Monday, September 12, 2011


12 September 2011 email
Hey! I cant believe that this is my last email home as a missionary! I know its true...but I still cant wrap my mind around it. It does not feel like its been two years. lol I was telling Elder Berghoff yesterday that it feels like I should have forgotten so much more over the past two years. I still remember so many people....faces, names, where they live....I remember streets, our home phone, dads cell, moms cell, my cell...and I could go on but I don't want to bore you. I am so excited to see you all on Friday. I'm kinda nervous too though! Its going to feel so different. I am so used to being a missionary.
Its all good....if you forget to pick me up I remember the way home. haha Maybe if I just stand around at the airport then another pilot will offer me a flight around Eugene. :) Remember when that happened to me while I was out there looking at planes? That was so cool! But...I don't want to be late for that pizza! haha So I will be sure to be on time. :)
Well, it sounds like you had a great stake conference. I'm sure glad I wasn't there to speak though! Although we do a TON of talking on the mission I still can't say that I'm fond of giving talks. I don't really have much of a choice though.
Sounds good.....I'll be praying for Sam and Emma to have a safe and enjoyable flight. :) Well, as enjoyable as a roughly 13 hour flight can be. :) My flight will be much shorter. :) I'm kinda excited to fly again.
Well, the work is doing well. We were hoping to have that young couple at church yesterday but we could never get a hold of them. We did have that less active lady there though. We sat with her....she actually even asked us to....because she's kind of timid. We ended up going to relief society with her too. haha We got some looks from some of the ladies in there. I guess they're not used to seeing men in there for some reason. lol
There was also a guy in sacrament meeting that we had never seen before. We went and introduced ourselves to him. He was investigating the church back in the 70's in Hawaii....and he said it was 'time to come back'. :) He wont let us come over to his house though because his wife is a die hard Baptist but he said he'll be coming to church I guess he'll have to be taught at church.
So last night I ate Hawaiian meatballs! I remember when Emma made those all the time! I hadn't had them since the last time she had made them...until last night. It was good.
Well, just a couple more days of work left. Its actually kind of sad. We have a few lessons scheduled for the next couple of I'm looking forward to that. I'm going to miss being a part of so many many different lives. I know I can still do a lot after I come home....but it's never going to be quite the same. Its been amazing being a opportunity that I'm so glad that I took. :)
I hope you have a great next few days! And I will see you on Friday! (I cant believe I'm actually saying that...this is so weird!)
Love you all!
Love Elder Cryer

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