Tuesday, May 26, 2015


5/25/2015 Email AHHHHHH!!! I feel like I have no time in my life anymore! haha! Our preparation day has been cut short today because of appointments that we have tonight. Oh well, it should be good. We are hoping to get three new investigators tonight (a family) so it should be great :) We are excited. That was pretty impressive with the coconut there dad! ;) As far as your questions go, the week has been awesome (more details on that in a min) training is great! I love it actually because it helps me to be the absolute best missionary I can be. I seem to do a lot better when I have responsibility, even though I don't like it! haha I perform better. Any way, the weather has been fine. We've had some pretty sweet thunder storms, but they happen in the middle of the night and wake us up, so that hasn't been so cool. It'd be a lot better if they would happen during the day when we could see them! I had cold lentils the other day. ...that was interesting. Not my favorite things in the world but I ate them. Along with cold potatoes and pork. My stomach was not happy with me afterwards! I haven't seen any fireflies!!! It's super frustrating! I want to see them so bad and I feel like they know that and have gone into hiding, but whatever. So the week! We've actually had some really cool things happen this week. I won't tell you about all of them because I don't have time right now (you should get a letter this week though and I will tell you more in that) but I'll tell you some of the cool stuff that's happened :) The 10 week goal for this week was to find 3 new investigators in each area. We found three new investigators for the west ward and got some potentials lined up for the YSA as well for this week. Even though we didn't totally hit the goal though I could see how Heavenly Father was blessing us to find people to teach. I mean heck, we went and OTM'd in Walmart and got two appointments set up from that! We were also able to contact a member referral, her name is Randi, and we are teaching her now. We found a guy named Phillip for YSA (I will tell you more about him in my letter) and we found a family that we will be seeing again this week by using the My Family Book. It's just been amazing! Oh, and we got like, 8 referrals from the Duttons in one sitting! That was crazy! We just knocked on their door and said, "We are going to tract your street, is there anyone you would suggest that we try and see?" and they gave us 8 names. It was so great! They were so excited too! I just love seeing how the Lord takes care of us. We got an email from the Shumways today telling us that we found 243 new investigators this past week as a mission which is just one short of the record of 244 new investigators in a week that was set by the mission 18 months ago when there were 80 more missionaries in the OTM than there are now! Isn't that amazing? I just think it's so cool. Any way, I am pretty much out of time, but I will send you a letter with some more stuff :) Love you! Sister Cryer

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