Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Email dated May 4, 2015 Ok, first things first. This will not be a very long email. Preparation Day was crazy jam packed right now and I don't have much time. I AM SO SORRY! There won't even be a letter :'( BUT I will make it up on Mothers day :) So about Mothers day, I won't be able to call or skype until at least after 5 my time. That's when our meetings end. Then I don't think we have a dinner yet, but we shall see about that! I'm not really sure if we will be skyping or calling either because so far we don't have anywhere to skype, so we might just end up calling, but we'll see about that too. I do have another memory card for my camera that I am using right now :) I am so glad that the card made it home safe and sound! Ok, well honestly all I have time to tell you about are transfers. (drum roll) I AM STAYING IN BRANSON!!!!! WOOHOO! So happy about that! That wasn't really much of a surprise to me though. I had a feeling that I would be staying. What WAS a surprise to me is that I am TRAINING! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Yeah. I am getting a greeny straight from the MTC on Thursday. Crazy life. I have never been so nervous about a transfer! I am excited though. This is going to be a great learning and growing opportunity for me and I hope that any greeny fire I have lost will be regained in this training transfer :) Well, I am sorry, but that's all I have time for D': I love you all very deeply dearly and devotedly though! If you have any tips on training a new missionary I would love to hear them! Love you! Sister Cryer P.S. I love what I have been hearing from y'all about the enticing and persuading. That's good stuff right there! P.S.S. May the fourth be with you! Haha.

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