Monday, September 8, 2014


Hello!!!! I am so glad I got to email today. It was looking a little iffy there for a while. Sister Reese woke up this morning with a ton of pain in her right side, ya know, where her appendix is and we had to go to the emergency room. We were there for a while, but everything ended up being ok. First, before I forget, I did get the letter with my blessing in it, and I got the little package you sent me. What a treat that was! It was so fun, because I got everything all at once on Friday it seemed like. We opened up the mail box and BAM! I had a letter from Sam, a note from mom, and a package! I was so happy :D It was a bit of a struggle though, because I got all that good stuff in the morning, but I couldn't look at any of it until that night. Ahhh! So hard. Oh well. We did service (painting a bathroom dark purple) and that helped to distract me. I think that was all you asked about it I had gotten...any way, I got everything that you mentioned, I just can't remember what it all was right now. But I got it all :) Sam, there is a HUGE cemetery close to where we live. I have never seen such a big one. Any way, it seems really big. We were driving past it the other day and I saw a headstone that had 'Guess' written on it in big letters. It was probably just the family name or something, but it made me laugh. Like, who do you think is buried here? Haha. ...I thought it was funny. One of our investigators that we are teaching right now, Jon, is getting ready to be baptized on the 27th. Apparently the missionaries have been working with him for FOREVER and finally he is getting baptized and he is So ready. Anyway, I am a new face that is just kind of showing up at the tail end of everything and he wasn't quite sure about me at first. He is a character though (he reminds me slightly of Jodie) and after our first lesson with me, with me throwing some of his smart comments right back at him, he said that I would do just fine. Best compliment ever. Haha I have experienced what it is like to have to eat when you are not hungry. I don't like it. We had an active member lesson with Ryan, the Elders chorum president, and afterward he really wanted to take us out to lunch. We had just eaten, but he was super excited about this one place and every time he signs up to feed the missionaries something happens and he can't do it. So he really wanted to feed us. So Sister Reese said yes and he took us to this little place that looked and felt and tasted like it should be in Eugene. Then he made us each get and entre as well as a caffeine free tea. I could have done without the tea. I don't like tea for the most part, plus I'M A MISSIONARY! I forced down as much food as I could and then he bought us all deserts to go. Oh my goodness. So nice of him, but I was so full! The next day I had a sore throat. I blame the tea. The day after that, I was really and truly sick. Being sick as a missionary is the worst, because not only can you not be a missionary (you can't do any teaching or tracting or anything) you can't be a normal person either! (No movies, music, books...well except the Book of Mormon) I got a blessing from Bishop and I felt better the next day. He brought me a Frostie :) Tell Doug Sam, that I had a Frostie and it probably helped me get better ;) At one of our dinner appointments the other day they made green food for me, because I am a greenie. It was awesome. I didn't take pictures though, and I should have. :( It was good stuff though. pancakes and bacon and eggs. Oo, one other funny story: on my first Sunday here I was going around trying to meet people and introducing myself. So someone comes up to me and says hi and I go "hi, my name is Emma.....Sister Cryer. It was really funny and super embarrassing. That's the first time I have struggled calling myself Sister Cryer, well aside from at the end of letters. You have probably noticed all my scribbles at the end where I start to write Emma and then remember and so go back over with Sister Cryer. Any way, rambling! Ok, I am running out of time on the computer, so I will have to put the rest in my letter. Love you all so much! Keep me posted on news from home. I love news from home, as well as what you are learning in studies. The stuff you sent me in your last letter (in the little package) was awesome mom. Just what I needed :) Happy Monday! Have a corker of a day! Sister Cryer 8 September 2014

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