Wednesday, May 13, 2015


August 11 2015 email Hello family! Wow it was so good to see all of you yesterday! Y'll lookin' mighty fine! ;) I don't really have much to tell ya because of the skype call yesterday though! haha! ... I will just send you some pics. That was a good idea that you had dad! So, the first one is when we took our investigator Ronan and his mom Amanda to go see the Hughes show. Then we have me and Sister Moon being weird at our zone outing last Monday. Then the third one is a picture of us with a bunch of our YSA's at FHE. we were playing capture the flag. Starting from the top left we have: Devin Nanny, President Grady, Johnny Onoh, Casey Hall, Nick Foree, Kyle Knudsen, Matt Smith, and Eddie Wachub. Then starting from the bottom left we have Sidney (don't know her last name), Lauren Felicia, Shayla Ellsworth, Kendra Dyer, Kaytlin Knudsen, Sister Moreno, Marrisa (don't know her last name, probably soon to be Knudsen), Mindy (don't know her last name), me and Ashley Fatino. The fourth is one of me being cool in front of the Bretts sign on our run Wednesday morning. And the last one is a pic of me and Sister Gerard, my trainee :) Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all! Sister Cryer

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