Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elder Cryer's First Letter Home

Hey Everyone,
Well, first day in the MTC...I don't even know where to start!
I guess I'll start by telling you that I am still alive, yes I have survived my first day! It has been a very long day, full of so much information that I couldn't tell you half the stuff I've been told! So I will tell you a few highlights.
I met my companion pretty quickly after I arrived. His name is Elder Slade. He's really cool...he plays guitar! But yeah...really cool guy, I mean...Elder! Hey guess what dad...I found out that his dad served in the same mission as you and he's around the same age. Pretty cool, I don't know if maybe you served with him.
Also, I saw Spencer! I didn't get to talk for very long, just said hi in passing because I had to catch up with my companion, Elder Slade, who didn't see me stop to talk with Spencer but yeah it was awesome to see him.
As for the food...not bad. Not great. But not bad! The good thing though is that you can have as much as you want!
So today was mostly just orientation and “get to know you” type stuff, but we also had a couple meetings that we had to attend also. The first one was mostly a meeting to welcome all us new missionaries, and the second one was where we had to observe and also teach an “investigator”.
Anyways...the people here are great and the spirit's strong!
Well I need to go get ready for bed.
I love you all!

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  1. 2-dozen freshly baked cookies, coming his way: