Tuesday, August 30, 2011


August 29, 2011 e-mail
Well I have to say that I'm very jealous of that new program you have! I would much rather just talk about what's going on than to have to type it out! I HATE typing! haha But...I guess just a couple more weeks of that and then I can just talk. :)
So funny story about the earthquake.....It hit at about 11:45 ish here in the springs. It woke Elder Berghoff up and he called my name to wake me up...he was like: "Elder Cryer, do you feel that?"...I was still half dead and I couldn't feel a thing! I thought he was going crazy! So....I can say that Ive been IN an earthquake....but still can't say I've felt one. :/ haha I guess the earthquake came out of Trinidad...at least that's what we've heard.
People have also been telling us about all the stuff going on in the eastern part of the USA as well.....some crazy things goinG on..that's for sure.
Uh Oh....I'm gonna have to stand in front of a council huh? :/ haha jk jk Yeah that'll be fine. Ive got lots to tell. :)
So...I got a letter off to you last week....I hope that you have received it. If not...you should be getting it VERY soon! :)
I have so much to tell you about...but I wont have enough time to write about it all in my email....I'll try to get another letter off to you soon.....but I'm sure I'll have stories to tell when I get home too. ;)
Me and Elder Berghoff have been having a blast together. We tried putting on this "tree of life" activity for our investigators and less active members. We had invited a bunch of people and set up rides and got members bringing dessert and everything. Well we spent 5 and a half hours setting up at the church....a half an hour before it was due to start the dessert arrived....then.....no one else did! :( It was was disapPointing and we felt so bad for the members that had brought dessert. We tried calling everyone that we could but no one answered. It was a real bummer but the members handled it really well and now they just joke about it. They still love the idea and so we're going to try to do it again in a couple of months. Well....someone will try it again. lol
Well....I have to go....this things yelling at me that its about to shut off.
Love you!
Have a great week!


August 18, 2011 Letter

Dear Family,
Well, yesterday we had a Zone Conference. It was very different! It just had a totally different feel to it. I did get a prize for having a 'celestial' apartment. I guess our apartment is really clean.
Really the whole Zone Conference was based on the new 12 week training program, our new stat system, and our purpose. One thing that came to me while they were talking was that we are not directing others to Christ...we are inviting them. We have to be with Christ first ourselves. If we aren't then were merely pointing. It was interesting.
President Anderson is really focused on getting things to happen, which is awesome. He talked about activities versus accomplishments. We used to report hours of tracting, ITL's and part members and less actives we visited. We don't report those anymore. All we report is people baptized and confirmed, people with a date, people at church, lessons with a member, overall total lessons and new investigators. He doesn't really care how we find people...we just need to find them...without breaking rules of course.
I don't even know if all that interests you but I figured I'd let you know what's going on in the mission.
We are working really hard on getting people to come to church. There is one lady that is so ready for baptism...she just needs to come to church.
Well, I have been enjoying the e-mails from England (as I'm sure you have too). It sounds like Sam and Emma are having a great time. I'll be excited to go over there again.
August 22.....
So, I totally thought I had sent this letter. I'm really sorry about that.
Things have been going well. I realized a little bit ago that my temple recommend expired in July. Whoops! So I go an interview by President Anderson. All good again.
Well, me and Elder Berghoff are getting along really well. It's nice to be able to end my mission with a companion that I get along with. Our district is doing well. We went out for a district lunch yesterday and had a great time together. I think they (or we) all needed that. It helps when you're unified as a district. I've been feeling a lot of stress in the district lately. That's starting to go away now. Me and Elder Berghoff are planning an activity for this Saturday. Like a hands on tree of life lesson for less actives, and recent converts, and potentials. It's taken a couple of weeks to put together but we're really hoping it goes well and encourages people to come to church, get baptized and get aimed towards the temple. I really hope it's a meaningful activity.
Yesterday for part of p-day we went down to Manitue Springs and walked around. There are some crazy hippie places down there! Then we ate a burger place. It was way good food.
I wanted to say thanks again for the DQ card. I love ice-cram cake so that was a really nice treat.
Did I ever say thanks for those "Every Flavor Beans"? I'm not really sure if thanks is the right word though because some of those were gross! Like the rotten egg. It was so disgusting! Me and Elder Hakes too turns spinning the spinner and eating the flavor it landed on.
We went to Sally DeFords again and she showed us more of her studio. She even gave us a couple of albums she's helped with in one way or another.
So we picked D and S back up. D wants to quit smoking and we told him about the 12 step program which really caught his attention. He said he'll for sure be at church on Sunday. I hope he means it.
So yesterday we got this text message referral from BYU. It was followed by a message from Sister Sparrow (who is in charge of referrals). She said, "Um, I'm kind of worried about the referral that I just sent you. The phone number is 666-666-6666. I'm really worried about it."
So we have to call the office before we go see them to see if it's real or not. The message on the text was weird. It said, "Please share your religion with me at my home! I would love to convert!" Very strange....but me and Elder Berghoff were laughing about it so much!
That's one thing that me and Elder Berghoff do a lot of....laughing. It makes life a lot more fun.
Well, I'm going to be sure to send this today.
I love you!
Love Elder Cryer
P.S. I just got a letter from gma and gpa. It was one of Emma's postcards. It was postmarked August 20. It said they'd sent a couple other letters but I haven't received any others. Just wanted you to know.
Take Care

Monday, August 22, 2011


August 22, 2011 e-mail
Hey everyone!
O.K....so a couple of things to start off.....first of all.....it has
taken me half an hour to start this email.....this computer is SO
SLOW!!!! and the mouse hardly works at all.
Second....I'm so sorry that you didn't get a letter last week. I wrote
one....I just never mailed it. :/ I hate when I do that. So, I
apologize for that. I will make sure to send it. :)
Oh...before I forget....yeah that will be totally fine for Gma and Gpa to
stay with us when I get back. I haven't had my own room for two
years...whats another few days. ;) lol Besides..I'd rather see them
than have my own room right away. That would be awesome if Aunt Jackie
was there too. I'd love to see everyone! Ive missed you all! ;)
Well...no worries in getting me a letter last week....Its pay back for
me not sending one. But thanks for my belated birthday e-mail! :) I
had a good birthday....basically just a normal day...but still good. I
got to sleep in a little! lol Not on purpose...I swear that the alarm
was set.... but it never went off. So when we woke up we had to
scramble a little bit to get showered and ready and off to district
meeting on time. (Not my fault I swear!) haha....But after
district meeting we went to DQ and got lunch and I bought my cake. :)
I did get the card just a couple days before my B-day....So I haven't
had a chance to write a thank-you for it.....but I guess I can tell you
here! :) Thank You!!! That was a nice treat...I love ice cream cake. I
got one that was divided into four sections....M&M, cookie dough,
Oreo, and cheesecake. Its good. I still have some in the freezer. :)
Then the rest of the day went as most other days go.
I like the pics that you sent.....I think you sent a couple of those
yard pics last week...but there were some new ones too. That spider is
HUGE! I'm beginning to wonder if you all moved to Brazil and you just
haven't told me yet! haha (Boy would that be a shock!)
That is an neat experience that you had...with your back. The
atonement really is an amazing thing. It has been really neat seeing
it work not only in my own life but in the lives of others.
Man, Jordan gave his farewell talk!?!?!? That is so crazy! Now Carson,
Jay, and Jordan will be gone when I get back. They are going to do
great though...and have a great time! He spoke on three of the most
important things as a missionary....Obedience, sacrifice, and love.
That there is the key to success!
Well...everything is just fine with me...no worries...I'm just not a
writer. lol I answer questions better than I do just telling
everything that's going on...but I am doing well. Trying to get
the district pumped up...and excited. There are a couple of
missionaries that seem to be struggling a little...but they just got
someone with a date...and they came to church,,,so that is exciting.
We have a couple people that we had stopped visiting for a while but
have recently picked back up...They seem to be showing more
commitment now...we'll see. They NEED to come to church!
This week has been rough just because everyone we had with a date
didn't come to church.....there is some infection that a few of them
got. It was disappointing.
Anyways....I hope you all continue to do well back in Oregon! How are
Sam and Emma doing? They having a blast? ;)
Well I love you all! Thanks again for the DQ card. Tell everyone I say hi!
Love Elder Cryer

Monday, August 15, 2011


August 14, 2011 e-mail
Hey folks!
Man, the yard is sure looking nice! Looks like a park! We just need
some park benches through there. It looks like you have been really
busy out there...it has definitely payed off. Thanks for the pics.
Jackson sure looks a bit different. I bet he feels better though.
Well I had no idea how important my letters were to sustaining life!
;) haha I try to keep up with it all. I try not to go a week without
an email and letter. Hopefully I've done a decent enough job.
Wow, it looks like Jerrys had quite the event! Must have kept all
the people there really busy! It feels like just yesterday I was there
working. That was a great place to work! Good people. I hope I'm
able to get back on with them.
Well this last week was spent going by potentials, formers, and part
member families. We got two people with a date but neither one came to
church so they lost their date. It was sad. We went by and we were
able to contact one. She didn't come because she was really sick. We
committed her for next week and she said yes....we made sure she was
serious. lol I really would like for her to get baptized before I go
home.....because I know that she will eventually. She loves the gospel
and the Book of Mormon and stuff.
We went mountain bike ITLing the other day! lol We rode our mountain
bikes up a big ridge that everyone told us that we couldn't make it to
the top of. Well when we reached the top we found a couple up there.
They said they were just up there relaxing and praying. So we sat and
talked to them about the gospel for about 30 minutes. It was awesome.
They didn't really accept but they were very nice and at least they
have something to pray about.....we did commit them to pray about if
there was a prophet on the earth today. They said they would. Well,
after talking with them we headed back down.....well there are tons of
trails that break off and so long story short...we got lost! haha Soon
we found ourselves on no trail at all...then we came to a cliff! lol
We found a way to get down the cliff. It took a bit but finally we
made it. After a while it started to get dark.....we saw the lights on
what we thought were our apartments about two miles away over another
ridge. So we headed over that way....we got over there after a bit but
discovered it was not our apartments. It had a "no trespassing" sign.
Well....we decided to go for it anyway....so we were riding around all
these dumpsters and semi trucks and stuff....finally we made it out to
a main road and found our way to the apartments. We were dripping
sweat! lol It was so much fun. A nice adventure.
Well,,,,I better get running.
I love you all! Take care!
Love Elder Cryer

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


August 8, 2011 e-mail
Hey there!
Well....I just checked my last transfer email! I am staying here in Mountain Shadows and Academy but I am getting a new companion. I don't know who he is....yet. His name is Elder Berghoff. It should be fun. He will be "killing me off" as we say here in the mission. Its a weird feeling being this close to the end. It feels so close.....but at the same time it doesn't feel like I'm anywhere near being done! I'm sure I still have a couple weeks before it starts to set in and hit me.
We have been receiving some pretty promising referrals...now we just have to meet with them. Hopefully this week will be filled with that.
We are completely moved into our new apartment now.....everything has a place...finally! It's not a bad place. The entrance and exit to the parking lot is poorly designed though! It's an adventure every time! I think I should save details until I get home! Colorado drivers are crazy! So Ive learned to be aggressive. lol My companions knuckles only turn white every once in a while! ;) No, its really not that bad...but still.
Well, it sounds like you had a fun time at the coast! Either it was really pretty that day.....or I haven't seen the coast in so long that it looks even better than before! You got some nice pics. :) (And I like the new haircut mom....it looks nice on you! ....good choice.) ;)
So...yesterday we had dinner with the Hernandez family in the Academy ward. They have four kids....two boys, and two girls...(haha..they're actually here right now....Liberty just came and said hi. lol you'll understand in a second...)....so, the two girls are nine and like six. Well Liberty, the nine year old, went over to her mom last night and whispered in her ear. Then her mom said "really!....Hmm...Elder Cryer, Liberty thinks you're cute." Well then Liberty got way embarrassed and ran away. A while later she came back and was just standing by where I was sitting. Her mom looked at her and said, "Don't propose to the Elder." It was way funny. Then to make matters worse...the six year old came over and started leaning in like she wanted a kiss! haha Yeah...um....no....! haha So I just kept leaning back so she couldn't reach me. Then she turned around and sat in my lap! I was like, um.....technically this is kinda not allowed but the parents are perfectly aware of what she just did and they aren't doing anything about it! So I guess it's...O.K.? lol She sat there for like five minutes and then got up and went away to play. I was very popular last night with the ladies I guess! It must have been the tie I was wearing! ;)
So...how was the Mennonite bakery? I hear those are supposed to be really good! There was one in Ulysses but it was closed every time we tried to go. :(
Well...I'm about to get kicked off of the computer.
I did print off the girls email...so I will reply to that after I have read it! I'm going to forward this one to them though......so..
Hey Sam and Emma! How is England treating you? I enjoyed reading your last email.....Is it nice and wet over there? lol I bet you two are having way too much fun!
Well, I love you all! have a great week and have fun!
Love Elder Cryer

P.S. oh...we had some crazy guys come to church the last two weeks! lol This last week we had a guy who kept talking about space and energy and the keys of Enoch. From what he says he has a team of guys coming in from LA to film a movie about the keys of Enoch. He was definitely a different fella! lol


August 2, 2011 letter
Dear Family,
Well, I promised that I'd write...so here I am.
So, transfers is next week...but I'm pretty sure I'll be staying right here. I'll let you know if that changes.
So, like I said, S. did not get baptized. He doesn't want to act. He still wants to attend church though which is cool.
So, yesterday we went and helped a less-active family move some stuff around. We found out we have some stuff in common. I found out that he likes to scuba dive! He had a bunch of gear, so we looked through it. He said if I ever want to go dive to call him up. He also works on computers. He found out that I film and record music. He said to call when I get home and he'll hook me up with a nice computer for a really good price. He said he gets some amazing deals. Last but not least, he used to play guitar and had three pedals that he never uses now because he stopped playing. So he gave me the foot pedals! It was pretty sweet.
We called some former investigators here recently and a few of them said that they'd like to meet with us again. So we have some appointments set up. I'm excited about that.
We've been doing some tracting in the rain lately. Every afternoon almost we get a rainstorm come through...usually with lightning and thunder. We've gotten into a few doors because of it but so far nothing has come of it.
So how are you adjusting to things mom? Is your calendar full of things to do? I bet it feels really different having the house to yourself...but it won't be like that in a few weeks.
Won't it be great when we're all back together again?!
Well, I know this letter is short...but it's already sat too long. I need to get it off.
I love you!
Take care,
Elder Cryer

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


August 2, 2011 e-mail
Hello to everybody!
Its always good to hear from everybody! I love the emails and letters. Thanks for all of them. :)
Well we are moved into our new place. It was a long process of trips back and forth between our old and new apartment...but its moved over now. Now we're just organizing it and making feel like home. lol We decided to throw away some items and replace them with new just so our place would feel nicer. We got new towels and hot pads for the kitchen, a new garbage can, all that good stuff.
Our new place is nice. I'll have to take some pictures and send to you so you can see it. We have a walk in closet, a balcony, a dishwasher, air conditioning, oh...and the best part...a garbage chute right outside our door. :) We are up on the second floor so that's really nice. We live right across the street from the library which is pretty sweet. I'm pretty sure I'll be here until I 'die'. (As in....come home. lol no worries) Transfers is next week so I'll find out then.
I have been so exhausted lately for some reason! lol Maybe its all the moving and stuff...or maybe just the normal stress of missionary work. Who knows. All I know is I'm going to want to sleep in until like 9 every day when I'm back! lol Ive never been a morning person....I have lots of catch up work to do! haha
So Jackson got shaved. As embarrassing as it might be....I bet it feels so much better! So, if they left some longer hair on his head then I'm sure he looks a lot more lion like! lol
I just now noticed that you sent pictures! Wow....Jackson does look way younger! Dang!!! He looks like a puppy again! lol
Wow...have I told you that whenever I see pictures of home I feel like I'm looking at a photoshopped picture?! lol Everything is SO GREEN and colorful! haha It really almost looks fake to me now. Colorado has lots of green....but its not the same vibrant green. lol
I did get an email from Sam and Emma....well I'm pretty sure Sam wrote it....but same difference! lol Giving me the update on what they've done and where they're going. :)
I plan on just sending this email to them as well so that I don't have to re-type anything! (I know...I'm lazy when it comes to that!)
It sounds like you two are having lots of fun over there. :) I'm glad that the jet lag has worn off. lol No more walking around like zombies.....you can actually enjoy your stay! So, who's in charge of taking pictures? Are there going to be any pictures this time? ;) haha There better be....and then you can't show them until I get back! haha (Wow...that's a weird thought. lol )
What!?!?!? you only dipped your toes in the Atlantic ocean!? No, no, no...that is not acceptable. You have to go all the way in before you come home. ;) lol Besides...colder days are better because then the water doesn't feel as cold because there is less of a temperature difference between the water and the air. (That's just my own personal theory!)
So I cant wait to hear all about London and the adventures you had there! Tell everyone hi for me! I'll make it over there someday! lol Now you've been three times...Emma's been twice, and I'm still sittin at once. :( But.....at least now I can say Ive been to Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico!
It is crazy that I'll be seeing you so soon! It weird to be so close to the end. You just get so used to the missionary lifestyle being your life that it's a weird thought that its going to end. It's a nervous time and an exciting time. But I still have seven weeks to go. Still work to be done!
Well, the man we had who was going to get baptized last Sunday was not baptized. We tried so hard to help him understand how it would help him....but in the end its up to him, and he chose no. :( I never like seeing that, but I know that he felt something good. He'll come around eventually I hope.
Well, this week is going to be crazy!!! I'll try to write a letter this evening but it may be short. Ill try my best though!
Oh...did I tell you I did The Incline? It was a good workout...but lots of fun. :)
Well I better go, times up. I love you all! Have a great week!
Love Elder Cryer


July 26, 2011 Letter
Dear Family,
So if my handwriting seems messy it's because my whole body is sore and feels like jello! We just got done with some service. We were shoveling and chopping in the heat of the day. I had sweat dripping off of me. Then yesterday we (Elder Hakes, Elder Advient, Elder Howell and I) decided to try The Incline. Whew! That was a good workout! It took me and Elder Howell 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach the top. It's only one mile but it's straight up! We were up at 9,000 feet. It was an awesome view. Then there's a trail called Bar Trail that we ran down. It's 3 miles long. That's why my legs are killing me. The only thing that kept me and Elder Howell running all the way down was our pride! There was another couple behind us running. We couldn't let them beat us! It took us about 15-20 minutes to run down. So my legs and feet are killin! It was totally worth it though.
So I got y our nice long letter mom! It was surprised to see a typewritten letter from you...but I don't blame you at all. I wouldn't have wanted to write all that!
I can't believe that Emma had her first date! That is so crazy. I still remember my first date! It's so amazing how fast time flies.
Sounds like girls camp was really neat. Oh, and no, I don't think I was told Emma designed the shirts. Do you have pics? She's really been getting into that stuff it sounds like. That's really cool.
I got to have dinner with Sally DeFord. She showed us her studio and I asked a bunch of questions and then she let us listen to a new song that won't be released until this Christmas. It was such a pretty song.
So by the time you get this, Sam and Emma will be in England. Are you copying my letters? or what's the plan there? They'll probably be too busy to remember me anyways! Just joking.
I hope your heart isn't hurting anymore. It must be different for you and dad to have the whole house to yourselves...but don't worry, soon we'll ALL be back...and then you'll be wishing we'd leave again! How exciting will that be though! All of us coming home almost together like that. It's scarey how close it is!
So a quick update about Steven. His baptism was moved to July 31st. So far he is on track. We are teaching him today again and then he'll get interviewed today. He is noticing changes in himself. He mentioned it last time we were there. He said he feels happier, he feels better. Everything is going well there...I'll let you know how everything goes.
So how is the new Mission President and wife? I still haven't gotten to speak to or see our new Mission President or his wife since we met them for the first time at interviews. I have a feeling I won't get to know them very well by the time my time is over.
That is so good to hear about Chris Mason! I'm sure she, and the whole family, were way excited about that news! I will continue to keep her in my prayers and pray that three months will show that it (cancer) stayed gone! I'm excited to see that family again!
Well, I should really get this letter in the mail...it's taken too long...again. I'm sorry. We really are busy though. Trying to get Steven ready and also the sisters have given us 11 referrals that we need to follow up on, then on top of that we've been doing a bunch of service! Free time is not something a missionary see's very often...so I take any chance that I can get.
Well, I'm trying to think of new updates to tell you about.
Oh, O.K. So we were going to this apartment complex where a bunch of the sisters referrals live. We were walking in to one of the buildings when we heard a whistle behind us. Now, there are many types of whistles...but we heard the type that suggests, "Hey there, aren't you looking fine tonight!" Yeah, so we didn't turn around because we were thinking that it was just some girls trying to tease us. Well, then we hear the whistle again followed by, "Elder Cryer!" So I turn around only to see the Sisters! They were trying to get our attention to see if we were seeing who they were there to see...which we weren't. It was so funny though. I don't know why they whistled like that.
Well, I really want to send this today. I love you and hope all is well back home.
Love Elder Cryer