Monday, November 8, 2010


2 November 2010 Letter

Dear Family,
Whew! I don't even know where to start! I'm in the middle of a very busy few days. We just had our Zone Conference and on Sunday we'll be traveling to Colorado Springs for a mission wide fireside (200+ missionaries) and then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I have a leadership training meeting to go to in Pueblo Colorado. Very busy! I'm really enjoying it all though.
I wanted to tell you about an experience I had the other day. We went to see some potential investigators who belong to the Church of Christ. We ended up talking with them for an hour and a half. We finally left because they both refused to pray. The part that was interesting was that he threw a ton of questions at us and we were somehow able to answer, or 'confound' him in all of his questions. The spirit gave us the words we needed. It reminded me of the promise in D&C where it tells us we won't be confounded before men.
So Ulysses ward had their ward Halloween party on Friday. We got to go in p-day clothes which was nice. They refused to let us come in a shirt and tie. They brought a fire pit and hot dogs and marshmallows. Lot's of people came in costume. They did a trunk or treat for the kids. About an hour into the party we walked up the block to invite a family to the party. Well, they were busy but they had two costumes that they told us we had to wear over there. So...we did! The kids at the party started to run away when they first saw us coming but then they changed their minds. They came running at us and attacked us! Their mission was to get the masks off of our faces. So I had to 'fight' with pirates, police, princesses, construction workers, horses, cowboys, lady bugs, vampires, skeletons and lot's more! I was wore out after about ten minutes but I kept running and 'fighting' for about thirty to forty minutes. Finally the kids tackled me and I fell down. They jumped on me and started punching me and they tore off my mask. It was pretty fun. I hate to brag but we basically made that party! The Stake President (who is in our ward) came over to us the next day and said, "You guys get enough exercise last night?!"
We all laughed. The bishops mother in law took some pictures so I'll try to send some of those if I can get a few copies.
They Ulysses ward also just had their Primary Program. It was so good. Those kids are so dang cute! I have really grown to love this ward. It feels like home! The kids were all waving at us and smiling at us during the program. It was neat.
Thanks for your letters mom and Emma. And for your e-mail dad. I did get that talk by Elder Maxwell mom but I haven't even had a chance to read it yet. I'm really looking forward to it though. I may have a little time today to do that.
I'm glad Chris is doing well. She is in my prayers! Let her know I'm thinking about her and praying for her.
Don't worry about writing about food! It doesn't bother me at all.
So, is Jackson still messing up the bark or does he stay under the porch now that it's raining? I assume it's raining a lot back home. We still haven't had rain here. It's 70 degrees and sunny right now!
So Zone Conference was awesome. The whole focus was on baptism. We talked about how we need an increased confidence and capacity to baptize. It all comes down to our mind set and our attitude.
We talked a lot about how we need to plan to baptize. President said, "If you don't plan you might as well sit at home. You'd be more productive that way because at least you won't be in the way of the Lord." That drove it home pretty well.
Something awesome happened. Our Zone Leaders had set a month of November baptism goal of 38. President said, "Elders, would you like to see something cool? I will show you how revelation works." And he did. We had the tables set up in a U shape in the gym. He started at one end and worked his way around. He asked each of us who we would baptize that month. We gave him a name and a date. The ZL's kept track of how many people we had. When President came to the end we had 38 people on the board! Then President said, "Oh, we're not done yet!" Then he went around again and again and again. New names kept coming to our minds. We were receiving revelation! After an hour or so President stopped. We had 326 names of people our Zone would baptize in this month! Just our Zone...the Garden city Stake. That's enough people for a ward! It was amazing! The spirit was flowing through that room like nothing I've ever felt. Me and Elder Moser alone have 30 people. It was a very humbling event. We have a ton of work to do this month!
Well, I better go. I love you all so much.
Love Elder Cryer

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