Monday, October 26, 2009

10-19-2009 OH, THE PEOPLE I'VE MET!

Dear Peeps,
Wow, crazy p-day today! I'm exhausted. I barely had time to sit down and write this letter! Like I said in the e-mail that I sent today...Elder Oakes ran over a screw last night. so taday we had to walk our bikes and laundry over to the Gogerty's house (Bishop Gogerty is a ward missionary and is an awesome guy! I love their whole family!) But yeah, so we took our bikes and laundry over there and we started fixing his bike but he was replacing both tires as well as the flat tube, and after we fixed the flat tire(back) we started taking the tire off the front but he popped that tube too! So then Sister Gogerty said she'd go get another tube from Wal-Mart so we wouldn't have to walk. So while she was gone we went to the library (he borrowed one of their bikes) and did our e-mailing and then we went back to the Gogerty's and fixed the other flat and then Sister Gogerty insisted that we go and have fun before our day was over and she and her daughters would do our laundry for us. We tried to get her to let us do our laundry but she wouldn't let us! lol So then we went out and did our shopping...(real fun, I know!) and then we went out and ate dinner at Ruby Tuesday. It was quite a spendy meal for a missionary meal came out to $14! We won't be doing that too often but it was fun once! I got a burger, fries and a slice of cheesecake.
Sam, you asked how my first tracting experience was. Well it was good. I was kind of nervous but I just told myself, "Your going to be doing this for two years, like it or not, so just get over it!" It actually wasn't too bad. The Elder I went with told me he would do the first door and then it was my turn!...GULP! It's actually not bad at all. I just say which church I'm from, share a quick gospel message and then ask them when I could share more of the message with them. Usually we get turned down and then we offer to help them...with anything...again, we usually get turned down and then we're on our way.
I have run into some interesting people out here! One guy yelled at us for ten minutes about how he really knew the Lord and we didn't because he served in a war and we were just knocking on doors. He said, "Why don't you just go over there to Iraq where the people can use your help and where the Lord wants you and then you can come and talk to me about the Lord."
I got to bear a strong testimony that I knew that I was exactly where the Lord needed me and that the people here in Colorado need the Lord just as much as the people in Iraq. It really strengthened my testimony about why I am doing this work. It was neat.
I also ran into a 'naturalist". H basically believed that there was and is not God. He "knows" that the earth and the humans just happened. He kept asking things like, "Have you read the bible?" I answered yes then he asked, "What is the only domestic animal that is not mentioned in the bible?"
When I said I didn't know he laughed and said, "You don't know that?!" hahaha!
"It's a cat of course. What's wrong with you two?"
We didn't spend much time with him!
We have had a few people listen to us, and a lot of people that don't listen are still really nice to us, but the fun ones are the crazy ones!
So is the house all decorated for Halloween? I think I'll miss being home for the holiday season! Hey, but I found out that any and all Christmas music is approved so if you want to burn me any of our Christmas cd's and send them that would be awesome! Also, if you come across any more ties I'd love em! I've worn all my ties that I brought a gazillion times already! Back to the cd thing...I really like that Harry Connick Jr. cd!
Well, hope your loving seminary Emma! I remember those cold, early mornings! I loved it though. YOu can learn so much...if you want to!
Oh...guess what! The Gogerty's daughter plays the guitar and she let me play it! I was SO SO happy! I guess that in this mission they let you buy musical instruments as long as you can fit it in your suitcase when you transfer to a new area. So technically I could buy a small travel guitar! But, first of all I don't have the money...and second, that's not really why I'm here! I think....actually, I know it would be a distraction! But still, I got to play one!
No snow yet but everyone says it's coming so we'll see! It's been really nice the last few days, up in the 70's. I'd be O.K. if that lasts a little longer.
Well, time for bed. Got a busy, busy day tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get another family (a mom and a son) set for baptism tomorrow. In this mission we are expected to commit people to baptism on the first lesson we teach! Crazy, I know, but it works!
Well, I'm off to bed.
Love you all, and thanks for all your prayers!
Love Ben

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