Monday, October 6, 2014


THE INTERNET IS WORKING!!! Ok, so some house keeping stuff first; the mission office got my driving record, so I should be good to drive now. Thanks dad! Also, I got a package!!! Thank you so much grandma! What a treat that was! I got a little brown slip of paper in the mail telling me that I had a "parcel" to pick up at the post office. I managed to nip in just before the place closed and then had to wait until 10:00 to open it. That was hard. Haha! What a treat though. I had fun trying to get through all the layers! I opened the first box to see another and I opened that to see another and I was cracking up by the time I actually got to the goodies inside :) So mom, you asked in your letter if I needed anything. I am hopefully going to be getting some boots in the next few days...I think I am doing pretty good. :) Wasn't general conference amazing??? I got so much personal revelation it wasn't even funny! It was amazing. We got to watch the Saturday session at Bishops house and that was a blast. He has a tree house! Like, a legit tree house. So cool. We had zone training the other day. I love district and zone training. I always learn so much. President and Sister Shumway talked to us over a Skype thing. That was great. Any way, during the conference I gained some new insight to the atonement. People always talk about how Christ can carry our burdens for us, we just have to give them to him. I had never really understood that because it sounds so easy, and it's usually not as easy as all that. But really, if you think about it the burden that we carry around is sin, and sometimes sin is hard to give up. That's what makes it hard. Because in order to use the atonement we have to allow Christ to take our sins and weaknesses away. We have to sacrifice those things, and that can be hard. But as soon as we do that, Christ enables us to continue on without those burdens, even when we miss them in a way, and become better than we were before. So when I am tired and I don't want to work, in order for the enabling power of the atonement to be effective in my life I have to sacrifice that desire to go lay down and take a nap, and as I do that, asking for Gods help, then I will be enabled to go out and work like I am supposed to. Kind of bad example but hopefully it makes sense. It was such a cool revelation! Ahh!!! So much to write about and not enough time! The reason I don't have to much time is because today we had a zone outing. (Drum roll) We went caving!!! IT WAS SO FUN! We got so muddy! There were quite a few tight spaces and at a couple places we had to army crawl through mud and water. Then at the end of the cave there was a mud slide. It was so hard to get to even though there was just the tiniest little slope that you had to go up to get to the slide because it was so slippery! I ended up just kind of flinging myself at it and then rolling over and down the slide. SO MUCH FUN. I went head first once. That was a good time with all the muddy water at the bottom. Haha! Didn't know I had it in me, did ya? I will send pics of that. :) I don't know if I will be able to write a letter today, maybe a short one. Not sure. We still have to clean the apartment so... yeah. That is the only problem with these outings. They eat up the time! Oh, Bishop caught a tarantula in a popcorn bag and made me hold it. The bag, not the tarantula. But still. I didn't know they had those things here! That is so sweet of Avery! I love that girl! I just think she is awesome. :) It's kind of weird to think of people looking up to me... :) Well, gotta go. I will attach some pics of the zoo (district outing) and caving (zone outing). Sister Reese didn't go caving. She just waited outside. The girl in the pics with me is a member of the YSA ward. Her name is Cara. Love you! Have a great week!!! Sister Cryer P.S. I am working on the Christ like attributes of charity and humility. :) We can work on stuff together!

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