Sunday, September 26, 2010


9/20/2010 letter
Dear Family,
What's up with life?
First of all I have to say thanks again for my one year b-day package! That was so funny! I got a kick out of it.
So Emma, how's the illustrating of poetry going? I bet it looks great.
Elder Moser was so excited to see you sent him a picture too! He got all excited and said, "What? She drew one for me too?!" Good job! You made him very happy.
Man, I am really impressed with your drawings! They are looking really nice. Way better than I could do!
To answer your question about my one year, I won't be burning anything. President Pfile has asked us not to.
Well Sam...that was quite the word that you came up with in the Morning Toast. I think I may experience illiteraslovenotation (taking notes so quickly that they are not legible when you go back to read them) during the next Zone Conference or maybe the Temple Study on my jubilee!
Well, we have been working with a new kid. His name is F. He is way cool. He is planning on getting baptized this Sunday the 26th. He moved herE from LA about four months ago and has been looking for a church. He came with us last Sunday and loved it. We are all really excited for his baptism this Sunday.
Man, I can't wait for General Conference! It's so close. Hey dad, I guess it takes a little more to get the men to Priesthood session here. They have a dinner before the session! I'm excited to see how the food is.
So guess what! I found a lady who is going to dry clean my suit for free! Isn't that sweet! She gets them cleaned for free through her work so she said she would sneak ours in. (She's going to do one for Elder Moser too.)
So we went to a pizza place the other day to order a pizza...they had a chicken bacon ranch on the menu and I asked them if they could make it with BBQ sauce instead of ranch. They said, "Hmmm...I've never done that before." I had to talk them into it a little but they finally gave in and made it. When they handed it to us they said, "Man, you'll have to tell us how it is. It smells really good!"
We're going to go back and see if it's on the menu. If it is we're going to ask for 20% for each pizza they sell with BBQ sauce! It was funny. I might introduce bacon pineapple next!
Well, let's see... I think that that's all the news from Ulysses and Hugoton. Things continue to go well. We just go a new branch mission leader in Hugoton and he seems really neat.
Oh, I did get my hands on the new Duty to God book. Man, that is a neat book. I wish I had that when I was going through Young Men's. I think it really helps you become more rather than just doing things. It's very cool.
Well, I love you all a ton!
Love Elder Cryer

P.S. OH, wait. I forgot two letters from you Emma! That would be awesome if you got your scuba license. When are you wanting to do that?
So I've been thinking a lot about what it means to rejoice in Christ. As i spent a morning studying that I came up with this list.
Psalms 5:11 To trust God, to love his name
Isaiah 29:19 To be meek and humble
Luke 1:46-47 To be thankful
John 14:28 To love the lord
Acts 5:40-42 Find pleasure in suffering for Christ, standing up for what you believe, to want to share the gospel
Romans 12:12 To have hope in Christ, always have a prayer in your heart
Pillippians 4:4-8 Be gentle, modest, temperate, seek direction and answers through prayer, give thanks, think righteous thoughts
1 Peter 4:13 To know that you have fully accepted and applied the atonement of Jesus Christ
2 Nephi 9:52 Remember the words of the scriptures, prayer in your heart always, give thanks for blessings of the day and night.
Mosiah 2:4 Keep the commandments
Mosiah 5:4 To be converted to the gospel
Moroni 7:45 To find joy in righteous living...not in sin
Moroni 8:2 To have charity towards others
JS History 1:73 To be worthy of and enjoy the companionship of the Holy Ghost

I think that some things on this list are things we have to do to rejoice in Christ and others are things that will be results of us rejoicing in Christ. In a very simple way I think that to rejoice in Christ we have to understand and love his teachings and then apply them to ourselves. The more we do that, the more we will experience joy and our souls will rejoice in Christ.
Thanks for asking me that question! I've been able to do a lot of study on that and it's been really interesting. I hope I was able to help a little. I would love to hear what you found in your studies.
Well, that was a long P.S. note but I didn't want to forget that!
Well everybody...I love you all. Have a good one!
Love Elder Cryer

Monday, September 20, 2010


September 20, 2010 e-mail
Hey everybody!
Hope you're all doing well!
I am doing good as ever. I just got a letter from the mission office telling me about my temple jubilee!!! I get to go on October 7th and 8th! It will be a full day at the Denver temple and then lots of talking and studying about the temple afterward! I am really looking forward to it. It will be great to see all the guys..(Elders) that were in the MTC with me. They said in the letter that they want me to come with a clear idea of what I want my goals to be for the second half of my mission. I am going to be giving that a lot of thought over the next couple weeks. What goals and expectations do I have for the last half of my mission? I don't want to treat this lightly because this time will never come back to me. It will be interesting to see what it is that I find I need to work on. you have probably already seen there has been some activity on my card. Yes...that is me. I got a second pair of tracting pants and then realized that I really didn't need them. So I returned them and got some stuff that I really did need. One of which was a new belt! That belt that I got from J.C. Penney before I left lasted me a year! Not too bad considering what I've put it through...(and the fact that I wear it everyday!) It was a reversible belt but I have found that there are some downfalls to those and so I bought a black belt and a brown belt this time. I figure that they should last me the rest of my mission no problem. (Unless I put on a ton of weight in the next few months! I doubt that will happen!)
Did the last picture card that I sent home have any of the pictures that I attached to this e-mail? I cant remember if I sent this card home or not. Just let me know so that I know whether to delete these pics or send the card home.
Thanks so much for all my letters and my one year B-day package! That was hilarious! In my letter about the temple jubilee it said to "bring everything that I need to survive". I think that I may end up taking my bottle and pacifier just for fun! Elder Moser said that he hopes that his family sends him a one year old B-day package! He is just about three or four months away.
Hey....just got your e-mail! whew...I thought for a minute that you forgot about me! :0
So the duckies won huh?!!! GO DUCKS!!! Who did they play? What was the score?
So the winterization process has begun in Eugene. That's about what I figured! I was telling Elder Moser the other day that I was pretty sure winter had already set in back home. We were on that subject because it is still in the 90's here and isn't showing signs of changing! The locals are saying that this is a bit strange for them. I guess usually its cooled down by now....not this year I guess! Today it is super windy. It is pretty warm too! I don't mind that at all of course. I'd rather be knocking doors in the heat than in the rain. This is my last winter I'm hoping that it will be short! :)
Oh No!!! you killed LC! Poor thing. (And poor you and Brother Seamons for having to jump start her in the rain). Did many people see that? you sang for JC Ward! Man, I can't believe I missed that! Did you get any comments?! :) At least you didn't sing the other line that I wrote to that song! (You didn't did you? :/......:)
That's great to hear that Jay and Andrew have sent their papers in. How long till it gets from you to Salt Lake back to them? That will be exciting to hear where they get called to. So is Carson planning on starting his papers, sending in his papers, or getting his call by the first of the year? Tell him I said keep up the good work! I wonder if he'll go foreign like Jed or if he'll stay in the states. I can't wait to find out! all gave me quite a few letters to reply to and so I guess I better go see what I can do about those!
I'll probably say this again in my letter but WOW EMMA!!!! Those are some impressive drawings! You have found yet another talent of yours! If you ever want to draw me a picture..go ahead! I won't complain!
Well, I guess I'll let you go!
Love you all a ton! Thanks again for everything!
Love Elder Cryer

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


September 13, 2010
Hey hows the family doin'?!?!?!?!? :)
Things are good as ever here in paradise! (I'd call myself crazy if I heard myself saying that 12 weeks ago!)
Well sorry for shocking you with my Saturday e-mail but I gotta do what I gotta do! Yes....I do realize that it is going to be very hard to leave this place when the time comes. I do love the people here. I wish I could take the people with me when I get transferred! Then it wouldn't be so bad. It really is the people that you grow attached to. Not the area, but the people in the area. At least for me.'re the RS President!!! Oh you have my deepest most sincere sympathies! What did you ever do to deserve that kind of punishment!?!?! I will pray that you survive. :) (Man got the powers! Asking the RS President to set the table and when that fails going all the way to the Stake President! Now that's impressive!)
I bet that it was awesome getting to meet with Elder Bednar. It was interesting to me when I read what you said the overwhelming impression you came away with was because those two topics, ("we are agents to act, not objects to be acted upon" and also that when we teach we should teach doctrine, invite them to act and state the promised blessings), are two topics that the mission has really been focusing on as well. I have found that as we have been simplifying our teaching, it has become so much more powerful because we are dealing only with the pure doctrine of Christ. There is nothing at all that can hinder the spirit from pouring into the room and testifying of the truth of the message of the doctrine of Christ. It has been an amazing change in the mission. I have learned so much as we have been working on it.
You asked me if since I'm fast approaching my year mark (in three days) if I feel like I know what I'm doing yet. The answer is.....NO!!! The awesome thing about the mission (at least right now) is that it is constantly changing. They keep throwing curve balls at us that create a climate for change, growth, and improvement. Nothing stands still on the mission....and if it does then somethings not right! So no, I still feel like I'm trying to figure out how to teach completely by the spirit, how to help people make and keep commitments, how to find the key to peoples hearts. Its an ongoing process. But....I am loving it! And I do feel like I know a TON more than when I came out!
I will continue to keep Grandma and Grandpa and Chris in my prayers. I think about them every day and pray that they are doing well.
I like your zucchini story! Its so true. It is tasteless and pointless! You know...I never really thought about how tons of people grow it and then all they want to do with it is give it away. You're exactly right though!
The other day I got to try eating a piece of fruit. I can't remember the name of it but it was a cross between a plum and an apricot. It was actually pretty good.
So how is the whole re-flooring project going? I can't wait to see it! I noticed the wood floor and the peach colored walls in the kitchen in that picture you sent of Emma and her belt buckle. Looks good!
Well you mentioned that I should be glad that I'm not home to help move all that stuff out of the utility room....well just about an hour ago I was helping someone who was moving move a washer and a dryer to their new house and they mentioned that they could use some help painting. So really I'm not getting out of anything! :)
Hmmm....what news to tell today.'s something! So you remember how I was telling you about the good deal I got on my belt buckles? Well that was nothing!!! The guy that we bought them from is moving and he needed help moving a TON of furniture into a portable storage unit type thing. Anyways...when we were all done his wife came home and was so grateful for the help that we gave them that she wanted to give us each something. Well I ended up walking away with a money clip and five new belt buckles!!! Yes....five! Can you believe that! Now I am the proud owner of seven belt buckles and a money clip all for the small price of fifteen dollars! (And minor aches and pains shooting randomly throughout my body!) Quite the deal if you ask me! I'll have to send you home a picture of all of them! They're pretty sick! Speaking of pretty sick belt buckles, I didn't know that my lil' sis' was a belt buckle owner! When did you get that? That there's a good lookin' buckle! Interesting choice of attire, but good buckle! ;)
So me and Elder Moser have been dying for some country style home cookin'. We keep finding ourselves reminiscing about "moms cooking"! Well someone told us about this Mennonite restaurant about ten miles outside of town. They say it's super cheap and really good. Now that's a missionaries kind of combination of words! We're gonna try it out sometime here right quick because we're dying for some good cheap food! (Not that the members cooking isn't good...because it's wonderful, it's just not hittin' the spot if you know what I mean.)
Well...I got some really good news but I'll save that for the letter!
Love ya all tons! Thanks for everything!
Love Elder Cryer
P.s. Oh, by the way dad....that guy that swears I didn't reach the base in time already wears glasses! I guess there's no hope for him!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


9-6-2010 letter
Dear Family,
Well, not a ton happened this week. It was a good week though. We got a bunch of referrals which look pretty solid. We haven't had a chance to get a hold of them yet because they're out of town but we'll get them soon!
We also started teaching a part member family (the husband isn't a member) and he wants to get baptized! He should be getting baptized this Sunday. At the moment we have five people who should be getting baptized this month! the Lord is blessing us.
Team-up's in Liberal went really well. I got to meet and teach a bunch of their investigators. It was fun. It was also fun spending two days with four other elders. You don't get the chance to be around other missionaries very much when you're serving in a place like Ulysses & Hugeton! So it was a good couple of days learning how other missionaries work.
So I've been thinking for a while that if I want to fit in around here then I'd have to buy a belt buckle. I've been on the search for a while and I finally found one. Actually I found two. The guy I bought them from was selling them for 15.00 each. I managed to get them talked down to 7.50 each. So I got two belt buckles for the price of one! I fit in!
Well, we just got back from a ward activity. First we ate a bunch of food and then we played baseball! That was really fun. I don't think I've held a bat for about ten years so I was a little rusty but that didn't make it less fun. On one of my hits I ran to 1st, 2nd and 3rd base. I still had a couple of seconds so I took off for a home-run. I was so close but Bother Daniels was right on my tail with the ball. I decided to ignore the fact that I was in slacks and a white shirt and tie and so I dove for the base. I slid a little and then somehow did a sideways front flip role. I swear I made it home safe but Brother Daniels says otherwise. Needless to say I was a little dirty after that! It was a fun activity.
Well, sorry this letter is a little short. I can't think of anything else of interest to tell you.
I love you and hope that you're having a great week!
Love Elder Cryer

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


4 Srptember 2010 e-mail
Hey Everyone!
Are you surprised to see a letter in your in-box on Saturday? It is a little different but its because this Monday is Labor Day and so the library's will be closed and so we were told to check our e-mails on Saturday (today) to see if we are getting transferred!!!!I guess I'll get two e-mails from you next week!
So where do you think I'm going? Am I staying? Am I leaving? This would be the perfect transfer to leave because I would have until Tuesday to get packed! But..............if you want to find out then highlight in-between the stars...


What do you think??!?!?!?!?!?? Thats pretty awesome huh?!
Oh...guess who I'm serving with?!?!!?

**Elder Moser....AGAIN!!!**

Well this week's been good. Team-ups in Liberal went really well. I learned a lot from Elder Murphy and Elder Camarillo. It was neat getting to meet a bunch of their investigators and teach them. We taught some neat lessons while we were there. And also played a few harmless pranks on one another! :) It was a good time.
Oh, funny older guy that we've been working with called us the other day and asked if we could go pick up a meal from Sonic for him! I was thinking, "Are you serious? That's the craziest request that anyone has ever made!" But we figured it would count as service since it is difficult for him to get around and so he called in to Sonic and told them what he wanted and then said that there would be two guys in white shirts and ties that would come pick it up. When we got to Sonic there were four cars waiting for their food. We just pulled up to the drive through speaker and said "Hi...we're here to pick up J's order." Then we pulled around and they brought our food out to us even though we were at the back of the line! We were laughing about what those people were thinking as they sat there waiting for their food! That's what happens when you wear a badge I guess! :)
Well it has started to cool down a little bit. Its still warm but not hot. They say that winter usually hits about the end of September or begining of October. I can't believe winter is almost here. I'm going to miss summer!
Well...I gotta run. We just got a call.......we are needed!
Love you all lots! Have a great week!
Love Elder Cryer

Sunday, September 5, 2010


August 30, 2010 letter
Dear Family,
Well, the baptism that I was telling you about in my last e-mail was the baptism of C.B. She is a twenty year old girl who has two kids and was married when we met her but that has since changed. It was a long hard road to get her baptized. The interview almost got canceled, the baptism almost got moved and the interview was almost pushed back for three weeks! It was a constant battle. She's so glad that she went through with it now that she looks back though.
Well, the other day we had the chance to teach a German Mennonite lady and her three kids. IT was funny because while we were getting to know them I found out that she had three kids...a girl, then a boy, then another girl. I asked what the boys name was (as well as the girls) and his name was Benny. I told him we were practically twins. He was the middle child, stuck in between two girls and we had practically the same name!
The mother payed very good attention through the lesson but it was a bit difficult because she knew mostly German and only some English. We were able to help her understand what our message was though and the spirit was there. She wouldn't commit to anything right then except that she would read and pray. I hope she does.
Well Sam, I got your letter! Thanks! We are still working with that family...the cop and his wife and kids. They are progressing...just slowly!
The dad of the part member family is also doing well. He usually tries to avoid missionaries but he always comes out and talks to us. I think he trusts us which is huge!
Man, I can't believe how dusty those UNO cards were! That's way bad! I think that lady should maybe try dusting more than once a year!
So how is the house looking right now? Has there been any progress made?
You asked if I was still reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It's been on and off. I read out of it about two days ago.
Are we teaching any Hispanic people? Ummm...we're not teaching any steady right now. Although C is Hispanic, although she is light skinned. We do have a couple potential Hispanic people though.
Hey...I got your letter as well Emma! (Thanks mom for the pics of my cousins!) Thanks for the B-day note! I'm proud of you as well. Keep standing up for what you know is right! You've always had such a strong testimony. Don't let that go...even for a few minutes. Keep being awesome! Oh, and by the way...don't worry, you're not alone in the teens...your just the only teen at the moment (at least in our fam!) So you think you're going to try your hand at photography. That would be neat. Photography is really fun.
Well, your youth trip sounds really fun...the one at the beach. I've almost forgotten what it's like to go to the ocean!
Last but not least...I got your letter too mom! I did have a very happy b-day! Although I can't believe that you didn't remember it was my b-day until that day at dinner time. That's O.K. though...I'll forgive you because I forgot it was my b-day a lot throughout the day!
So you got to go to Alice in Wonderland in the park. That's neat. That's a bummer that you went to the wrong park at first. At least you found it eventually!
Thankfully I think that our cockroaches are done away least for now! Speaking of nasty bugs...the ants are really bad here this year too I guess. We haven't had a problem with them yet but lot's of other people have. I guess they're extra bad. At least you got them out of the house. That's the worst!
That's way cool that Elder Bednar is coming to Eugene! I wouldn't mind having dinner with him as well! Ask him to swing through Ulysses, will you?!
So, Emma's doing EFY in Portland huh? That should be fun! I loved EFY!
Well, thanks for your continued prayers and letters! I love you all...and my mission!
Love Elder Cryer

Saturday, September 4, 2010


August 23, 2010 Letter (Late)
Dear Family,
Do you have a shower door yet? I'm still laughing about that!
Well mom, you were right about not having any time to celebrate. For my birthday we tracted, taught the gospel, did a church tour, and other missionary things! It was fun though. It didn't feel like I should be doing anything else. I would have made my cake by now but we have no eggs right now and it calls for two. So as soon as I get eggs (and probably as soon as I finish all the cookies that grandma and Sam made me!) then I'll make my cake. Maybe I'll make it for my mission b-day! I'll be one here pretty soon as far as the mission goes.
Someone asked me how old I was the other day. It was so crazy telling them that I was twenty! I had to stop and make sure that was correct.
Well mom, I sure don't have a clue what the answer is to your question about why God chooses to have boys become men without their mothers by their side. I'm still trying to figure out why God let's nineteen and twenty year old guys be missionaries for Him. It's pretty humbling!
Well, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one struggling with Spanish! I'm not doing well at all with my Spanish. I still have the desire but I guess it's not that strong yet!
Thanks for the pudding! They were as good as I remember! Those things are so good!
Thanks for those quotes as well mom. You know how I love quotes...they have special meaning to me for some reason. I always love getting those quotes.
Well Sam, thanks for your letter! (and the cookies of course!) That's O.K. that it came after my b-day. It gave me a chance to celebrate again!
So, how was Carlene's wedding? Did mom end up going as well? It sounds like you all had fun painting the dining room! Man, it sounds like you got lucky Sam! Did you end up missing all the other work?
That is crazy about that couple that flew into the restricted airspace. So you got to hear two sonic booms! That is pretty cool. I can't say I've ever heard one of those. I wonder what's going to happen to that couple. That's not the best ending to a vacation!
Man, me and Elder Owens are practically brothers! I wonder if I saw him in the MTC.
So I'm interested to hear what the heck your learning from your book about graveyard symbolism. I can't believe that there is actually a book about that! Anything cool in it?
Well, last Sunday S.S. was baptized. She was a child of record baptism but I got the chance to teach her the missionary lessons before her baptism. I think I have told you about that. Anyway, her baptism went really well. She asked me to do the missionary moment and also to be a witness. I was more than happy to do that of course! As senior comp you don't get to do the missionary moments very much because Pres. Pfile has asked that the junior comp does them (unless they ask another missionary to do it). So I was happy to get the chance.
I don't remember...have I told you about C.B.? She is a twenty year old girl who has been taught by missionaries before but she kept losing contact with them because she kept moving. We tracted into her a few days ago and she let us in to talk with her. She has been to church about six times in the past? She said she really loved it but her husband didn't. She said that she wants to come back. It was funny because we went over to see her the other day and she was asking about the rules we had. She was shocked that we were nineteen and twenty and couldn't watch T.V, no radio, no texting, no swimming, only allowed to call home twice a year etc. We told her that it really wasn't as bad as it sounded but she couldn't comprehend that! It was funny.
Well, I'm glad to inform you that after we came back from e- mailing we played five rounds of 10,000 and I won four of the five games! My luck has returned! (at least for a little bit!)
Wow!! We had an intense lightning storm tonight! The storm clouds were super low for some reason and then the rain hit. A few minutes after the rain hit the lightning started. It was bolt lightning so it was really cool. I got some decent video of it. That is one thing that I love about Kansas...they get a lot of storms. Although I have heard that this year they're getting more than usual. I guess it's usually not this stormy, wet or hot. It's a bit of an odd year for them. Tomorrow is going to be cool and wet I hear so that will be a nice change.
Well, thanks again for all my 'happy birthday's'. Remember I love you lot's and you're all in my prayers.
I hope all goes well with the remodeling! Stay happy!
Love ya~
Love Elder Cryer

P.S. I wrote this whole letter on the 23rd...last p-day...and then I forgot to send it! I'm so sorry! I was just going through all my papers this morning (Sunday the 29th) and found this letter folded up in an envelope addressed to you with a stamp on it. I can't believe it! I'm so sorry! Well, look on the bright get two letters this week! Hooray!! (right?)