Monday, October 26, 2009


Hey! Hope all is well!Wow, what a week! I was so glad to get the neck warmer! It snowed the same day that it arrived...(for the second time!) Yeah...the first day that it snowed was not my favorite day to date! lol Luckily the first day it snowed was on the same day as our weekly planning, so we got to stay in the apartment until about 2:30, but when we did end up leaving to go visit people it was snowing/raining and there were huge puddles all over! Pueblo has a horrible drainage system because they don't usualy get to much moisture! Anyway, it took us about 10 minutes on our bikes until we were soaking wet! I had about 4 gallons of water in my shoes alone! But we did what all good missionaries should do...we kept going! By the time we arrived at our dinner appointment/lesson we were so soaked it wasn't even funny. lol I could barely move my feet at all they were so cold! But yeah...we went into their home (after taking of and draining our shoes) and absolutely drenched their floor! We felt so bad! We were dripping all through dinner and the lesson! Then we went to FHE at the Gogartys home and visited and tried to dry off and while we were there we arranged to go see another family that evening! Now this is where the story gets good! haha O.K. so we wrap up our conversations with everyone and then get ready to go by putting on our wet shoes, wet gloves, wet coats, wet....well, do you get my point? :) So we hop on our bikes and we're off. Well Elder Oakes had a brilliant idea that we should take a shortcut instead of staying on the wonderfully paved, hard, clean bike path that we were on. So we take what is usualy a very large, hard, dirt area which leads over to the highway (which was where we needed to get to). So off we go. Now, here is a very interesting fact about dirt. When it gets wet guess what?! It turns into a very wet, sticky, brown substance called MUD. Yup, you got it. We were in our lowest gear on our bikes and we both got stuck and had to jump off our bikes before we fell off into the mud! So there we were, two missionaries, in what used to be nice, clean, very handsome looking suits, now covered in mud up to our knees! We looked awful! Our tires got so cacked in mud that it was hard to even push our bikes! We finally made it out though and arrived, a little late, at our appointment.Well I have to go now but I will write more about whats been happening!Love you all!And thanks for the witch fingers! I love em'! Best halloween treat ever!
Love ya,

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