Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Cómo estás?.....ok...well thats still about all the spanish I know! Man it was way good to talk with you all yesterday! I'm glad that I didn't interupt dinner! Well....hmmm I think that I just about told you everything that I have to talk about! You all sounded really good though. Sounds like life is treating you all really well and that your all happy....hey! Just like me! It sounds like you had a great mothers day mom! I'm glad. Thanks for the pictures too, those are great! As I was looking at all of them I was noticing that you have a lot of (what looks like) spanish words floating all around the house! I can't believe after 19 years of swearing that I would never learn another language, here I am learning spanish! UNBELIEVABLE!!!
So have you all gone looking for that geocache in the field yet? I wonder whats in it!?!?!?!
Well....It looks like its going to be a beautiful day today so I'm excited! The sun is out and shining bright and the trees are blowing in the.....oh wait...there aren't any trees! lol Well...trees or not its a really pretty day!
Thanks for sending me Nathans address! I'll be excited to hear how he's liking his mission.
Well....I'll get a letter sent off to you today or tommorow.
Love you all....again, it was great to hear your voices! Just a few months and we'll be talking again!
Have a great week!
Love Ben

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