Thursday, September 24, 2009

From Elder Cryer

Hi everyone!so its my first p-day and I only have a limited time to write so please excuse any spelling errors!I hope everything is going good back home! The MTC is so awesome...I'm lovin it. My district is so cool.Today we get to go to the Provo temple and so I'm really excited for that.Hey tell the Brashers thank you SO much for the cookies that they sent. I got to eat a few of them........the rest of the guys in my district helped me quite a bit though! :)So, I know that every missionary talks about the food but....I'm going to anyways! there is deffinately plenty of it but lets just say that I cant wait to get out to Colorado and eat some home cooked meals! Last friday I missed our home made pizza SO SO much! I dont know how im gonna survive!So have you tackled my room yet? lol :) Are my guitars safe!?!?!?! :) just joking! there is no rush!Well...Hope all's going well with sam and emmas school. Did sam get the Job?Cant wait to hear from you!Love yaBen.....or Elder Cryer! ;)

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