Thursday, December 30, 2010


December 27, 2010 e-mail


It was great to be able to talk to you on Christmas! I was glad to hear that you all had a great Christmas! I was also glad to hear that Gma and Gpa are doing well. My Christmas was good.....different..but good. :) We ended up eating a lot and just visiting with people.
So how do you like e-mailing on an i-pad? I bet it's pretty sweet!
You asked about how the work went over Christmas week dad. As far as tracting and ITL-ing it wasn't way productive because half the people we talked to weren't even from Kansas so we just left them with a card and invited them to contact the missionaries when they went home. However, we did find one man that let us in and we were able to teach him. He accepted to be baptized but didn't end up coming to church. We did have a really productive week though overall. In fact the ZL's called us this morning to congratulate us on a great week. They said "Man, what are you guys doing out there? You are tearing it up! Keep up the great work!". So that was nice to hear.
The family of four that I was telling you about all came to church and are still set for their baptism on the 2nd of January. We're so excited.
The mission has been giving baptism a HUGE focus! In fact the first lesson we teach now is not the restoration. We go in and teach all about baptism and then ask them if they would like those blessings in their life. Then we extend a date for them to be baptized on. Its way cool! Basically all of my 'new years resolutions' are focused on helping me become a better, harder working, more spirit filled missionary because that's how I'll bless others the most and forget about myself.
Man, I loved your Christmas present dad! Good job Emma! Those drawings are really impressive. You have quite the talent.
Well....I better get running. I will be sending a short letter today or tomorrow but we only have a two hour P-day today. So the real letter will be written on Friday or Saturday. Holidays mess with our schedule like no other!
Well, I love you all!
Have a happy new year!
Until 2011.....
Love Elder Cryer

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


December 20, 2010 e-mail
Merry Christmas!!!
I thought I better get that in before anything else since I won't be e-mailing again before Christmas. Can you believe that?! I don't know about you but Christmas really snuck up on me this year. I can't believe its here already! I'm excited though...I love Christmas. So far we don't really have any set plans for Christmas...just some rough plans. We will be going to a few families homes to play some games and drink hot chocolate and stuff which will be fun. We still need to find somewhere where we can call home from. We may end up calling from the Woods...where we called home on Mothers day. We'll see. It should be a fun day.
I did get the package that you sent me! Thanks so much!!! I opened it to see if there were any perishables and then found that you had wrapped all my presents...dang it! ;) So I had to exercise all my self control and not open any of them. I get to do that in just a few days!
We just had our Christmas conference as a zone. It was really good. Today we have a zone wide Christmas party at the Segers. (The stake president's house) There are going to be about fourty of us missionaries! Big crowd! Right before the party our district is getting together and doing a bowling activity since it's our P-day. Lots of activities and parties this time of the year. It's a fun time and a busy time.
On Saturday the Ulysses ward had a Christmas party and we were able to get some investigators there which was awesome. Then we did a quick church tour with them. They really enjoyed it.
Last night we went over to an investigators home for dinner and then after dinner we helped them build a ginger-bread house. It was lots of fun.
Well we still have not seen snow, well there was a very little flurry the other night as we were driving back from Christmas conference but nothing to speak of, but everyone says that we'll have a white Christmas. I'm not so sure. It's been cold enough....just not wet enough.
So do you all have any big plans for Christmas day? What are the missionaries there doing?
Oh, funny fact. So I was thinking the other day and realized that if I stay here for three more transfers then not only will I have been here a year, but I will also make three of my four phone calls home from Ulysses! How crazy would that be!?!?!?! I think it would be awesome. Chances are slim but maybe President Pfile just forgot about me! ;) Maybe I'll be here forever! lol Only time will tell.
Well the work is going forward here. I would go into more detail but for privacy reasons I'll save it for my letter! (Which by the way I'll probably be writing on Christmas eve because today is not a full P-day due to the holidays). But I will write it as soon a possible.
I hope you all have a great week and an AWESOME CHRISTMAS!!!! I look forward to hearing all your voices!
Love you a ton
Love Elder Cryer!


12-13-2010 Letter

Thanks for the nice long letter, Emma! That's not fair that you got snow. Actually, I'm O.K. with it. I don't mind snow when I can stay inside by the fire or go skiing but I don't like it so much when I have to go tracting in it! So I'm O.K. with the fact that we still haven't seen snow.
So have you gotten rid of the spiders in the Christmas tree? It sounds like you had quite the ordeal putting up the garland. Almost as much trouble as dad had with the outside lights! What is it with this year?!
I had trouble too. When we were hanging outside lights for someone we got them all hung, plugged them in and then stepped back just in time to see half of the lights die! We tried to fix it but we couldn't figure it out.
Well, your study schedule sounds very impressive. I bet you are learning and becoming even more than you realize. How are you enjoying applying the conference talks? Can you imagine if everyone did that? That would be awesome!
Thanks for your letter too, mom! Sorry for not mentioning 'the work' as much as I should in my letters. There are a few reasons...but mostly just because I'm lazy when it comes to writing. I keep justifying by saying, "Oh, I'll just tell them about it when I call on Christmas day," but in reality I'm sure there's too much to tell and talk about in an hour. I will try to do better. The reason that I have not mentioned the work much is not because we have had nothing to do. We have been very busy. You asked about the pilot's family. First, let me say...I love that family! They are awesome. But they are way busy. I don't even know everything they do but I think they do everything! We've been trying to find a time where we can go over and watch the Joy to the World DVD with them. We may be able to tomorrow.
You also asked about the boyfriend of the one young woman. It's still going with him. He had come to church twice and we had taught him the first and second lesson...and the third and then he got busy with a bunch of tournaments so we couldn't see him for about a week and a half to two weeks. By the time we got to meet with him again he had been anti-ed pretty bad. He came at us with about every anti question in the books. He said he was not coming to church again. Boy did we have to follow the spirit in that lesson! By the time the lesson ended he said we had answered his questions and that he would come to church. We fasted for him that night but he did not come to church. After we left I guess he started to question again. We will be continuing to work with him. I know that as soon as he knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet he will be O.K. We just have to help him get to that point.
We are also working with three young girls. They have never been baptized and they want to be. Their mom seems pretty on board with it all but we're not sure about the dad. We're going over there tonight to teach them. The first time we taught them they were way shy but the second time we went they had a ton to tell us. It was great! I love teaching kids! (Never thought you'd hear me say that did you?!)
You asked what I'm studying and learning. Well, I'm reading through the Book of Mormon again. I'm on my sixth time on my mission. And I'm also doing something that President Pfile asked us to Preach My Gospel all the way through. I am really trying to focus on recording my thoughts and impressions in the notes section along the side. I hope that will help me retain better. Something that I've always known but is really sticking out to me is focusing on converting the people. Like it says in the intro to PMG, "Your purpose is not only to cover the material; it is to help others come unto Christ..." This work is not a checklist, it is a process of conversion on both the part of the investigator and ourselves (D&C 50:22,24). We're all out to get more light. That's what this is all about. And it's all made possible through the atonement. Like it says on pg 2 of PMG (2nd paragraph) "As your understanding of the atonement of Jesus Christ grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase." That is because of that added light! President Pfile taught us that the atonement is in the center of everything. Everything is based upon, and made possible through the atonement.
Those are a few of the things that I have been learning about recently. And it's a great time to be learning about it during the Christmas season where we turn our thoughts to the birth of Jesus Christ, the one who made all this possible.
I hope you're all having fun getting ready for Christmas! I can't believe how fast it's coming. I can't wait to hear your voices! I'll be calling again...from Ulysses Kansas! Hope you have a great week! Remember I love you and I'm staying very busy! I love this work!
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. The Hugoton branch had their branch Christmas party on Saturday. After a little while the party started to lose some life so we (once again) saved the day. I started to do some dumb magic tricks. I was making them up on the spot. They started to gather round. Then I grabbed some of the mints on the table and started juggling. They loved that. All the kids came around and started watching. Then they started throwing more mints at me to try to catch. I did catch a few in my mouth! The kids were having a blast. None of the parents seemed bothered by it! It was fun!
Then President Madson came up to me and asked if I would read a Christmas story that they had. He said, "I think they'll probably listen to you more than anyone else!" We both laughed. So I got to read the Christmas story...and no one said a word as I read.
P.S.S. I'm not really sure what our Christmas day plans are yet. We have been invited over to someone's house to play some games. That should be fun since we can't watch movies this year.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


December 13, 2010 e-mail
So I had two emails to read today because I didn't get last weeks last week!
I think that they may transfer my records. Ulysses does feel like home now! When I get transferred (which will probably happen at some time!) it will feel like leaving on my mission all over again! I don't exactly know why president left me here but I'm sure glad that he did. I hope that I am doing everything that he wants me to do...but more importantly what the Lord wants me to be doing. I feel like I'm working hard though...I really do.
So, I'm trying to en-vision your birthday with a Christmas tree dad! That is SO not right! But man, you must be loved since you still got presents even though you're going to be getting an i-pad. What book did Sam get you? Let me guess....some sort of history related book? Was I right!!!!???!!!!! And...would I be jealous of this tie from Emma? ;)
(By the, I do not like carrot cake. I am so sorry that you had to eat that.)
Good ole' Christmas lights!!! I think I told you that I had to put some of those up too!!! You didn't have too much fun did you? That stinks that most of them didn't work. (I assume you checked that before you put them up?......I hope!) Oh, and I don't mind at all that you sold all my guitars and my computer. That doesn't bother me in the least...NOT!!! I would probably die if I came home and found my guitars missing!!! :)
I have not seen the Christmas devotional. I suppose I will get to at some point though. I would love to see it. Do you know if they're broadcasting the Mo-Tab Christmas concert with David Archuletta? We were thinking that would be a great tool for getting people to church.
Wow...I can't believe that you all found a tree that you liked in two minutes! (Does that mean that I was the one that always caused the problem? Hmmm.....)
That is way crazy about that hail storm! I thought I was the one who was supposed to be having the crazy hail storms?! And only over our house? That's so weird!!! I bet it was LOUD! I bet it was cool to watch...once you were out of it! How long did it last? We haven't had any crazy weather lately. We haven't even had snow!!! Whats up with that!? It must have been pretty intense to knock off Christmas lights..and knock out!
I'm glad to hear that Chris is doing well. I am praying for her quick and complete recovery. :) I am terribly sorry though to hear about your disappointing experience with the "Burger". Veggi burgers are nasty!
That's too bad that they didn't have the choir that ruined Christmas! That's what MADE Christmas!!! :) And I don't think that any two people will ever be able to make two harmonicas sound as close to one as we did! That was so funny!!!
Well tell President McDonald, Brother Seamans, President Peterson, and Sister Skeen thanks for asking about me. Tell them I'm doing great and LOVING my mission! (Even though that's probably what you already told them!!!) How much longer does President McDonald have? Will he still be Mission president when I get back?
Oh, to answer Santa's question. Probably just have him send the package to the apartment. If it goes to the mission office there is no knowing when I'll see it....if ever. (You gotta watch those AP's!)
Also, that its cold could you send some more pretzels?! Since I'm still here I want to give some to Brother Daniels. He has been waiting so long! He wants vanilla he said. Could you also send a few milk and a few dark though! :) By the is the business doing?
Well.....I better get running.
Enjoy the pics!!! Love you all a ton!
Love Elder Cryer


December 6, 2010 Letter
Dear Family
It has been a very busy p-day today. Our laundry is in progress right now and I finally found a few minutes to sit down and write.
My mind is blank right now! I really don't like p-days! I know that might sound crazy but I would much rather just be doing missionary work! It's way more fun. But, we have to get the 'house keeping' done as well.
I have two letters to reply to. One of Emma's and one of Sams!
So Sam, you say you had snow?! No fair! It hasn't rained here since September 22. No joke. We have seen no moisture for a while. I don't know when it will hit. I bet that was exciting! Maybe Eugene will see a white Christmas! That would be a first in a while.
Just so you know...I am very impressed about your driving abilities! Now the tables have turned. You can drive me everywhere when I return! That way I don't have to buy gas! No, but that's awesome. I bet mom has you run errands for her.
Wow, that is one intense Swell Swine activity! Good job Emma! Champion! (And good job for almost winning Sam!)
So Sam, have you recorded any since I left? I was wondering about that the other day for some reason.
I want you to know I bought eggnog for the first time this year. It was a quart. It lasted two days! I love it!
So, Emma's getting pretty good at piano huh? We may have to have a piano duel when I get back! We will make music history!
So how is school going for you? Anything exciting happen lately?
Well, asked how Elder Moser and I managed to eat three Thanksgiving meals. Well, we just ate and ate and then ate again! We were pretty full but we just tried not to fill our plates too full! I am glad to say that neither one of us was any rounder as a result of the meals.
It sounds like you've all been focusing a lot on gratitude. That sounds great. It always helps you feel very blessed when all you do is thank. You really start to realize how much you have.
It sounds like you had a fun Thanksgiving! Did you buy lots of stuff? I bet that's nice to be about done with your Christmas shopping. I bet Zach loved learning to draw. How did he do?
That's funny that you got speaking tips on a talk that you gave a year or so ago! Well, tips are always good.
Well, we have a lesson in a little bit. We're teaching three grand-daughters of a member. Should be fun. We're really excited to teach them!!
Well, I love each of you a ton! Have a great week!
Love Elder Cryer

Monday, December 6, 2010


December 6, 2010 e-mail

Hey everyone!
Whew...where to begin? Its been a great last few days. Its always fun getting a new comp and helping him get caught up with the area. Elder Smith is really cool. He's from Virginia (Another east-coaster!) lol When we role played for the first time a few days ago it went really smooth...which is kinda rare! Usually each missionary has a unique way of teaching and it takes a few tries to get the two styles to mesh....but our first time went really well which was awesome! We were both surprised. It should be a great transfer! We have many people right now that are looking pretty solid.
Well, Christmas has hit. We were tracting down Main st. on Saturday in Hugoton and found that they have attached speakers to the light poles down the street that were playing Christmas tunes. It was really nice to be able to listen to some music while we tracted! Oh, and it was freezing cold! The sun was shining but the wind was bitter cold! It was probably down in the high 20's roughly. The cities (both Hugoton and Ulysses) have decorated the streets for Christmas and lots of people have their lights up. Its weird because our apartment is not decorated at all and so it really doesn't feel like Christmas until I step out the door each day and see all the lights!
So I had taken a bunch of pictures with people (investigators and members) because I thought it was a pretty big possibility that I would get transferred and so when I showed up at church on Sunday with a new companion instead of Elder Moser showing up with a new companion people were a little surprised!
So me and Elder Smith are having a contest to see how much money we can pick up off the streets in a day. So far he holds the record with....82 cents I believe. I'm close behind with 73 cents. Yesterday I found 21 cents and Elder Smith found 13 cents. It keeps things interesting as we tract....we're scanning the streets for money!!!
So, I know we still have a few weeks but what time would work best for me to call home on Christmas day? Or are you going to lock yourselves in the house that day? Just let me know so that if I have to call at a certain time I'm aware of it!
Have you got the house all decorated yet? I'm guessing the answer to that is yes! Are the outside lights up? whats the weather like there?
Well....I better be heading....we have a busy day ahead of us!
Before I go I just want you all to know I love the holiday season. I know that Christ came into the world to become our Savior. I know He lives today. I know that this is His gospel.
I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know that He lives and loves everyone as I hope to also love those I serve. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Joseph Smith was called by God to be a prophet. Have a merry almost Christmas!!!
Love you all!
Love Elder Cryer

Saturday, December 4, 2010


November 29, 2010 Letter

Dear FAmily,
Well, I'm writing this as Elder Moser is packing. I can't believe that I get to stay here for another transfer. That means I'm here for Christmas and New Years! Everybody in my district has been telling me that I was gone for sure. They are all so surprised that I'm staying.
So did you used to roast chestnuts as a kid dad? That's neat that you tried it. So are you and Sam going to roast some more?
Tell Aunt Jackie that I missed Black Friday shopping as well. I'm glad I'll get to do it next year! I heard stories of people shopping all through the night! That sounds so fun! I can't believe that you didn't leave the house at all! That is so not exciting.
Well, this last week I got a letter from Emma and Mom! I'll start by replying to Emmas.
Man, I bet that was exciting to go on an outing with your sis! That's pretty awesome! (So Sam, what car do you drive? Are you getting your own car anytime soon?)
It sounds like you've been able to play the piano a lot lately! That's neat. I bet you and Sam get a lot of requests! I can't believe you Emma and Sam! An early Christmas party! That is awful! I'm surprised you both survived that! Man, there's a lady (well, a family) here that you would love. She has a TON of Christmas decorations! Each of her three kids have their own tree in their room. Then she has about six trees in her living room! No joke. She loves Christmas! We helped them put up Christmas lights on the outside of their house. It was fun.
I'm glad that quote was able to help you. The one about never feeling comfortable. I love that one too.
Well mom, you asked how I'm doing. The answer is GREAT! Even better now that I know I get to stay here. Speaking of 'even better' are you feeling better dad? Are you over your walking pneumonia? That doesn't sound like fun. I hope your feeling better now.
That is funny about the Masons. Souns like they had a lot of turkey! Sounds like my kind of meal!
You asked if I have been finding ways to apply what I've been learning. I have been trying. I have recently hit a spot in my mission where I feel a little like I've hit a plateau. I don't like that feeling. I want to continue to grow and progress. I know I can be far better than I am. I just need to find out how. So I am trying. President has helped a lot. Like you said, "He's a hard man to misunderstand!' I love both the Pfiles.
Well I just realized that in the rush of things I forgot to wish dad a happy birthday in the e-mail so, Happy Birthday Dad! How old does that make you? Twenty-seven? Twenty-eight? I hope that you have a very happy, un-sick birthday! And be sure to enjoy the Christmas tree! I bet your going to love your i-pad. I'm not jealous at all! Those things are awesome. Hey, you'll be able to e-mail me from that won't you!? Sweet!
Well, again, I'm in a rush. I need to drive Elder Moser to Liberal so he can catch his ride. Love you all a tone!
Love Elder Cryer

Friday, December 3, 2010


November 29, 2010 e-mail

Whew....I'm going to have to make this e-mail quick. you might TRANSFER DAY!!!! That long anticipated...yet dreaded transfer day. Well....remember when you said that I would REALLY miss these people when I leave? are right. I am going to miss them....BUT!....I don't have to worry about that for another six weeks!!!! Yes, I get to spend Christmas in Ulysses and Hugoton! Can you believe that?! I'm shocked, but happy!
Well yes, I did have a great Thanksgiving. I ate lots and played some highway football. I think I told you about that.
I can't believe that you are putting up the Christmas tree today!!! That is SO not legal! It will be fun though! I have already helped putting up a ton of Christmas stuff! There is one family with presents wrapped and under the tree already!
Yeah, I wish that we could have i-pads but that probably wont be happening anytime soon!
Thanks for the pics. It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! I can't believe that you sent that cruel picture of the jello salad. That hurts!!! :)
Well Elder Moser needs to pack and get headed off so I have to leave.
Have a great day! I'll write with more details soon!
Love you
Love Elder Cryer


November 25, 2010 letter

Dear Family,
Well, as I sit and write this letter you are all having a happy Thanksgiving with grandpa and grandma and Aunt Jackie, Uncle Jerry and Zach. I'm having a good Thanksgiving too! I woke up this morning and started writing letters, then I showered and then wrote a couple more letters, then I ate breakfast and now I'm writing more! We have a pretty laid back day today. We have our first lunch in about an hour.
Well, I believe that I have two letters to reply to of Emma's.
You asked if the kids at the Halloween party were really punching us or not. Well, I think they were really punching but it wasn't very hard! We were all dressed up in black cloaks. It was funny. I'll send pics if I ever get them. can you be a better missionary now. That is a great question. The fact that it's on your mind and you have the desire is the first step. The first thing that comes to mind is "live the gospel as conspicuously as you can." Don't hide all. Don't push the gospel on anyone but you can always invite. I think the best thing in the math class situation is just to be a good example and try to build good friendships with them so you get to where you can invite them. That's awesome that you learned how to play that hymn in three days! I've commented to a couple people how well my sisters play the piano.
That's cool that you got to go to the temple recently. That's crazy that that RM knew Landon. Small world!
So you're illustrating Charlie Pool? That's cool! Will it be done when I get back? I can't wait to see it. I like the drawings you sent me! They are really good. You have quite the talent.
So are you trying to develop a photographic memory. Let me know how it goes! Maybe I should try.
Well, I'm back. We had a good day. We went to the Woods at noon and ate a good meal. We played a game called Zingo. It's basically bingo with a little twist.
We went to the Peters next at 1:30 and had another good meal. We had fun visiting with all of them.
Next we had a meal with the Segers. We went out to their farm. I didn't eat a whole lot there but we did have a good game of highway football though! We had to move a couple times for cars and trucks. It was fun. I must say that I caught the ball every time it was thrown to me. About five times. It's interesting playing football dressed up in church clothes!
Well, if I stay another transfer here I'll get to help lots of people put up Christmas lights. There have been a lot of people that have asked us to help. Should be fun! Hey...if I do stay then I'll get to call home from Ulysses for the second time! That would be crazy.
Well I better go. Love you all!
Love Elder Cryer


November 24, 2010 e-mail
Hello guys!!!
Is it just me or does it feel like I have been e-mailing on a different day every week?!?!?! It's really not my fault...I'm just doing what I'm told! Since Thanksgiving is this week we were told to work Monday instead of taking a P-day and then e-mail and shop on Wednesday due to the fact that everything will be closed tomorrow, and then on Thanksgiving day we get to have an all day P-day!!! So that is why I'm emailing on a Wednesday this week!
I'm glad to hear that you decided to come back to life dad! Good my opinion!
Man...I've been getting lots of word that the sounds of Christmas have been floating through the air a little early this year. What are we going to do about this? Well, let me just say this. I doubt you've had the worst of it. I have tried and failed to convert Elder Moser to the fact that Christmas music should not be played...(or thought about for that matter) all before November 30th each year. I began my attempts to convert him about August when we were on our way to a district meeting in Liberal and he put in a Christmas CD!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE HHHEEELLLPPPP!!!!!!!! Like I attempts to convince him of the error of his ways....and the wicked traditions of his fathers....were in vain and he has been listening to it up to this current day....and will probably continue to listen to it until about May. Disgusting I know. I did all I could!
So, as I was looking at the picture of the 'three amigas' playing guitar I noticed that we have a Jackson Michael edition of our projector. Instead of going from black to white like Michael Jackson, it went from white to black! Why the new projector? Is it HD? What happened to the old one? I don't know if I ever saw all three guitars being played at once. What is this?......the party started when I left huh? !!! :)
You're going to be the proud owner of an i-pad!!!!????!!!! Those things are AWESOME! The church is doing like a trial run thing by giving those to a few companionship's here in the CCSM to see if they help move the work along a little more effectively. We're one of the companionship's that got one!!!! It is so nice. would be if what I just said were true. Unfortunately that is not true at all. :( But there are a few members that have them (2 to be exact) and they have shown them to me. Pretty slick. I wouldn't mind one of those! Can you send me one of those for Christmas? (Just joking!!!) here has started to cool down. No moisture at all yet though....just cold. Its been getting down to the 30's in the morning. It sounds like good ole' Oregon is still doing good with the moisture!!! I love hail storms. I keep wanting to see golf ball size hail here....or baseball size!
So you had 30 investigators at church last week throughout the stake? That's not bad! I hope they all stick!
Well.....I just thought...this e-mail is probably being read by a few more people this week....possibly Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Jackie, I right? How are you all doing! I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!!! I would ask you to eat some food for me too but we already have three meals lined up back to back on Thursday! One at 12:00pm, one at 1:30pm, and one at 3:00pm. So I have a feeling I'll get enough to eat!
Well...I would love to stay and chat but I have to run...I have already gone a couple minutes over my hour. I will get a letter off to you soon!
Love you all
Love Elder Cryer
...and remember....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


November 15, 2010 e-mail
Hi there everyone!
Wow, I feel so behind right now! I have letters to catch up on, journal writing to catch up on, and so much more! That's o.k.....I can do it!
Well I'm sorry to hear that dad is sick. That can't be any fun. Is he the first one sick right now or did he get it as a gift from one of you?!?!? :) I hope he gets feeling better soon.
Congrats Sam on driving to church!!! That's pretty exciting! How do you like tearing up the roads on your own? I've been having fun tearing up the roads out here in Kansas. In fact....most of them are dirt now! (I can't remember if they were like that before I came or not! ;)......) It sounds like you're enjoying it. You thinkin' about NASCAR next?
Well...the answer to your question...or yes. Brother Rowberry did overpay for his pretzels. I couldn't believe it! It was SO generous! In fact....when I first saw the money I thought..."haha I'm going to send it back to him and see what he says." But then as I read the letter I realized that he had made that impossible by telling me that that idea was strictly unacceptable. Dang it.....he read my mind. (In case you're reading this Brother Rowberry...thanks again for your extreme generosity!) So yes....I haven't needed to dip into my account. However I still haven't bought new pants or anything! Mainly because I'm serving in "The middle of nowhere" Kansas where the only pants you can buy are Wranglers and Carharts! I'll need to wait until I go to a bigger city. If I make time we can go to JC Penny in Liberal after district meeting. I'll get 'er done at some point!
That's neat about Carson. Hows he like being a ward missionary? He's going to make a great missionary. It's good to hear that he's making time to go out with the missionaries. He'll be glad he did!!!
That's neat that you got to go to the temple all together. That will be a great time when we can all go together again wont it?!?!?! That's neat that your trying to go twice a month....I bet that's nice. That's better than twice in two me!!! :) I love the temple. That's pretty cool that you got to speak in the chapel session. Sounds like that's a rare privilege! So you were just called up without warning? Or did you have some notice?
Sounds like you have a fun Thanksgiving planned. Is Aunt Jackie going to face Black Friday this year? Who's going to go with her this time?!?!?! I don't think I'll be going this year because I don't think missionaries are allowed to do Black Friday shopping! Its O.K....this is the last year I need to miss it! I don't know exactly what our plans for Thanksgiving are at the moment. Lots of missionary work I assume! The day before Thanksgiving....on Wednesday....the Ulysses ward is doing a talent show/dinner at the Civic center. That should be interesting....ward talent shows always are! It is usually where the least amount of talent is displayed!!! Should be lots of fun though.
I'm glad I was able to make you laugh with my "making the party story". Its true though! That party was going to die if it weren't for us! Good thing we were there to save the day! We've basically won the primary kids over in both the Ward and the Branch. They are awesome!
I'm sure the house isn't lacking humor though.....I have dad there! I don't know if I remember a day that he didn't have us all laughing! (Especially around the dinner table!)
Well......I gotta run again. The story of my life!
I love you all and I'll get you a letter put in the mail today!
Take care, (And get better dad!)
Love Elder Cryer


November 10, 2010 e-mail (The blog master is behind again....sorry!)

Hello again everybody! I figured I'd really try to throw you off today by e-mailing on a Wednesday! Did it work?
I think I told you how I was going to be in Pueblo Colorado on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Well.....I lied. :) President Pfile decided to squeeze Leadership Training into two days instead of three so that we could get back to our areas as soon as possible. So today we were told to do P-day since we missed it on Monday and our laundry really needs to be done!
Man....that is awesome that Carson's papers are in! Tell him I want a letter when he knows where he's going! :) Man...I can't believe how fast time is going!
Well it sounds like you've had just as many meeting as I have recently! It sounds like they were good too! (As were mine!)
The leadership session sounds good. I have been wanting to incorporate the scriptures more in my teaching and talking with people as well because of that idea that is presented in the Book of Mormon that the "Word" has a more powerful effect on the hearts and minds of the people than anything else. It is true. Something that I have come to realize while I've been out is that we have the ability and the power in ourselves to convince. But only God has the ability and power necessary to convert. That power lies in, and can be invited by, the scriptures. It has to be a spirit to spirit process. Not a mind to mind. It has been, and still is, a profound lesson to learn. I am still figuring it out. I know I can do better at creating a climate where the spirit can testify to the investigator and then, as President Pfile says, "shut up, get out of the Holy Ghosts way, and let him work." :)
To answer your question....yes. Kansas does do daylight savings time and we did remember to set our clocks back. It's been crazy lately because our mission covers two time zones and we have been traveling across them these past few days! It makes things interesting!
Things are cooling down here (knock on wood). It has been freezing during the nights. (I know that because our car is covered in a very thin covering of ice in the morning). And it has been about 50 - 65 degrees for the most part during the day.
SO Ducks are #1! GO DUCKS!!! I will definitely start bragging about that! That is some good information that could be used to humble some people!
I'll be looking for my xd card and CD! Thanks for sending those to me!
So on Sunday while we were on our way to our meeting with Elder Nelson we got lost. Luckily we were about two hours early, but still we were lost. Then all of sudden I see a sign that says: "Garden of the Gods....1 1/2 miles". Hmmm.......That's interesting! So we went to the Garden of the Gods! It was a neat place. No, there is no cost to get in! I'll throw some pictures on here so that you can see my adventures.
Well....I took a ton of notes between zone conference, Elder Nelsons meeting, and Leadership Training that I will write about when I write to you soon.
Oh!!! quick thing. You remember that I told you about that young man that I baptized my first transfer in the mission that I told you was getting ready to go on a mission? Well he was at the leadership training!!! He was doing role plays teaching with us and everything! It was so awesome to see that huge progression in him! And it was just great to see him again!
Well I better get going. I have lots to do!!!
I love you all and hope you continue to do well!
Love Elder Cryer....

P.S. I am thinking about Christmas ideas. :)