Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I GOT A PACKEDGE FULL OF SPIDERS!!! What a great surprise that was! I was not expecting that. The apartment is now decorated up and looking a bit more ready for Halloween. :) And guess what? Sister Reese doesn't like candy corn, so I GET THAT WHOLE BAG TO MYSELF. :) I love that picture that you took that is not a selfie dad! That takes talent. You should teach a class or something on non selfie group shots. OK, so I had a whole list of stuff that I wanted to tell you all about, and guess what. I forgot the list. NO! So I will just have to try and remember. First of all, way out here in the middle of the united states, I got to eat pasties with a ginger beer inside a red double decker bus. WHAT?! That's right. It was SO good too! We went out to dinner with Ryan (he is the Elders Quorum President) and Christine, and Ryan knows his way around town as far as food is concerned. It was so good, and so fun! I am now in my second transfer. I am still in Springfield Missouri with Sister Reese. ...I told you that I was in a singles ward right? I can't remember what I have told you and what I haven't. Dang it! So much happened this week and yet I can't remember! Grrrrrr. Oh, something funny I just remembered. So one of the girls in the ward, her name is Whitney, took us out for dinner the other day to Fire House Subs. It's a sandwich place and it is really good! Any way, a pickle comes with the sandwich if you want it. So when the food came, Whitney took a bite of her pickle and her face was priceless. It was quite obvious that she didn't like it. But she kept eating it! She proceeded to tell us that she knows that she does not like pickles, and yet she craves them. Walking down the isle in the grocery store she will see pickles and think "Pickles! Those look so good!" So she buys them and then she tries to eat them and she hates them. And yet they sound good to her, even right after she eats them! Isn't that crazy? I wish I could say it how she explained it. She is so funny. Any way, it reminded me of you Sam. :) "I have many memories connected with pickles." Shoot. I literally cannot remember what happened this week. You are going to get a really long letter today. OK, here is something. A little miracle. So on...Tuesday we had Jessyca sign up to come out with us. She came to pick us up and we had absolutely nothing. We hadn't been able to set up anything! Great. We felt so bad. Any way, we went out and tried to visit a less active. We got lost. That seems to happen a lot when we go out with Jessyca. Our less active wasn't home. Her dad answered the door without a shirt and told us that she wasn't home from work yet. There are a ton of men and guys here that just walk around and lounge around the house without shirts. Awkward. Haha! Any way, so that plan hadn't worked. We came up with a plan B though. Jessyca has a friend named Antwon. We had talked to him a little bit and were hoping to get him interested in learning about the church. So she called him up and asked if he wanted to go out and get some ice cream and talk about the church a little bit more. He was with his girl friend, and we were able to convince both of them to come! Hurray! We went and picked them up (got lost on the way) and then went and got some ice cream. Sydney (Antwon's girlfriend) was actually a lot more interested in the church than Antwon was. She has been church hopping for a while I guess and we asked her if she wanted to come try out our church. She said she would love to! We told her when it was and she turned to Antwon and said "We're going to church on Sunday." Way to tell him. I like her. It was a cool miracle. I think we were probably supposed to see them. That's why we couldn't see our less active, and why we didn't have any plans that evening. At least I like to think so :) ...They didn't actually end up coming though. I don't know why because she had seemed so excited about it. Both me and Sister Reese were sure they were going to come. Still not sure what happened. Oh, so funny story about Antwon and Sydney. Just a little bit of info about these two really quick. Antwon is black. Sydney is white and very sarcastic. Ok, with that said I can tell the story :) While we were eating ice cream they were talking about maybe just walking home because it was getting a bit late and me and Sister Reese needed to get back to the apartment. Antwon was worried about Sydney walking home by herself and was talking about walking with her. She said she wasn't so sure about that, and Antwon started to say something to the effect of he was going to protect her as she walked home when Sydney said, and I quote, "I know I can kick butt, I'm worried about them hurting you." We laughed so hard! Here is this little white girl telling her black boyfriend that she can take care of herself in the sketch side of town but she is not so sure about him. It was so funny. Any way, hopefully they will come to church next week. Well, gotta go. I will attach some pics and stuff and I will write a really long letter when I get back to the apartment :) Love you all! Have a great week. Sister Cryer P.S. Have y'all seen Meet the Mormons? IT IS SO GOOD. You should go see it. ... and bring a friend. Haha! I am a missionary, what can I say :)

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