Saturday, September 27, 2014


Dear Family, Phew! We just got back from our outing at the zoo. It was really fun! I'll have to send some pictures with my next email. I love all the stories from home. Any more raccoon in the grapes? Why did the office wait until I was gone to get puppies? Whats the news from Ben and Alisa? So, guess what? Matt and Kelsey Delafuente like dancing! Kelsey clogs (which is kind of like tap....a little) and Matt has done a ton of different types of dance. I could hardly contain myself when I found out. We were over at their house for dinner and they were talking about what they did during the week. Kelsey mentioned clogging and it just went from there. They agreed to practice up and put on a little show for us next time we are over for dinner. I am SO excited! They made us brownies too. They were so good. I haven't had brownies in SO long. Can I just say, that I miss your cooking mom. We went to 'The House' for lunch and had lunch. It was ALL meat. Bacon, sausage, chicken, hot dogs. There was a salad but it had bacon and chicken in a lot of the grease that said meat was cooked in. That was a bit of a rough meal. I was craving fruit and vegetables so much. Breakfast is usually fine and dinner is usually really good, but lunch (at the apartment most times) is a bit rough. Oh well. I have made it this far and it makes dinner that much more enjoyable. Gross story of the week. We were at a Stake Relief Society meeting. They served us breakfast and then had some people speak to us about love and unity. So, I am sitting there enjoying my breakfast when suddenly a fly casually buzzes down and settles in my orange juice! Not on the cup. IN THE JUICE. It was the grossest thing ever! It swam around a bit, swirling around in my juice. Sister Reese put her napkin on top of my cup so it couldn't get out and so I wouldn't absentmindedly take a drink. Anyway, it kept swirling around until it finally drowned in my orange juice. It was so gross. I kept glancing at it throughout the meeting and shuddering at the thought of accidentally drinking it. YUCK! Spiritual experience of the week. We had a lesson with Jon on Saturday. We were teaching him about missionary work. We were helping him understand why we do missionary work. That it's not just something we do because we were taught to do it or told to do it, but that we do it because we have felt the joy of the gospel and we want to share it with others. Sister Reese shared a scripture (Mosiah 28:3 I think) that talks about the sons of Mosiah and how because they had sinned and then been forgiven they hadto share that with others. I felt prompted to ask Jon if he had experienced that same thing. I told him he didn't need to answer out loud but to think about it. Then I was able to testify to him of the atonement of Jesus Christ and explain that that is why we share the gospel. To share the knowledge and joy of the atonement. I love feeling the spirit work through me! I hope Jon felt the spirit. I think he did. I know I did. The atonement is real and it works! I know it! Love you all! Love Sister Cryer (Letter dated 22 September 2014)

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