wasn't designed to dig cars out of ditches full of snow!
P.S.S.S. Wasn't conference awesome! There was a HUGE focus on the family and the learning and teaching that goes on in the home. It made me grateful as I listened as I recognized how awesome my parents and sisters are! I was like...hey we do that...hey mom did that...I remember dad doing that.....my sisters already do that....etc. I am so grateful that I have an AWESOME family!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey Guys!
Hows are things going for you all? They're going good for me! I think I told you in my last e-mail or letter that me and Elder Torres found another person to teach the other day. She is an older lady and is really nice. Did I tell you the whole story in my last letter? Its so hard to keep track of what I've told you about because I write it in my journal plus to you plus to the other people that I'm trying to stay in touch with! It gets very confusing!
So I did have a quick question...where did you get my Hathaway ties? (The ones you sent for Christmas...yellow, blue and pink.) I LOVE that brand of ties and I want to see if I can't find out where they sell them. As far as I know I'm the only missionary in the mission that has that brand and everyone is very jealous! (I'll keep the buying location a secret! ;)
So as you well know...I HATE.....let me re-emphasize that....HATE!!! sandwiches. Well this last week we kept stopping by members houses for lunch and guess what we ate?! Sandwiches. I have had four sandwiches this week! I thought you might be proud of me for that. I just focus really hard on suppressing my gag reflexes and I do alright! :)
So the other day Elder Torres ran our car into a ditch! (I'll put up pics) It was quite the adventure. It was a gravel/dirt road and he tried to take it wide and then spin the car 180 so we could head back the other way but um.....yeah...the tire caught the edge of the ditch and slipped right in. We tried to dig and push it out but we ended up having to call a member and have them come pull us out. We were super muddy by the time it was all done so instead of tracting we had to go change and then head to dinner.
Well....we've had a few potentials drop us and so really our only investigator is that lady that I told you about. Let me know if I told you the whole story of us teaching her because its kind of funny but its too long to write out if I've already told you!
Well they say that the weather will be warming up here soon so I'm excited for that! I'm tired of the snow because it just melts by the next day and then its super muddy!
Well I guess I'll let you all go. I'll get a letter off to you too here either today or tomorrow.
Let me know if there is anything that I'm not filling you in on that you want to know and I'll try and give you some more details! :)
Hope your having a great day and hope you all have a fun FHE! :)
Love you
Love Ben

P.S. I've been eating tomatoes and olives too. The tomatoes are actually growing on me believe it or not (If there not mushy!) and the olives are just gross! :)
Well later peeps!

P.P.S Enjoy the pics! :)

P.P.P.S.The other day (Saturday) we were getting a member to drive us to district meeting because they were going in to town anyways and the driving conditions were terrible! They were definitely white-out conditions. There were a couple times that we couldn't see more than a foot in front of the windshield...so all we could see was the hood of the van. It was pretty bad. Luckily we all made it safe and sound though. By the time we were coming back it had all cleared up and was nice and sunny.
Well now I gotta go. I'm glad I got your email before I signed off!
Love you!
Love Ben