Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Hey everyone. I need to apologize for not getting this letter typed out and posted before I posted the Don't Be An Onion' post. This will help to explain why Sister Nelson had to go home. Cathy. Dear Family, So Sister Nelson and I just spent the past hour eating random food in our apartment:) Good times. This week has been good. Nothing to eventful though. Well, O.K. I guess I should change that statement. It has been eventful in it's way but only because of one particular event on Monday. Sister Nelson sprained her ankle playing Frisbee with Elder Hammit. So that has affected our week a lot! After that happened on Monday we couldn't really do much. Tuesday we spent the whole day pretty much figuring her foot out at the hospital. Wednesday was district meeting. Elder Hammit felt so bad! Sister Nelson is on crutches. Anyway, we actually got to do some teaching on Wednesday so that was good. We are working with a girl named Bailey as of Wednesday. She is a less active and she is super sweet. She just wants to gain a testimony. I thought it was interesting that this is how she is doing it. I wouldn't go to the missionaries! But maybe that's just me....I don't know. Anyway, she came to church on Sunday as the first and only step that she knew how to take and now we get to help her on her path towards having a testimony. I don't think I've told you about Justin yet. He is an investigator that we got recently. The cool thing about him is that he used to smoke about 15 cigarettes a day when we started meeting with him and now he hasn't smoked at all for about a week. We are so proud of him! We got to go to his house last weekend and we met his mom. She is from Georgia. Good times. We were sittin' on buckets and in lawn chairs listenin' to a good old southern drawl and humor. It was so funny! Loved it! Let's see....Saturday was crazy good. We had an awesome lesson with Charles about The Restoration. I've told you about Charles, right? Anyway, we had met him at Ingram Mill Stake Center for a baptism but we had gotten the time of the baptism wrong. Dang it! So we just gave him a tour of the building and then we had a lesson. I wasn't sure what we were going to teach him about because we had been planning to talk about the baptism and answer any of his questions about it. That wasn't going to work so we were a little apprehensive. But we happened to sit down right under a picture of The First Vision. Charles was sitting so that he could look right at it and he asked about it. "O.K." I thought, "Restoration it is." So we taught The Restoration. It was such an awesome lesson! Charles loved the story of Joseph Smith and said that he related to it more than anything else he had ever heard from other churches or from us either for that matter. It was so cool to see him connecting the dots and receiving revelation. I did my job in that lesson! Our job as missionaries is to make sure the investigator receives communication from the spirit. That is our job. Do everything we can to invite the spirit and then getting out of the way. This is what Elder Packer instructed us on when he came to our mission. And it is so true! Well, I think that's about all my news for the week. Have a good one y'all! Love Sister Cryer January 26, 2015 Letter

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