Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Letter dated January 19, 2015 Dear Family, I am so behind on everything writing wise! This is so stupid!!! The annoying thing is that the past transfer and this one has been such a blast and so many things have happened but I haven't been able to write things down. I am freaking out! Well, here's a cool story. So we have been wanting to invite Antwain to be baptized on a specific date. We had prayed about it before but hadn't been able to come up with a particular date. All we knew was some time in February. So we prayed about it again and came up with the 21st. Sweet. Well, a few days later Sister Nelson shared with me that she had the feeling that Antwain could be ready earlier. O.K. So we prayed again and decided on February 7th. Well, we show up for our lesson with Antwain (last week) and do our thing and then at the end of the lesson we invite him to be baptized on the 7th. He kind of freaked out a little bit. I guess he was thinking we would pick some time in March. Nope. We move fast! Anyway, the cool part was that after he had calmed down a little bit he asked if it was significant that he had requested and gotten that day off. IS IT SIGNIFICANT?! HECK YES!!! How cool is that?!!! We were all so excited! Sister Nelson and I especially because it gave us another confirmation that the 7th is the day that Antwain should be baptized. I love how Heavenly Father works. Sam, you asked a little bit ago if I had any advice on setting spiritual goals. That's a really good question. I could suggest reading in Preach My Gospel on page 146 and also look in Chapter 6. At the end of the chapter there is an Attribute Activity that I have found useful in measuring my spiritual goals/growth. I think if you can identify what you want to improve in or grow in or strengthen your testimony on then you can set more measurable goals to attain the desired improvement/growth/strength. Also for testimony stuff, it might be helpful to write down a before and after testimony. Hope that helps! I will keep thinking about it though. Love Sister Cryer

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