Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Day in the MTC

August 13, 2014 Dear Family, Wow! What a day this has been. I am definitely feeling very in need of heavens help in this work. We had a really eye opening teaching activity. They put us in big groups of probably 30-50 missionaries and we got to watch a pair of missionaries start teaching an investigator. Then the missionaries left and it was up to the rest of us (the 30-50 greenies) to continue teaching as one giant body of missionaries. When someone had something to say they would stand, introduce themselves and then say what they wanted. We took turns one at a time and taught the investigator that way. It was amazing how differently the investigators reacted. We taught three separate people. Two of them were very kind and pretty easy going. Well, the other was too, but she was the first one that we taught and so we didn't do as good a job teaching to her needs as we might have done, and she wasn't afraid to tell us that. Throughout we would 'pause' and discuss what was happening and what we were learning. It was pretty intense. I have got a TON to learn. I am very excited though. The food is really good. I stayed away from the orange juice. Almost everyone here has heard horror stories about the orange juice. My companion is Sister Bailey. She is awesome and so sweet. I think I will be able to work really well with her. The other sisters in my district are Sister Peterson and Sister Thomas. They are all AMAZING and I love them. Well, gotta go. Lights out. Love you. Sister Cryer

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