Thursday, October 15, 2009

FROM PUEBLO COLORADO was great reading your emails! Hope all is well back home! (From what I've been hearing it sounds like you all are doing great!) Just so ya know, I sent a letter yesterday so you should be getting it pretty soon.I love getting your letters and emails (even though I can only check emails once a week). Sorry I didn't email yesterday. It was my p-day but because of Columbus day all the libraries were closed. Yeah conference was great! It was so great watching it surrounded by 2,000 other missionaries. (Although I missed going out and getting a treat with you dad...I thought about all the past times though!...Hole in the wall, Carls Jr. and the famous McDonalds shake that had all the syrup still at the bottom, unmixed! Good times!) President Hollands talk really was amazing! I love hearing from him. It has deffinately been the most talked about talk here in the mission! Very powerful.
I wish I had gotten to talk with you longer at the airport but it was SO expensive and I had to go figure out where my gate was and all that fun airport stuff! (And again...I was sad I missed you Sam! better be there Christmas day! lol)
President and Sister Pfile are so cool. Right when I met them as I got off the plane I loved them and felt like I had known them all my life! They are so cool. We stayed at their house the first couple nights and had an interview with both of them and got to know them a little better and also to begin training! But they really are awesome. President Pfile has a great sense of humor. He knows when to be seriouse but he knows how to have fun! :)
I'm glad Emmas enjoying seminary! before yesterday me and my comp, Elder Oakes, were riding our bikes around town ITLing (Inviting To Learn...instead of OYM, Open Your Mouth) and it was about 26 degrees! Yeah pretty cold. So tell Emma I know what its like to be tired and freezing cold and I sypathize completely! haha!
The members here are great. I have been fed every night (except one) and actually have not run into a meal that I havn't enjoyed! (Knock on wood!) Tonight we had pizza.....storebought :(......and homemade icecream! But yeah...members are great! I'm about to get timed out but I just want you all to know I love you and love hearing from you! (I can tell who really loves me because I haven't gotten a single letter from any of my friends! lol) But I'm having a blast out here serving the Lord in Pueblo Colorado.
Just really quickly I wanted to share something I heard in zone conf today. They said that as we search to help our investigators find themselves we in turn will find ourselves, and as we search for answers to their questions our own will be answered. I thought that was a cool promise. Also they said...the scriptures aren't there to back us up....we're there to back the scriptures up.Well, I'm timed out in like 3 minutes! so, love you tons and hopefully I'll hear from you soon.

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