Thursday, May 20, 2010


18 mAY 2010
HEY!!! So this was one of those Tuesday P-days. We had Zone Conference yesterday. Man it was so good! I did remember to give those pretzels to President and Sister Pfile. Sister Pfile was so happy and said that that was her mothers day present! She also asked how I was doing out in Kansas. I told her that I was enjoying it but that I was trying to learn spanish so that I could talk with the people. She said that she would send me some study stuff to help me learn. So its really happening! I'm actually going to try and learn spanish.
So yeah, Zone conference was way good. Our mission has completely changed the way we do things....well, not completely but alot!.....We used to have a monthly baptismal goal. So we would set it at the beginning of the month and then work towards that. But now we have weekly baptismal goals and each week we plan for three weeks out. (Does that make any sense at all?!) President realized that we were giving the adversary too much time between us and our baptismal goal. So this way we are focused every day on who we are going to baptize that week and how we are going to do it. It really helps us keep our focus on the people and on baptism. Also, another main topic was personal revelation. It doesn't matter how good we are with words or doesn't matter how much we know...all that matters is if we can recieve and follow personal revelation. That is the only way to convert. We are simply a conduit. If we can't make that connection between God and the investigator then we are wasting our time and their time.
We also talked about how we can baptize every week. Any limitation that we say we have is put there by ourselves...God has no limits. If we trust in him and rely on him and follow what he tells us to do then there will be nothing that will have the power to stop us as missionaries.
Towards the end of the conference President Pfile said, with a little sarcasm but still very serious..."Hmm, I wonder what the Holy Ghost can do to help us in this mission? Why dont we give him a shot. Why dont we?" :)
The last few apostles and general authorities that have come to our mission have kept saying that this mission is going to see many marvelous miracles soon and President Pfile told us that Elder Grow said, right before he left..."President, this mission is on the verge of great things." You can just feel it...Its hard to explain, but you can just feel that we are going to be seeing some amazing miracles soon! I'm excited to be a part of it.
Well...I'm still loving Ulysses! We went to Hugoton last week and I got to meet the branch president out there and also alot of the ward members. They are great people. Tell Jodi that he was dang right about Ulysses except that you have to drive to the middle of nowhere and then go another 60 miles! :) Oh, and Hugoton doesn't even exist...I'm pretty sure its just a figment of peoples imaginations. Its just a kind of place that only people in places like Ulysses can imagine and experience! :)
So Sheri Dew is a native of Ulysses huh? cool! Guess what? There is a sign as you're coming into Ulysses that also says that it is the hometown of an Olympic vollyball player. I cant remember her name but there you go! Just a fun random fact!
So Emma got her blessing?!?!?!?!? SWEET! I'm so excited for you! That is so awesome. Be sure to read it often and study it! I'm still learning stuff from mine and I got it....what was it?...almost two years ago? I can't wait to read my little sisters blessing! :)
So dad, I dont know who picked the missionaries to be interviewed by Elder Grow. I was going to ask President Pfile but I forgot. So I really have no idea.
Man, that is awesome about Carson being ordained! Tell him a big CONGRATS for me will you?! :) I wonder where he's going to go? Maybe here! and we'll be comps! Hmmm...well.., maybe that would be un-inspired! haha. :)
So moms rocking out in her car now huh? How can you rock out to boogie woogie/ragtime piano though? You've got to get her some ZZ Top and Nickleback and stuff! (No, nevermind...that would probably scar her for life....she doesn't need another "space mountain" experience! She had better stick with boogie woogie ragtime!)
So I'll have to tell you about the people I'm working with....I'll do that in my letter! We have a few that I can tell you about and then a few that I'll have to double check with Elder Alonso about because he taught them all in spanish and so I have no clue what they said! They could have been making fun of me the whole time for all I know!
Well, my starwberries and waffles went really well! I bought some...don't gag...pre-maid frozen waffles. I practically doesn't even count but at least I had fresh strawberries and cream! It was still pretty good though. Nothing like homemade but it satisfied my craving! I hear you dad about having to live on nothing for what seems like forever due to lack of money! The end of the month is always interesting!
Well....I better stop rambling on or I'll have nothing to write about in my letter!
I'm glad to hear that everything is going great! They are going just as good here!
Take care and have a great week! I love ya!
Love Ben

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