Monday, January 12, 2015


Hi family! So this week was awesome! It was kind of weird though because we hit the standard and even got over it without even trying very hard! ...We are not sure how that happened, but we aren't complaining. So we got a new investigator on Monday (which is unheard of because Mondays are preparation day so we don't have much time to actually be teaching and especially finding). His name is Zach. He is super awesome and so excited about learning about the gospel. We met with him almost every day this week! It was cool. Any way, one of the things that he mentioned to us was that he loved how much we prayed. I have never really been complimented on that before, so it was pretty cool :) We got a new investigator on Tuesday as well. Kaylynn. She lives about 30 minutes away from us, so it is a bit of a pain to get out to her and teach, but it is kind of fun to have a bit of a road trip as well :D She is cool though :) She was a referral from the Springfield 2nd Sisters. She was given a Book of Mormon a while ago and then last Sunday she just decided that she was going to come to church. So she did! Heavenly Father is definitely preparing people to hear the gospel. I really have gained a strong testimony of that. We got another investigator on Wednesday as well. They were just comin' out of the wood work the first few days of last week! Any way, his name is Bobby. We are a little unsure if we will keep teaching him though because even though he has a little girl. Plus he won't talk in lessons...which makes it a bit rough! We got to do family history with a recent convert, Christine, on Wednesday. That was fun. :) We also had a kind of weird lesson with Zach (new investigator) that night too. We were running way behind schedule and then someone called Zach and needed his help and then someone called us and wanted to pick us up for another lesson and we had to figure things out really fast, in the middle of a lesson! Kinda strange. Thursday was good. It was Augi's birthday. He is one of our recent converts as well. He was really not happy when we met with him but then we gave him a bagel and wished him happy birthday and sang to him. He felt better after that and told us that we were the first people that day to wish him a happy birthday. We were SO glad that we remembered! Friday we had our zone training. That was really cool :) With the new year and the upcoming decrease in missionaries we have a new mission ...standard or focus I guess you could call it. It is called Operation Totally Motivated. Cool right? ;) Basically President Shumway has introduced 5 things to help us to do more with less, or as he put it, become special ops missionaries. 1) Laser Focused 2) Highly Trained 3) Out-Work the Adversary 4) Seamless Team 5) Completely Committed I am super excited about this! We used to have the Five Anchors, and we still do, but President Shumway basically said that the special ops points are a higher law. We will still observe the five anchors but now we are building onto them, putting them into more practice and going the extra mile. I am so stoked! We had an exchange on Saturday. I went to Springfield 2nd ward with Sister Smith. She is my favorite Sister training leader ever. Do you want to know why? First of all she has been here since I have been here, so we have both agreed that we are BFF's. Second, she let me drive!!! I have not driven for months. It was so much fun! I always enjoy exchanges, but it was nice to get back to Sister Nelson on Saturday night. Sunday was really nice actually which is really not normal. Usually it is really stressful, but because we had already hit the standard, we weren't stressed. It was so wonderful. Today has been awesome :D We had a zone outing (and we got all of our cleaning done before the activity too). We basically just played sports. Good times. We had pizza and talked and had a good time. This week the zone has a goal to find a new potential every day. I am excited. Well, I can't really think of anything else. Have an amazing week! Love you all so much! Sister Cryer P.S. We will be getting a new mission president soon. His name is Kevin H. Loveland. I hope he is awesome, because President Shumway is out of this world awesome. So... just sayin'(Email 1/12/2015

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