Tuesday, December 1, 2015


So hello all my people! First of all, updates about transfers. I am staying in Siloam Springs. Sister Reeder is being transfered to...somewhere in Okalahoma. Skyatook and Pawhuska or something like that. Please forgive the spelling because I am sure it is wrong. Any way, I am still an STL (Sister Training Leader) and I will be getting another brand new 'greenie' to train. I am so excited! It's going to be an absolute blast and I am way excited. :D Sister Reeder is sad to be going, so I have been doing a lot of consoling and some teasing to try and get her ok with heading off to a new area. I know she will love it, she just has to get there and meet some of the people. Well, I am sending you a letter with updates about the events of the week, so for this email I wanted to tell you about some of the people that we are working with. So, let me first just say that I am so happy with the miracles that we have seen the past 6 weeks! I didn't know that we had been so blessed until we were doing our weekly planning on Saturday. That's when I realized that when we first got here we had no investigators to speak of at all. Nothing and nobody to work with. NOW we have two progressing investigators, and several pretty solid investigators and a few potentials that I think really have some real potential! It was so cool to suddenly realize how much we had been able to do with Heavenly Father's help! Any way, so our two progressing investigators are Ruby (you remember Ruby and Charles right? They are the ones that just got back from Louisianna) and Molita. I don't know if I've told you about Molita at all. She is a sweet marshallese lady. Her boyfriend, Asner, is a member but very less active. Any way, they have been coming to church since their daughter Monalisa got baptized last year. Molita wants to be baptized so badly but she hasn't been able to yet because they have not been able to affort to get married. That darn law of chastity. lol jk Any way, Bishop has been working with them a ton and they are planning to get married on December 12th! We are so excited for them!!!!!!!! Ruby is progressing great! She told us in the last lesson that we had with her that she wants to get baptized, and she asked us what she needed to do in order to be ready. Talk about golden! haha What I thought was so cool though is the reason she wants to get baptized is she wants to have the spirit with her more! She is just so cool! We love her! We are trying to figure out how to get Charles more involved...He's not very interested right now but we found out the other day that he can't hear very well, so that might be some of the reason why he's not interested! He can't hear what we're saying! Any way, so we are trying to figure out how to help him. We don't want to yell our lessons, but maybe we could just try and have some more visual aids and stuff. We are also still working with the Slaters, that family that we went and saw with Drew on Sunday night that just let us right in and then wanted to feed us! We had a good discussion with them about the gospel last Monday and we are going to go over again tonight and hopefully go over the restoration. We really want to teach them about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. We think that will help them the most at this point, so hopefully they will let us! We have those potentials that I think I told you about last time, AJ and John and Christina. We are going to hopefully get ahold of them this week and maybe start meeting with them. We also got to contact a referral last night...well at least we talked to her roommate or mom or something. Her name is Larisa Pack (the referral) and we are hopefully going to go see her on Tuesday...tomorrow. Wow. Time goes by fast! haha Sister Martin is a less active that we are working with. She is working on quitting smoking. We haven't been able to see her all this week because she has been sick. Hopefully we will be able to go and see her soon. So, some fun stuff coming up in the mission that I am WAY excited for: A visit from Elder Foster of the 70 on Dec 10-11 A mission wide Christmas conference Dec 21 Hopefully going to Zach Omans sealing in the temple sometime in December! Can you believe it???? He is getting married in the temple! I AM SO EXCITED FOR HIM! If Zach was the only person that I had helped on my mission, it would have been worth it, because he is receiving all the blessings that the restored gospel can give him! Seeing my trainee Sister Gerard at MLC. She is a STL now! Skyping my peeps! Have a wonderful week y'all! Sister Cryer #asaviorisborn

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