Monday, November 17, 2014


Well look who's home!!! That is crazy! It feels like Caleb just left on his mission. And now Jaren is heading out on his. These guys are growing up so fast. Haha! So this week has been really good. It snowed yesterday! It is sunny and bright and a nippy 25 degrees. I will be buying boots today. :) We had transfer calls on Saturday. ...I'm staying! Yaya! Me and Sister Reese were both very happy to hear that. And so was Bishop! He does not like shot gunning. So I will be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The next transfer is on New Years Day I think. Pretty crazy. Any way, Sister Reese it going home. She is super excited, and I am excited for her, but I sure and going to miss her. She has been an amazing trainer for sure. We have had a lot of fun together. My new companion is Sister Nelson. ...and now you know as much as I do! The area is doing super good right now. We have a baptism tomorrow. Zach is getting baptized. He was our walk in :) We are so excited for him! He is so ready. We had an awesome lesson with Mark last Monday. We taught about the restoration and the spirit was so strong! We invited him to be baptized and he accepted! He is thinking and praying about a date right now. We are so excited to follow up on that and see if he has set a date yet. :) Ramiro is doing good as well. It's been slow work with him, but he is beginning to progress. He has accepted the invitation to be baptized as well and he is thinking and praying about a date. WOOHOO! We are also teaching Dylan. We had a really great lesson with him on Friday. He is thinking about a baptism date as well. So, some news about family history: I am doing it! My family history. And the reasons why I am doing it are very clear to me! Ok, I will stop singing now. :) We have been asked by President Shumway to do 5 hours of family history work a week so that we are prepared to teach other people how to do their family history work. It's been fun. Sister Reese is actually studying family history. That is her major at BYU so she has been a very capable teacher; which is good because I need all the help I can get. Any way, I got to help Ramiro start his family tree on Friday. We had a blast doing that :) That kid is hilarious! We were constantly laughing at something as we put his little family tree together. He called his dad and got some information about his grandma, and his great grandparents. It was so cool! I had a neat experience with family history the other day as well. Me and Sister Reese were just inside the institute and she was teaching me how to search for names. We were trying to find information about Fletcher Lowe. And we may have found a gold mine! We were getting so worked up and excited! The thing is, we are not sure if the Fletcher that we found all this great info on is our Fletcher. Sigh. So we are going to have to find out. But it was cool. It's the closest to success that I have ever come in family history work. :) Well, I had better go. I am running out of time and I still need to write to President. Love y'all and have an amazing week! Sister Cryer

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