Monday, December 8, 2014


Hey y'all! So this is going to be a super short email and probably a really short letter as well if I have time to even write one! We had a zone outing today and let me tell you, those things are fun but they suck the time out of preparation day! I did get my Christmas package!!!! Thank you so much! I was so excited to get it and I can't wait to start diving into all the food :) Haven't had time yet, but it'll probably happen tonight. This week was amazing! We hit the standard like no one's business! The standard is 20 lessons of which 60% are member present, two new investigators, and 1 investigator at church. We got 27 lessons, with 77% member present, 2 new investigators and 2 investigators at church. Super exciting! We were the only one's in our zone to hit the complete standard. It was pretty exciting. Really quick I will tell you about our new investigators and then I will have to sign off. So, Naji, is one of our new investigators. We met him while trying to contact a less active. Well, it ended up that she had moved about a year ago (awkward) but we got to meet Naji. We talked to him for a while on his porch and we told him what we do as missionaries. We asked if that would be something he would be interested in, learning more, and he said "yeah, can I give you my phone number so we can stay in contact and set up a time to meet?" CAN YOU?! No One Ever Asks To Give Us There Phone Number! It was amazing. So, we have met with him twice since that and he is awesome. His mom is Christian and his dad is Muslim and his grandpa believes that the world is flat and that if you got onto the bottom of the world you would fall up. I want to meet this guy! Our second new investigator is named Jennifer. She is super cool! Her boyfriend is a less active member. His name is Alex. Bishop met him when Alex was planting trees in Bishops yard. They started talking and the long and short of the story is that we met with both Alex and Jennifer on Wednesday and we LOVE THEM! They are awesome and Jennifer is SO getting baptized. Just sayin'. Any way, I had better sign off. Arrrggg! I have so much to write about! It's ok. I will get it all down at some point and someday I'll tell you about everything. :) Love you all! Have an amazing week! Love, Sister Cryer (Dec 8, 2014 email)

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