Sunday, October 5, 2014


Dear Family, OK, I am so sorry for the totally lame email this week! (She emailed to say she didn't have time to email.) We went to Bishops work to email and the internet wasn't working! So we spent a really long time fiddling with computers and lap tops and i-phones etc. trying to get on the internet! In the end I pretty much only got to email President. I felt so bad because when I first got on I had a really short email from Elder Dixon so I shot a quick response to him, and then the internet went all weird again and I didn't have time to send you an email! I didn't even have time to read your email to me. Anyway, it was kind of lame, but kind of funny. Guess what!? I received a little brown note in the mail informing me that have a package at the post office! Woohoo! Thanks! (She doesn't know it is from grandma and grandpa.) OK, now for the news. Yesterday we went to teach a guy named Zach and his neighbor Tina. Unfortunately Zach wasn't there. We talked to Tina a bit but didn't get too far. She has a five year old daughter who is autistic (so cute). She would come up to all of us every five minutes or so, wave, and say hi. She also had a puppy, so there were some distractions going on. Her husband was there as well, without a shirt on. Somewhat awkward. We don't think anything is really going to happen with that family. We left a Book of Mormon and asked if we could come back, but she said she didn't have time. Which I thought was off because earlier she had been talking about how little she gets out and how bored she gets when her husband goes to work. So, I don't know how both of those can go together. Anyway, after the lesson we headed back towards Dannah's car. (She is one of our ward missionaries. If 'bubbly' had to be impersonated, Dannah would be the one to do it! Dakota told us about a conversation he had with Tina's husband before we got there. Apparently he was adament that Mormons are polygamists. Poor Dakota. He explained it, but the guy wasn't taking any of it. Talking about if afterward we suddenly wondered if he thought Dannah, Sister Reese, and I were Dakota's wives! We all started cracking up. Poor Dakota! We had a baptism on Saturday. Jon Atwell. It was a bit of a crazy day. We had a ride to the Stake Center. We were leaving at 12:00 so we could fill the font and set up chairs and stuff and be ready for the baptism at 1:30. Then at 12:00 we find out there was some mis-communication and we didn't have a ride. Great! We started scrambling trying to find a ride. We called the Elders and they said they would start the font for us. But we still needed a ride. No one seemed to be around or answering their phones. Eventually we just started walking towards 'The House' in hopes that someone would be able to give us a ride. By the time we got to the institute we had a ride. Angela came and picked us up. Just shows that as we act Heavenly Father blesses us. So we get to the Stake Center....and the doors are locked. We started cracking up about how stupid this was! "Jon is getting baptized. Give up already. We've won!" We walked around the building trying doors and then the Elders let us in. Then Jon was late, to punish us for being late to his lesson the other day. But anyway, the baptism itself was great. The font had enough water in it and the spirit was there. The next day Jon woke up late so we had to do his confirmation after the sacrament instead of before. I barely recognized him when he came in because he shaved his beard. It was funny though because he always tells us off for being late, and now look at him. HeeHee! It was great though. He was so happy. So, remember Zach that I talked about earlier in the letter? He was supposed to come to church on Sunday. He didn't come, which was really sad. We had a member giving him a ride and everything and I was sure he would come. But another Zach came! He is writing a paper on our church so he just showed up on Sunday. Ryan took good care of him during church and then we got to meet with him after church and talk to him. He is really open to learning. Not only to write his paper but also for himself; to know if this church is Christ's church. So we are excited about him. Can I just say that Heavenly Father blesses us as we try to do his work. If I am learning anything on my mission it is that faith is a principle of action. As we put forth effort, blessings come, and often not through our efforts, but simply because Heavenly Father see's that we are trying. We have been teaching a sweet Chinese lady named Sally. We had a lesson with her last week and I was able to testify of the Book of Mormon and that if she would read it she would feel God's love for her and that she would know the Book of Mormon is true. We were about the close when she asked how we knew the Book of Mormon was true. What a great question! I got to testify to her of the spirit and how I know the Book of Mormon is true because of how I feel when I read it. The spirit was so strong. I asked her how she felt and she said, "Happy." "Me too. That's Heavenly Father telling you that He loves you," I said. She said a beautiful prayer and afterwards she was just smiling. So was I! I couldn't believe how strong the spirit was. It was amazing. It's the best thing in the world to be a missionary and see someone feeling the spirit! That's all I have this week. Love you all! Have an amazing week. Love Sister Cryer (Letter dated 29 September 2014)

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