Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Letter dated 20 April 2015 So here is my picture card. I just spent the past 30ish minutes going back through and looking at all the pictures that I've taken in the past 8 months. My mission has been so awesome! I have made some great memories and friendships. So this week was really good. We are slowly improving as far as numbers go and we are getting some systems set up between ward and branch as far as coordinating exchanges and dinners. So we are exited about that. So, it's pretty crazy that y'all have been doing Spanish again! That's way cool because me and Sister Moreno have been running into Spanish everywhere! We are wondering if Heavenly Father is trying to tell us something....Anyway, I may be learning a bit of Spanish myself. We'll see though. It was really crazy though! We actually tracted into a less active lady from Mexico who nobody knew was there! So that was cool. The only problem was, she literally only spoke Spanish. So that was fun! Sister Moreno did pretty much all the talking there. She knows way more Spanish than I do. Anyway that was a cool miracle that we found her. Then later that day, continuing on the Spanish track, our cd's turned Spanish on us! I didn't know there was Spanish tracks on that cd but I guess there are. Then we ran into another guy from Mexico when we tried to contact a family from West Ward. Then we got taken out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. It's just craziness! By that time I had accepted fate and did my best to talk to our waiter in Spanish. That made him super happy even though I don't know how to say much. Anyway, he told me I didn't really have much of an accent when I spoke. So at least I sound good even if what I say doesn't make sense! On Wednesday night we got to go to the YW camp dessert auction. That was way fun! And guess what? Bishop bought us a cake! We LOVE bishop Mohoney! haha! On Friday we got to do some service for one of the older sisters in West ward. Let me tell you, I have never seen so many leaves in my life! I got blisters on both my thumbs from raking for 2 1/2 hours straight, and we didn't even get close to finishing! But we did good work (filled 18 bags) and it felt so good to do some physical labor and serve! Moral of the story, let the missionaries serve! It's the best thing ever! We had an exchange with Garon on Saturday. That was an adventure! We were trying to contact one of our recent converts in a trailer park. Sister Moreno pointed out the correct trailer and we parked. As we walked up to the door we proceeded to tell Garon about how this family had the cutest dog in the world. We knock on the door and immediately a very small, annoying sounding dog starts barking it's head off. It didn't really sound like the right dog though and when the door opened and a gross little brown dog jumped at the screen door and tried to attack us we knew something was off. The funniest thing was that Sister Moreno said, "That is NOT a cute dog!" plenty loud enough for the girl who opened the door to hear. I almost lost it completely! Seriously, I had to 'cough' so many times during that conversation. Too funny! Anyway, totally wrong trailer. We talked to the girl for a few minutes though and found out that her mom had been looking for a church. So, potential investigator! All three of us had a good laugh as we headed over to the right trailer! We had dinner with a Private Detective Saturday night. He looks exactly like Ben Stiller except with awesome steely grey hair. He's pretty cool, Brother G. His wife is the Primary President. Anyway that was fun. We played a game with them to get referrals where we just ask them questions like, "Who do you know who has ever eaten a bug?" They write down as many names as they can think of for each question, without using the same person twice. Then we have them circle all the non members and we talk about how they can have a gospel conversation with some of those people. Anyway, whoever has the most names wins and they get a prize. In this case a ball with a cartoon face drawn on it. Well, I love you all! Have an amazing week! Love Sister Cryer

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