Monday, September 14, 2015


First of all, that table looks awesome! I LIKE it :) Second, I don't know what my responsabilities as a STL are yet ...but I have my first MLC tomorrow (Missionary Leadership Coorolation...or something like that) tomorrow, so that should be fun. I feel kind of bad because I am going to have to leave my brand new comp in charge of the area for the whole day pretty much most likely. But I know Heavenly Father will help her out, and she is an awesome missionary anyway so I am not too worried She will do great! So yeah, Sister Fausett is amazing! I always get the pretrained missionaries I feel like. So that is pretty awesome for me! haha I have had to do a little bit of comforting for homesickness which is not really my strong point, but I did my best. So...cant' ask for more than that. We have been having a lot of fun together though. And guess what? Sister Fausett loves dancing too! She said that tap is one of her favorites. So we are getting along just great! lol So let me start at the beginning of the week here. Our zone outing that we had on Monday was super fun! We pretty much played sports all day. I am amazed how much I have come to love sports on my mission! I pulled a muscle in my leg within the first 5min or so, but I just kept going. We started out with ultimate Frisbee, and then we went and did and impromptu service project for the Jenkins dad who is inactive and needed help unloading a moving van close to the church. Then we came back and played volley ball and then we played some basketball and then more ultimate Frisbee. It was a ton of fun. It took me a few hours to warm up and be any good at anything we were doing, but by the time we rolled around to ultimate Frisbee at the end, I scored almost all the points for my team. So be proud and possibly a little bit amazed. :) Monday night we went to visit a couple families so that Sister Murray could say goodbye. One place was a little sketch...even more than it usually is, because there were bugs, mostly cockroaches EVERYWHERE. It was pretty nasty. We had to dump out all our stuff from our bags before we went in for the night to make sure that we didn't bring any into the apartment with us. Again, mom, thank you for keeping a clean home! Tuesday was pretty uneventful. Just saying bye to a bunch of peeps. Wednesday...not much went on. Thursday was transfer day. So we headed off to the Fort Smith Wal Mart parking lot and played hot potato with the Elders until the transfer bull got there. I got to see Sister Peterson from the MTC! I was so excited! And Elder Koffard, my zone leader in Branson. He is home now. It was funny because he came over and faked like he was going to give me a hug, and I freaked out! haha I have been well trained I guess. lol Poor Sister Fausett, first day is so rough! I tried to make sure we were pretty much working the whole time. We did service and visited people and had some lessons, and she said that it helped a lot to be doing stuff. Friday was a little rough again though because he had to do weekly planning at some point! We took a lot of breaks though and it worked out kind of ok. We didn't get it all done... :/ Hey, I'm not a perfect trainer, what can I say. Oh well. Maybe we can finish it tonight. The best part of the week though was Sunday. It was stake conference and (drum roll) ELDER BEDNAR WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It. was. so. cool. You just know that these men are apostles when they speak! You can't help but know it :D What made it even cooler though is that Elder Bednar is from this area, so he almost seemed to relax a little bit more because he was home. He had us laughing all throughout his talk it was great! One of the things that he talked about was the importance of listening to our priesthood leaders who hold keys. The first part of his talk he just went over everything that the stake president had gone over, and hammered the importance of knowing what he said, the invitations he extended and the blessings he promised. I got everything down in my notebook except the blessings, so I have a little bit of repenting to do, but not doing too bad :) Any way, Sake conference was just amazing! Highlight of the week for sure :) I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I love you! The gospel is true! The savior lives! The atonement is real! Sister Cryer P.S. This is a pic with my zone leaders at transfer point. They are pretty nuts, so we get along great! haha

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