Monday, January 5, 2015


Phew! Well that was a close one. The internet here is being a little sketchy and it wasn't letting me open your email to me this week! It finally got it's act together though and I was able to read about bowling (rounding off the week. Good one dad) and the widow makers and the temple and everything :) And what is this about Sam being sick?! Not OK. Not cool. Not acceptable. Get better. With that being said, this week has been good :) Kind of different, but good. On Monday both me and Sister Nelson were going a little stir crazy so we went down to the stake center and played basket ball for about three hours. We also had Elders Rutter, Morris, Swainston, and Webb there as well. It was a lot of fun and afterwards we went and got Andy's to pay back Elders Rutter and Morris for winning our bet. Good times. We got to have dinner with a family that night. The Robertsons. That was fun. We don't have dinners in homes very much. Usually at the institute or a restaurant. So that was nice. Tuesday was too good to be true. Literally. We had a ton of wonderfull plans and most of them ended up falliing through. The day was still good though. We had Zach, our recent convert, with us for some of that day helping us out with stuff. That was really great! It was an eye opener for him though when we went out to contact some referrals and got a lot of rejection. He was shocked and saying how sorry he was for us. It's funny though because while he was freaking out about it, me and Sister Nelson were having a good laugh about it. You have to laugh about things on the mission otherwise you would break! So, I am glad that it is easy for me to laugh. I never knew that would come in handy so much on the mission. Wednesday was New Years so we had to be in by 6. It made for a short day. Me and Sister Nelson just made some videos and had fun and laughed a lot. It was weird though to have to go to bed at 10:30 still. People were texting us all night! Thursday was weekly planning day. So not much to say there. Me and Sister Nelson do really good for about half of the ordeal, and then by the time we are going through the second half we are starting to loose it a little bit. Need I say more? Friday, ...We had a lesson with Jon (the less active). He is doing super good. We talked about prophets and we shared experiences about how we gained our testimonies of the prophet and how having a prophet has blessed us in our lives. It was really cool and the spirit was there. One thing that I remembered during that lesson was when you told me to pray, mom, and ask if President Monson was a prophet. I remember doing that. I don't remember when I recieved and answer but I can tell you that I now know that President Monson is a prophet of God. Thank you mom, for that counsel :) Saturday was slow. Not much to say about Saturday. Sunday was NOT slow. Haha! I don't know what is up with Sundays here, but they are StressFull! There are always a bunch of people who all want to meet with us after church. Good thing, but it means that we have to really try and move through the lessons quickly so that we can get to everyone but at the same time make sure that everyone gets what they need and that we teach by the spirit. We did get a new investigator on Sunday :) That was a miracle that we were able to see. His name is Charles. :) He is awesome. We met him a little while ago and then we lost track of him for a while. But then this last week we finally got his phone number and we were able to text him and invite hime to church. AND HE CAME! He is super excited to learn about the gospel and he said that this is the happiest christian religion he has ever seen. Darn Right! Haha! We are excited to work with him. Phew! And we are back to Monday :D I am excited for the new week :) So, what are some new years resolutions that y'all have? One of mine is to study a christlike attribute every month. For January I am studying hope. :) Have an amazing week! Love you all! Sister Cryer

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