Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Battle of the Tires continues...

Hey everyone!First off thanks for sending that neck warmer...(I'll be needing it very soon!)...its actually been really nice the last week or so. Short sleeve weather! But they say snow is on the way. We haven't had any snow yet though. I'm in the Pueblo area which is the warmest area in the mission! I was very glad to get that news! Speaking of my area, you know Elder McCord, the elder that was in my district at the MTC? Well, he's in my district here too! Its really fun to get to see him every week at district meeting! He's a goof! lol We have a great time seeing how many people we've talked to and if we have any baptisms set up! :)Speaking of baptisms. If all goes well I could get to be part of 8 baptisms in my first transfer! 3 of those 8 people are really solid and I don't see any reason why there baptism won't go as planned and the others are a little iffy! But we're hoping and praying for them. Elder Oakes and I are having a blast! We knelt down to pray the other night and finally after thirty minutes of talking and laughing we actually got to the prayer part (does that remind you of a certain family!...OURS! haha) anyway, so we finally said our companionship prayer and then we went in to our room and got changed and ready for bed and brushed our teeth and stuff and then knelt down to say our personal prayers....we finally started praying after another HOUR (no exageration!) of laughing, talking, and then laughing a little more! So yeah, we're getting along fine!Just in case you care....he is about my height, and has short wavy hair. he um.....well I'll send a pic! He likes to mountain bike and camp and stuff and also likes to watch movies at home on their projector (Sound familiar!)Also just so you bike is doing fine. I've had three flats so far though but there is a guy in the ward who fixes up all the missionaries bikes and stuff so he just got me hooked up with triple thick tubes with that slime in them! So I hope thats the end of the flat tires for a while. I'll still have to be careful though because there are thorns all over the place! But nothing has fallen off of my bike! (knock on wood!)
Oh...funny story. So yesterday I fixed my flat tire and put the nice tubes in...well last night on the way home from dinner we were riding along when Elder oakes hits something and we hear this "" and so we stop to see whats wrong. We were looking at the tire when all of a sudden the tire deflated instantly! It was just like a cartoon! lol one second the tire was inflated, the next second it was flat as a board! We soon found the cause. A two or three inch screw had gone in one side if the tire and out the other! (I took some pics) So we had to walk the rest of the way to our apartment...a mile...while I walked alongside my bike and while elder Oakes carried his!
Well once again..I'm out of time. I'll fill in anything I forgot in the letter that I'll send. (If I answer any questions more than once, or say thing more than once its because of the crazy mail dilivery overlap. Because I'm pretty sure I answered some questions that you asked again in your last letter to me! lol which doesn't bother me, I'm just saying! lol)Really quickly though...yes I did get my XD card back...THANKS! and yes I did receive my shirts and suit and all the AWESONE goodies...along with the cinnamon puddles! (Love that name!)Love you all tons! Glad your all doing well! Thanks for your prayers!Love you!Ben

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