Monday, December 8, 2014


Dear Family, Happy 1st of December! Sounds like y'all had an amazing Thanksgiving! If only Ben and Alisa would drive out and visit me. Haha! Just kidding. Don't do that. That would be bad. So, we have a new recent convert that we are teaching. His name is Augi (Augustine). He was baptized about a month ago by the Elders in Tulsa and then he moved out here. So we get to teach him! I was pretty shocked though because when we taught him The Plan of Salvation he said the Elders hadn't taught him about it. WHAT?! Anyway, so we are teaching him. So, there was another awkward door knock that I need to tell you about (Friday with Sister Erickson). So we go up and knock on the door. An older gentleman comes out and we start off with, "Hi, we're missionaries...", but then he looked like he was going to say something so we stopped talking and waited....for a while. We were all just standing there looking at each other. Really awkward! Eventually, after waiting for him to say something we finished our original statement, "....from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." Another pause. Then he says, "I have your bible." Silence. Then as I was about to respond he finishes, "Thank you much." and closes the door. Sister Erickson and I just looked at each other and laughed. It was so awkward. We did see a miracle on Friday. We were about to head back to the institute after tracting and have dinner when we realized there was another house on the corner that we had missed. After debating for a few seconds whether or not we had time to knock the door we decided we did so we back tracked a little and tracted the last house on the corner. The people there weren't interested but as we left the house and headed to the institute we got to OTM a really nice girl out walking her dog. She gave us her phone number and told us that she would be open to talking with us more. Woohoo! We would not have met her if we hadn't taken the time to knock that last door. This letter is a little shorter than it was going to be. I apologize for that, but me and Sister Nelson were falling apart emotionally tonight as we were trying to write letters so we decided 'to heck with it! and went and played pool at the institute instead. It was good times. We have decided that in order to work hard during the week we need to play hard on preparation day. We decorated for Christmas today. Meaning we got our one and a half foot tall, fake, pre-decorated Christmas tree down from the top of the cupboard where it has been gathering dust since last Christmas, and plugged it in close to the couch in the main room of our apartment. Then we each got one of our socks and hung them next to the tree with thumb tacks. It's now looking very festive in that corner. Well, I'd better go to bed. It's that time of night. Have a wonderful week. Love you all. Sister Cryer

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