Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hi everyone,
Don't worry about not getting the e-mail off....just don't let it happen again! lol No...I understand that things get busy. was super sad to see Elder _____ go. Like you was really hard to see him go home because I can only imagine that he'll regret it someday down the road. He said he still loves the church and will still stay faithful so I hope that that's true.
So I haven't ridden a bike since my first transfer and we went bike riding here the other day and I thought I was going to die! We had to climb this hill that shoots up about 800 feet in a little less than a half mile I'd say. It was killer! So here I am trying to ride a bike at about 8,000 feet above sea level! I'd better get used to it though because here in Calhan we do a lot of biking. We usually do bike tracting and the houses are like half mile apart! We'll see how I do.
So we had a baptism yesterday! We baptized a young man who we've been teaching for a couple weeks. It was super cool! We had everything set up and then it turned into a huge mess where his grandma said that they had talked with him and he actually wasn't anywhere near ready to be baptized and that he needed way more time. So we went over to the young mans house and talked with him. We found out that there was something that we weren't aware of and so we talked to him for a while and finally it came down to him. We asked him if he would pray to God and ask for an answer. He said he would. So we went back the next morning and he told us that he had prayed and that God had actually talked to him. He said that he literally heard a voice tell him that he needed to be baptized! And so he was baptized last night by his grandpa. It was super neat. A real testimony builder for me that God really....really does hear and answer everyone who askes with real intent. (The attached photo is from the baptism last night!......enjoy!!!)
We have another baptism set up for the 6th of this month too. Its really exciting.
Well....Sounds like LC and Jackson are doing great! Still have the Volvo huh? that would be a hard one to get rid of!
Well.....I gotta go. I'll look forward to the next letter which may be sitting in the mailbox as we speak!
I'm out of time...I'll get a letter off soon. I'm gonna go play a little dodge ball now!
Love you all
Love Ben

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