Sunday, November 16, 2014


Dear Family, I can't believe it's November already! We've actually had some cold weather for a change the past few days, which has been nice. Not today though. Today it's probably around 65-70 degrees, sunny, and lots of wind! The leaves are blowing everywhere. I LOVE IT! Thursday, after Zone training we went to have dinner with Michael and Emily. They just got engaged. They are amazing people. We got a bit of a late start and we had to change our restaurant of choice from Olive Garden to Ruby Tuesdays because of very long lines at Olive Garden. Those things combined with the fact that our food took a while meant that Sister Reese and I shoveled our food down in the car as we drove back to the institute for our 7:00 appointment. Lo and behold, our 7:00 ended up not working out. That figures! So we went back to the apartment, laughing at our predicament, and got bundled up against the cold. Then we headed back to the institute , talking to people as we went, to meet Joh at 8:00. He actually ended up being late, which is funny because he always gives us a hard time about how we're late. While we were waiting for him to show up though a girl came into the room and sat down and said, "I know this is weird but I need help and you are the only people I can think of that might be able to help me. I am having a hard time letting go of something." "Uh, this normal for missionaries?! I wondered. Her name was Taylor I think. Anyway, so we talked to her for a little bit and tried to help her out. It was interesting though that she just came in and started talking to us. On Friday we had a lesson with a guy named Dylan. Dylan is a member referral from Cysco who actually just recently started coming back to church himself. Anyway, we had a really great lesson with those two. The spirit was there and Dylan accepted the invitation to be baptized. The only problem was we hadn't been able to find a girl member so we had to do the lesson outside and once the sun went down and the wind kicked up it was cold! Haha! But it all worked out. Like I said it was a really good lesson, plus when we got to our dinner appointment they gave us some hot water bottles to hug and that warmed us right up. Well, sorry this is kind of a short letter. Have a wonderful week! Love you all. Sister Cryer (Letter dated 10 November 2014)

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