Sunday, September 14, 2014


Dear Family, First of all, I apologize in advance for this letter. It's probably....well, I don't know. Haha! I am just super scatter brained right now so I just hope that what I write makes sense. So far, it probably hasn't! Today has been an interesting day. Going to the hospital took up half of it, then emails, then shopping, then dinner, then planning, and now I'm curled up on the couch wondering where on earth my preparation day went! Oh well. It's been a good week. Lots of good stuff happened; we got four new investigators! Love it. So exciting. The Lord really does bless us when we try our best. O.K. So just a few things before I go crash. 1) Translation Please So on Thursday (when I had a sore throat) we taught the Plan of Salvation to Laura who lives a few doors down from us....with Helena, who is the Relief Society President. They are both from Columbia. Helena is really comfortable with English but Laura is still learning. So, in our lesson she could kind of understand some of what we were saying, but not all of it. So we had an interpreter! TOO COOL! His name is Caleb and he's pretty cool. Apparently he knows like 20 different languages. I might have found you yet another boyfriend Sam! Hmmmm...have I sent you pictures of your boyfriends yet? 2) Funny Story On Sunday Sister Reese and I were heading out to go tracting. We had a dish that we needed to return to Helena though so we walked down to her apartment first. Let it be known before going further that Helena has a pretty strong accent, and she is SO sweet. O.K. so we get to the door and knock. A voice from inside yells, "What do you want?!" Not only would Helena not say that, but it doesn't sound like her voice at all! Sister Reese and I looked at each other and then we knocked again, thinking we had been hearing things or something. I double checked the number to make sure we were at the right door. Yep. "What do you want?!" came the reply again. What the heck! I checked the number again. "What do you want!?" We just stood there bewildered quadruple checking the number and wondering if Helena had moved. Then the door opened and there was Whitney, one of our crazy but awesome ward members. She was laughing so hard! I started laughing too. It was pretty hilarious. 3) Prayer is so important Our last lesson of the day on Wednesday. I was tired. We started the lesson and poor Sister Reese was completely carrying it. I felt so out of tune. I had absolutely no thoughts regarding the lesson at all except that I needed help, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do this. It was the Plan of Salvation. Basic stuff, but I had absolutely nothing to contribute. I prayed to Heavenly Father, begging for some kind of help. Then Vannesa, (a member) asked if we had opened the lesson with a prayer. Nope! That's what was missing! We said a prayer, and after a few minutes I was able to get back in touch and contribute positively to the lesson. That prayer was an answer to my prayer! Prayer is so important! And it works. Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you. It's so true! Love you all so much! Have a great week. (Letter dated September 8, 2014) Sister Cryer

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