Tuesday, June 2, 2015


June 1, 2015 email I am actually really glad that picture worked out for the plaque! It was may favorite :) So I was super lame last week and didn't send you a letter! The reason for that was our preparation day was cut short (we had a dinner apt at 4:30) and we kind of lost track of time a little bit playing basket ball and ultimate Frisbee (with a football) with the elders. It was a whole ton of fun and I got super sweaty. Ultimate was my favorite. We just went out and found a field at the rec plex and went for it, three on each team. I even managed to be an asset to my team! It was pretty great. :) Sister Gerard has been teaching me about sports. Making dinner the other night she told me about some of the rules in football. I didn't retain much, but after playing some football today with the Elders, it made a little bit more sense :) I CAN BE TAUGHT! Any way, we are having a great time. I actually LOVE training! I didn't think I would but I really do. It keeps me on my toes and SO much better than I feel like I would be otherwise. It's just awesome :) So, let me think what news I have that I can share from my little life :D Oh, here's something. I don't know if you know or not but I HIT MY 9 MONTH MARK LAST WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy. It feels like...not that long. I mean, I am halfway done with my mission! What the heck. Any way, that's something that happened this week :) Um...We had a miracle on Monday night :) We were on exchanges with Patrick and we were out of ideas! We had tried to visit some potential investigators and less actives with no success and we had about 20 minutes left of the night. We came out of an apartment complex after knocking on someones door with no luck, and just kind of stood there, unsure of what we needed to do. It was raining a little bit and we had a pretty good thunder and lightning storm going on. As we are standing in front of the apartment complex who should pull up on his bike but Nick, one of the YSA's and actually a YSA that we had been trying to see for a few weeks! We said hi and asked him what he was doing and he said he was going home. Patrick said that he hadn't known that Nick came this way to get home. Nick paused for a second and then said, "Well, actually I've never come this way before. I just felt like I should tonight." Whaaaaaat! Me and Sister Gerard looked at each other. Obviously we were supposed to talk to Nick. So we did! We stood outside in the rain (and it started pouring) and had a lesson with him, and it was really great! ...actaully why we didn't stand under the covered area of the apartment complex is beyond me... That maybe would have been a good idea. Oh well. So that was a miracle. I love when Heavenly Father does that! He leads us along, plans fall through, and then he shows us what he wants us to do. It's awesome :) On Wednesday I SAW FIREFLIES!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness it was the best thing EVER! They are so pretty! We were on exchanges with President Grady when I saw one for the first time and I just started dancing around and laughing and then I ran over and hugged Sister Gerard because I needed to hug someone I was so happy! President Grady just stood there and laughed. On Thursday we got to do service at an old historic home on a hiking trail. We were cleaning up the garden in front. Saw a snake (Elder Alen freaked out, even though it was only a little grass snake. Poor guy. He is terrified of snakes!) and a wolf spider. Super big. Me and Elder Alen traded spots! I told him, "I will deal with the snake if you deal with the spider!" Then from that I got at tick on my arm which I found Friday morning. That was fun trying to get that little bugger off (pun intended). My first tick. Crazy life. What was funny about that was I was fine during the whole pulling it off procedure. Sister Gerard did the honors. But after it was off and gone I felt super sick and actually had to sit down on the kitchen floor! Haha! Don't know what that was all about but...it went away so it's all good :) Well, That's about all I got right now. Love you all! Sister Cryer

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