Thursday, September 10, 2009

New to the Blogging World

Hey everyone,

We are entering the 21st century...finally. With Ben leaving next week to serve a full time mission we thought that a family blog site might be just the thing to help all of us share information about his growth and experiences. Much easier than trying to forward e-mail and photos etc. So Ben is taking time to help me learn how to set up and manage a blogspot. I hope I can get the hang of it before he leaves.


  1. Good Picture, how did you do that! I know you could not get off the roof that fast.
    We send our love always,
    grandpa and grandma

  2. LOVE it!!
    I'm so excited to be able to keep up with him this way.
    Good luck saying your farewells. Love you all.

  3. It's about time!

    We'll miss you Elder Cryer!

  4. I heart this picture! And Cathy call if you need blogging help. :)