Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Dear Family, So, first things first before I forget. That thing you sent me, mom, with the average mission thing and all the different missionaries and their abilities,...I was literally on the floor crying I was laughing so hard! Thank you! It made my day! Ok, now for some of the highlights of the week. We've had some pretty cool experiences this week :) One of them was on Wednesday night. We got to go caroling with the youth. That was a cool experience for a couple different reasons. One, this youth group is really good at singing! We had soprano, alto, tenor, and base going! It sounded so good! So that was nice! Two, Heavenly Father was just really blessing us! We went to an assisted living center and sang to some of the people there, and after we sang I went over to talk to one of the ladies sitting on the couch. Turns out she just recently moved from Mountainburg which I covered when I was serving in Alma! So we started talking about that and then she asked us to come back and visit her more :) Heck yeah! We gave her a #ASaviorIsBorn card with our number and we are super excited to see her again! Another cool blessing came right at the end of the evening. We had just finished caroling at someone's house and were heading out, when we suddenly got the word down the line that someone across the street had heard us singing and requested us to come and sing to them :) Like I said, we sounded pretty good. Just sayin'. Any way, so over we went and sang and then me and Sister Hustad stayed afterwards to talk to the family. Turns out that the grandma is looking for a church to go to and asked us if she could come to ours! HECK YEAH! ...Um, someone needs my computer so I will tell you the rest in my letter! Love you! Sister Cryer

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