Monday, March 29, 2010


Hey everyone,
So, it's P-day and I'm over at the Boyds house writing this letter.
This morning we went over to the Barks and cooked them breakfast. It was a fun way to start the day. We made home-made tortillas and then cooked up some farm fresh eggs and cajun bacon and had breakfast burritos. Oh, and there were some potatoes involved as well! So we got done eating and then Brother Barks had to go to work and Sister Barks had to take Kynzee to her horseback riding lesson and Kyrstyn to get her car. So we headed back to the apartment. Then we decided to go to Wal-mart to get a couple of food items for the week and then we stopped by the Boyds to see if we could play some pool. They said we could so we played a few rounds and then we decided to just go chill with them. So we just talked and laughed for a while. We got to meet one of Kaileys friends who's name is Amelia. She's really nice and super funny. She's not a member and so we asked her what she usually did when missionaries come to her door. She smiled and said, "Oh, I usually just let the dogs out!"
It was funny because just yesterday someone did that to us. We had knocked on this door twice and no one had answered and so we left and walked down their really long driveway. We had almost reached the end when we heard barking and turned around to see two dogs come tearing towards us from the house! We kept walking and turned onto the road and the dogs kept coming. So we were just thinking about running when the two dogs stopped at the end of the driveway (like Jackson does). Lucky for us!
So yeah, that's why we thought Amelias comment was so funny...because it just happened.
So then Sister Boyd had to take Amelia home and go to the store with Kelsey and Kailey and so she said we could just hang out until they got back! They just said, "There's food in the fridge, pool table downstairs, just make yourself at home." So that's why I'm writing at the Boyds.
O.K. So the other day...yesterday...we tracted for seven hours! About the third or fourth house we knocked on this lady opened up the door and so I said, "Hi. We're the missionaries from the Church of..."
Then she just cut me off and said, "Oh, come on in boys."
So we went in. We found out that she had looked into becoming member of the church before but had decided not to. We asked if we could teach the first lesson and she said yes. We got to the point where we were going to share the first vision when a truck comes up the driveway. The lady says, "Oh, that's my husband...he doesn't like religious people very well."
Here I am thinking, "Great...we're about to share the first vision and invite you to be baptized and your husband doesn't like religious people! Well, that's just awesome!" Not!
Anyways, Elder Torres got about 3/4 of the way through the first vision when her husband walked in.
"Well, who do we have here?" he asked.
We introduced ourselves and he seemed really nice. Then he went out to read the paper on the porch and so we finished the first vision and asked her if she'd prepare to be baptized on the 10th of April. She said she would!
We're really hoping that she'll come to church this upcoming Sunday. She also said she would listen/watch General Conference. She seemed really sincere.
We also went to teach a guy named Joe and we taught him the first but he refused to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and so we dropped him that same day. We told him to call us if he decides to read and pray.
That's about everyone we're teaching right now. That other couple I told you about, with the two little girls, they dropped us for now because she's super stressed out with a dance performance that she's putting together. (She owns her own dance studio.) She said she'll call us back in 4 weeks so we'll see if she does.
Last Sunday there was a recent convert fireside in Colorado Springs that we got to go to. It was really neat. We were able to get Bryton there and so he got up and shared his conversion story. It was super spiritual hearing different peoples stories. After everyone was done all of us missionaries...there were probably about 50 of us) got up on the stage in the chapel and we sang 'Till We Meet Again'. There was a lot of people crying and a lot of people singing along.
So you did burn a tie at six months...that's neat. Here I guess it's tradition to burn a tie at six, a shirt at twelve, a pair of pants at eighteen and a suit at twenty-four months. I don't know about that though! I'll only burn them if I can't wear them anymore! I may just stick to a tie every six months.
So it sounds like this trek thing will be really fun. At least the scenery fits huh! That's neat that you got to go with the Criddles. It was always fun going on trips with them. I still remember our last one very well...over on the dunes. That was fun!
Wow! 30 investigators at church in the stake. That's awesome! That's one of the hardest things for us to do. To get people to actually come to church. I hope the missionaries there will have a lot of success of it though!
Oh, mom. You'll be happy to know that this last week for St. Pattys day we had a green dinner. (Iknow how you always go crazy with the whole green thing on St Pattys) There was a lady in the ward who was so excited to feed us a green dinner. We had corned beef, green potatoes, cabbage, green jell-o, and green cool-aid. It wasn't bad but let's just say that I missed your green meals! It was fun though. Elder Torres and I were so exhaused though because we tracted for four hours and it was a really warm day and we forgot water! So we were super thirsty and no one was answering their door so we couldn't ask for any water. So we are, dying of thirst, and then we look at the time and we have thirty minutes until we're supposed to be at dinner! So we start booking it (walking really fast). We walked 3miles in 30 minutes! It was pretty fast!
Well, now I'm back at our apartment writing at my desk. It's been a fun P-day. We just had dinner at the Hales. They're an older couple but they're really fun. He has a pool table (it seems like a lot of people have pool tables here) and so we play a few rounds of cut-throat whenever we go over there to eat. I would just like to mention that I won one of our two rounds!
So then we were getting ready to leave and she checked the weather for us and it looks like we may have six to twelve inches of snow by tomorrow afternoon. They said that it wouldn't start snowing hard until about midnight but it's 8:45pm right now and we already have about and inch of snow...and that's just within 45 minutes! I'll be excited to see what it looks like in the morning. I'll try and remember to put a little 'P.S.' at the end and let you know what we get.
How are things going with Laura? I hope they are going good for her.
Well, I better let you all go now. I can't think of anything else to write about. Hope your all doing good and staying happy! You are all in my prayers each day.
Love you lots.
Love Ben
P.S. We did get a lot of snow! It is about 12 inches in some places. An it's still snowing a little! Tracting will be fun today! lol I bet it's nice and sunny in Eugene!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hey Everyone!

Well I don't have much time to write today....I did want to let you know that we got transfer calls today and I found out for sure that I'm staying here in Calhan with Elder Torres for another transfer! I'm glad because I love this area.
Well today we came over to the Barks and cooked them breakfast to say thanks for all the meals that they provided for us! (Whenever someone cancels dinner on us we call up the Barks and they always feed us!) So we made breakfast burritos.
Well the weather has been nice here but they're expecting snow tonight
and tomorrow.
So, yesterday we tracted for seven hours! We did find one lady that let us in and let us teach her the first and she accepted a baptismal date for the 10th of next month. I'll tell you more in my letter!
Well I gotta go but I love you guys.
Have a great week! I'll write today and get it sent off today or tommorow.
Love you
Love Ben

Friday, March 19, 2010

TEACHING!'s my family doing?
Things are going pretty well here but they're a little slow right now. We don't have anyone with a date right now. We do have some people we're trying to work with though. We have a nine year old girl who just needs her dad's permission before she can be baptized. We also have a young couple who were referred to us by a member in Castle Rock. They have two little girls (2 & 4 years old). They seem really sincere about learning more. We just need to set up a time to meet with them. She just has a few concerns like, 'Why do we have to be baptized by water?' and 'Do you have any way of proving the Book of Mormon, do you have any artifacts?' So we just need to sit down with her and her husband and teach them the restoration which would answer both of those questions. We also have another couple who we're going to meet with this weekend. So we have a lot of potentials right now but no one solid with a baptismal date. I don't remember if I told you that Bill and his family (our family of 5) got dropped. I'm pretty sure that his brother, who is a Baptist, had a negative influence on him, because he said that he talked to his brother and decided he would just go back to the Baptist church his brother was going to. It was really sad to drop them but there was nothing we could do.
Well, yesterday during the third hour of our second block of church we went to the CTR7 class instead of going with the priests like usual. It was way funner! And they just happened to be talking about missionary work that day. What are the odds? A little way through the lesson they acted out some different situations. They got me to pretend to be a new kid at the school out on the playground standing all by myself and then two of the kids had to come over and invite me to play with them. They did a great job! Then when everyone had acted out some different situations they had all...well two kids (everyone else was too shy) come up and sing "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission". Then when they got done they wanted me and Elder Torres and Elder Bowman to sing it to them. So we got up and ..."a one and a two and a one, two, three, I hope they call me on a mission...." The kids loved our slightly jazzed up version! It was really fun.
So we have a guy in the ward who is a super good cook. He did a few years of culinary school. Anyway, it was my turn to choose the meal for yesterday and I chose chicken cordon-bleu. It was WAY GOOD! I can't even describe it. It was amazing. Then after dinner they asked us if we could teach them the first lesson because when they were on their missions they had the discussions and so they wanted to see how it was different now. It was a little different teaching a member but it was fun.
So the other day we were out tracting and the weather was aweful. It was about 30 degrees and then the wind was blowing about 40-50 mph which made it really cold! It was a dirt/sand road too and so we were getting blasted by sand. Not too fun! I still remember my first day ever in Colorado when I went out to tract for the very first time.
My greenie tracter said, "You just get used to being tired all the just work anyway!" Now I know what he meant! Tired is normal.
So, guess what? The other day I cut my own hair! I know, it's a very scary thought but don't worry because it actually turned out good. I had Elder Bowman touch up around my neck but other than that it was all me! I was a bold move but I got lucky!
So, Emma, congrats for getting 'hired' as a reporter for The Morning Toast. You are just moving right on up in the world! I can't wait to see next months issue!
Well, I can't think of any new updates and so I guess I'll let you all go. Keep up the good work and stay happy!
Love you all alot!
Love Ben
P.S. Emma, you asked what Elder Torres was like. Well, he's very competitive! He likes to work super hard so I'm learning alot from him. He likes to have fun too though so we get along pretty well! He's only got about four months left on his mission. He's really lanky too! He's got a super tiny torso and really long arms and legs! He's a great guy.
Well, love ya and we'll talk to you later.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey everyone!
How is life treating you all? I hope well! :)
Well I just have a couple minutes to email today because we are driving Elder Bowman down to Fountain today and we have to get leaving here pretty quick.
That is hillarious dad...about your amazing ability to predict! Maybe you should get a lottery ticket while your on a roll! :) (Ok maybe not) Who'd of thought that there really would be a tsunami warning in Hawaii! That is crazy. And the water thing too! Maybe I should pay more attention to the dreams I have!
Well I'll be looking foreward to hearing from Emma about the fireside. It sounds like Brother Gelwix is quite the rugby player! I have heard about the movie "forever strong" but I don't think I've ever seen it. Its on the approved list though so maybe next Christmas I'll watch it! (Although they're talking about not allowing missionaries to watch any movies or not! I don't know if they will pass that rule or not though.)
Thanks for the XD card and mints and letter. I really enjoyed that article that you sent too. Wow that was amazing how they were warned about the earthquake and had time to prepare. Almost as good as dad knowing how the bottled water service was going to be cancelled! :)
Well...I gotta go. Time to drive to Fountain.
I'll talk to you guys later....glad your all doing well.
Love you all alot
Love Ben

So I thought I'd send another quick e-mail since I didn't use up my whole hour this morning. :)
Well we got Elder Bowman down to Fountain so now its back to just me and Elder Torres.
This morning before we dropped Elder Bowman off we got together with the zone leaders and a few other missionaries and played some basketball. It was fun. It felt good to run around a little bit. We did that for about an hour before we left to Fountain.
Well we have General Conference coming up pretty quick...I'm looking forward to it. I'm almost done studying the last General Conference issue so it will be nice to get another one to study!
I read through Elder Hollands talk this morning and it hit me really hard this time. I LOVE that talk! The spirit witnessed very strongly to me of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I love Elder Hollands talk.
Hey speaking of talks....did you ever finish that Brigham Young book that you were working on mom? I would still love a copy whenever you do finish with that!
So it was awesome to hear that all of you got up and bore your testimonies last Fast Sunday! Guess what? I had to do it TWICE! lol Once in each ward. Oh well...its good for me!
Hey guess what!?!?!?!?!?!? Tomorrow I am officially not a 'greenie anymore'! I'll hit my six month mark! Very exciting stuff! :) Its tradition to burn a tie when you hit six months so I gotta decide what tie I want to burn. (Dont worry....its going to be a really ugly tie!!! I'm not burning a nice tie! Oh, the thought sends shivers up my spine!!!) Did you ever burn a tie dad or is that a newer thing?
So whats new back home? Any new additions to the house? Is my room still an "anyones room"? Are there any new people in the ward? Have you adopted anyone because you miss me so much?! ;) Let me know if anything horribly exciting happens! I'll try and do the same!
Well I hope that you all have a good, fun FHE tonight. I'll be there in spirit! :)
I love you all and miss you....I pray for you guys every single night.
Love you!
Love Ben

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hey Guys!
First of all, thanks so much for the pretzels! Elder Torres loved them. So did Elder Bowman...who is here with us until the 14th or 15th. And of course, I did! They tasted even better than I remembered. Probably because I haven't had any for six months! So are you and Emma still dipping pretty regularly? How's Dipzys doing? It tastes like it's doing just fine!
Wow, that is awesome hearing about Laura. It's amazing how the Lord places us all in the situations we need in order to grow...and help others grow. As I look back on my mission and at all my companions so far I can see how everything has allowed me to grow. Yeah, so keep me posted and let her know how excited I am for her.
You also mentioned that Bishop Burtons son is here in Colorado Springs Mission. Well, guess what!: I'm almost positive that I know who he is. I know an Elder Burton but I don't know if his first name, I do know! His name is Thomas! When I was serving with Elder Oakes in Pueblo, my first transfer, Elder Burton and Elder Tony covered part of Pueblo too, so we always went to dinner appointments together and we all attended the same ward. I actually just saw him agian when Elder L. Tom Perry came to speak. That is crazy that his dad might be Lauras bishop! I'll have to let him know next time I see him.
Well, tell Sister Hawes and Bishop Webb and Brother Seamans that I love them too! They have all done so much for me. Oh, and also Brother Bullock! I still remember that night that I got my Patriarchal blessing so well. He taught me so much that night.
Thanks for the pics in the last letter! I have them in my photo album. It's great to see you all... even if you have been squished into a 2d figure on a 4x6 card! You still look great!
I know mom, isn't "E" so cute! Her whole family is so fun! I loved going over there to teach because her other three sisters and two brothers would always sit in and answer questions with her. They're actually really smart kids...even if they did think that the prophet was Obama! (We had to explain the difference between the Prophet and the President of the USA!)
So Sam, the name of the trilogy that Sister M is working on is The Crying Chandelier. She's working on publishing it now so keep your eyes open!
Well, the other day Elder Torres and I tracted for seven hours! Let's just say that my legs were very sore! While we were out tracting we came to this one house and a golden lab came running around the house to us. When he saw us his tail started wagging like crazy! Then he took off and came running back with a ball. He ran up to me and dropped the ball then backed up a few steps and then just stared at me, still wagging his tail like mad! So, while Elder Torres knocked on the door (and while no one came to the door) I played fetch with the dog. He was such a fun little dog. He was so sad when we had to leave.
Well, we had a good P-day. We played volleyball with the two Black Forest Elders and a few of the Calhan Young Men and also Brother Barks (one of the YM leaders). We also played 'knock out' or 'bump' (a basketball game)and dodgeball. It was fun and felt really good to get out and run around. Then everyone else had to go and so the five of us Elders decided to have a nerf war. That was alright but not really my thing. It seems like most missionaries are nerf nerds! I could care less about nerf though! Oh well.
We have been snow free for almost a week now but last night it decided to dump a couple inches on us. I'm kind of getting tired of the snow believe it or not! It sounds like Eugene is having some nice weather though. Not fair! So the lawn mower is still going strong huh? That's good to hear. The grass here hasn't even started Is green the color that grass usually is? I can't remember anymore! It's just brown everywhere!
So your all getting ready for the trek. How far is the trek? How far do you have to walk I mean? Since your all getting in shape you should put on a tri-stake marathon just so you all can beat everyone!
Well dad, let President Lake, John P, Ken Bay, and Bishop Barker know that I am doing awesome. It's always nice to know that people remember me still!lol
Well, it doesn't look like this letter will reach three pages. Sorry! But I can't think of any updates.
Hope you're all doing good with work and school and stuff! Keep having a good week!
Love you all,
Love Ben

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hey everyone!
Wow what a week...well we had yet another baptism....the Lord is blessing us here in Calhan! We had the baptism of a young lady that we've been teaching for a while. She was baptized by her husband. It was an awesome baptism!
So the other day while Elder Torres and I were out tracting we came across a guy who makes homemade beef jerky. Its six dollars for a five ounce bag (which comes out to be a little cheaper than store bought). So we went there the other day and I bought a bag. It is really good! I've been eating just a little here and there to try and make it last. So far I'm doing really well. I bought it last week and I still have some!
So Sam I thought that you might like to hear this. I found out about a week or two ago that we have an author in our ward! Her name is Connie Martin. She doesn't have a whole ton published yet so I don't know if you've heard of her but she got a childrens picture book published a few years ago and she gave me a free signed copy! That's right...I'm so special! Anyways, its think it was called "The Quest of Eloshidii". Its basically the story of the plan of salvation but you probably wouldn't even know it if you didn't know the plan of salvation. But it is a really neat book. She got another lady to do all of the artwork and all the pictures of the princess are drawn after Connie's daughter (who I also know!) Its cool to own a book by someone I know! Anyways....she's coming out with a trilogy soon too. I forgot what its called but I'll try and write it in my letter.
So this morning we taught seminary! It was pretty crazy! We basically had three games that we played. The first one they had to answer questions like when the church was organized and what the names of the twelve apostles are and things like that. Then for the second game we would read a scripture to them (having to do with the plan of salvation) and then the first team to find it won a point. Or we would say "If a friend asked you about ????, what scripture could you read to them?" And the first team to find a scripture on that topic won. Then for the third round (or game) we dressed up in crazy outfits (just us three Elders) and had the kids role play to us like we were a friend at school. (I have a picture of Elder Bowmans Santa outfit!) It was a really fun morning.
So later today we're getting together with some of the youth and even a couple leaders and having a good game of vollyball! Should be fun.
Thanks a ton for the pictures included in your last letter! I love getting pictures for my photo album!
Well I gotta go now. I will write later today!
Love you all and I hope you are all having a great day!
Thanks for all your prayers!!! They're working! :)
Love Ben
P.s. How do you like the picture of Elder Bowman and me with our white hair?! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Dear Dad, Mom, Sam and Emma,
So I was looking through my letters I need to reply to and guess what! Five of them are from you! I think I'm just a little outnumbered in the letter writing department!
So Emma, you asked me if I would say that a mission is the best two years. It's a hard question to answer. It really is. Um, I have had some amazing times and some extrememly hard times and so I would definately say that it's been (or will be) the best two years for my life. I wouldn't trade my mission for anything.
That's really funny about yours and Carson's dreams. It sounds like you all miss me like CRAZY! lol I have the feeling that the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission boundries won't be changing anytime soon. Especially to Eugene Oregon!
Mom, thanks so much for reminding me about the blessings I received when I received the Melchizedek Priesthood. It was a nice treat to be able to refresh my memory. I've been reading through my patriarchal blessing lately. The more I've read it the more I've come to realize that every time He tells me a blessing I can receive He also tells me what I need to do to receive it! I made an extra copy and went through and marked all the blessings in blue and what I hAve to do to get the blessing in red. I have really grown to love my blessing.
That is awesome about Laura! I hope that the missionaries do go over and see her. I remember when Elder Nelson was here he promised us Elders that the work we do here would not only affect those we serve but also our entire family back home. I love to hear that the gospel is having an impact on our family near and far because it is a testimony to me that God keeps his promises. I am trying to work hard so that I won't hinder that blessing/promise at all. I'm positive that as we all combine our faith we will see miracles in our family.
So Emma, you asked how the food was. Well, so far all the dinners here have been really good. I've had beef stew, sloppy joes, brisket (so good!), spaghetti (which has grown on me), hamburgers, alfredo, roast chicken, and lots more good food. I had some pea soup (actually called Island Soup) over at a Jamaican families house and I thought I would hate it but it was really good. So food hasn't been bad at all. (Knock on wood!)
You also asked about P-day. They're usually pretty boring actually. The main things we do are shop, e-mail and do laundry. Sometimes we'll go over to the Boydes and play pool or go to the Barks and play cards but usually we keep to ourselves so we don't bother anyone. We also have gotten together with the YM and played basketball and also we got together once with Elder Bownman and Elder Slade and played board games.
Thanks for the talk you sent mom. The one on humility. A mission is very good at teaching you and allowing you to practice humility!
Well, it snowed again today, but it has mostly melted away. But we still have plenty of snow to go. I hear that March and April are the worst snow months here. Yippee! (Not!) I'm actually getting tired of the snow. Can you believe it?!
So in our Zone Conference President Pfile broke down our week for us and showed us how much time we really have to accomplish stuff. I thought you might like to see what a typical week in the life of a missionary consists of.

24hours - 8 hours sleeping leaves 16 hours a day times 7 days a week which is
112 hours week - 23 hours of morning santification a week, leaving
89 hours - 3 hours for weekly planning, leaving
86 hours - 2 hours for district meeting, leaving
84 hours - 10 hours of church a week (we cover 2 wards plus PEC), leaving
74 hours - 11 hours of planning a week, leaving
63 hours - 14 hours for lunch and dinner a week, leaving
49 hours - 8 hours for P-day, leaving
41 hours - 15 hours of tracting a week, leaving
26 hours - 20 hours teaching lessons each week, leaving
6 hours - 4 hours of service a week, leaving
2 hours miscellaneous

Pretty crazy huh! It keeps us very busy.
President Pfile also talked about the armor of God and he taught us all a really cool point. He said, "If you notice, the armor of God only covers our front. Why doesn't it cover our backs as well?"
He looked at each of us and said, "I'll tell you why. It is because we never retreat."
I thought that was cool. We move foreward through life. Through the good times and the bad and we never retreat or lower our standards because that is when Satan can get us. It was a great Zone Conference.
Well, let me think. What else is there to tell you? I bought myself a travel size blender! It's really small so I can take it with me whenever I get transferred. So now I'm having a fruit shake about every morning. I'm loving it! It's a little spendy to get the fruit but it's managable and so worth it.
Well, I think that's about all the news from me. I hope that your week is going awesome!
I love you all.
Love Ben
P.S. I forgot to tell you about mine and Elder Torres' dirt clod war! We were out tracting on Saturday and we were on this long dirt road and the houses were, like 20 miles apart, and so we had to keep ourselves occuppied and so we each got on a different side of the road and threw dirt clods at each other and tried to dodge them so we wouldn't get hit! We kind of lost track of the score...we mostly just had fun throwing dirt clods at each other! We probably only each got hit about 10 times over the course of twenty minutes, and we stayed pretty clean! It was fun.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hey guys!
How's life treating you all? I'm doing awesome. Last Saturday we had a baptism for E.....a nine year old girl. It was a great baptism. Her brother just turned eight and so was getting baptized and she wanted to get baptized as well. (I attached a picture of us with her).
Man we are seeing so many miracles lately. At the moment we have 13 people who could be baptized by the end of this month! The problem will be finding time to get to all of them! Its awesome though to have so many people to teach.
So we got a media referral from the MTC for a couple that wanted to talk with the missionaries. We went over there and only she was there so we didn't really teach her anything we just answered a few of her questions. (She had a ton!) Then we told her that we would love to come back and teach them more when her husband was home. She said that would be fine and so we'll probably be going over there again sometime this week. is some news for you. You know my MTC comp, Elder Slade. He had to go home. I guess he had a bunch of plates and rods in his arm that had come completely apart and so he had to go get them re attached. So they did the surgery here in Denver but then they sent him home to recover. He should be back out though in about six weeks. Hopefully he'll recover quickly and well!
The other night we had dinner at this one families house and we were having spaghetti and they brought out two pans of sauce and Brother "W" said that one had meat in it and the other one didn't because he didn't like meat. Then they brought out the bread and he said that one had garlic and the other one didn't because he didn't like garlic. Then they brought out the salad and I just couldn't help myself. I knew it was my first time ever meeting them but this was a perfect opportunity and they seemed like a joking family and so I said " where's the salad without the lettuce?" He just looked at me and started cracking up along with everyone else at the table.
He said "That was cold. You are gonna fit in just fine with us!"
The rest of the night we were all just laughing! Towards the end of our visit I was about to give the spiritual thought and Elder Torres, who was on the couch across from me, patted the cushion next to him to try and get one of their cats to come over to him. Here was another perfect opportunity I couldn't pass up.
I said "Oh, it's O.K. Elder Torres I'll sit here...I'm fine."
Man you should have heard the room explode! Everyone lost it laughing! (There goes the spirit :/....!) Once everyone had settled down I ended up giving the spiritual thought! It was a fun night.
Well last night was K's birthday and so we took a few minutes to stop by and wish her a happy birthday and eat some pie with them. We got her a Rubix 360 for her present. She actually didn't get to play it a whole ton because her mom stole it from her and tried desperately to figure it out! It was funny....that family is so awesome!
Well we went to go shopping today and we have no money! I hope they get it to us soon!
So I did get the letter with the cartoons. I actually got both of them! I guess that the first one you sent got lost at the mission office and then they found it in a box of supplies! So they brought it to me at zone conference. There are some good cartoons there...I'm depressed.........I mean...IMpressed! Keep up the good work Emma. You're going to be a natural by the time I get back!
Emma, you asked me in your letter if I've had any thunder storms yet. None so far...but I hear that we get some crazy ones in the summertime around pikes peak. They say that the lightning stikes about every two seconds in a good storm! I hope I get to see a good storm like that. I really hope I get to see a tornado before I leave! That would be awesome! And magic tricks yet. I actually keep forgetting that I know any magic tricks! I'll have to try and remember to do one for some of the kids here!
Well....time for me to go. I have a ton of letters to write today though so I'll try and write you a few more details today.
Love you all and hope you're having a great day!
Talk to you soon.

Ben..................(aka Elder Cryer!)

Hey I just got your email right after I sent mine!
Thats awesome that you got to see Elder Perry on your mission too dad. I wish I could have gotten a picture with him but he didn't have the time to get pictures with 100 missionaries!
Well hey Grandma and Grandpa! So your down visiting I hear. I'm glad that your both recovering well! Your in my prayers along with my family. I wanted to say another quick thankyou for that micro fiber towel that you sent for Christmas. I have used it a ton and I love it. Its just as big as my other towel but it takes up WAY less space! So thanks.
Well I hope you all have a great FHE tonight! I really have to go now because Elder Torres is sick of waiting for me!
Love you all,