Sunday, August 16, 2015


Letter dated August 10, 2015 Dear Family, So I have just been flipping through my planner trying to jog my memory about what happened that would be letter worthy and there's not actually a whole ton. I told you about the best stuff in my email, but there are a couple small things that I can tell you about. I met the bishop for the first time on Sunday! I had been hoping to meet him on Thursday because we had a dinner appointment with them. But that was not meant to be apparently because we ended up eating at their house without either bishop or his wife there. Awkward! Here's how that thing happened....We forgot to confirm. That is basically what happened. So we were on our way out to their house and we ended up taking some wrong turns so we called bishop to let him know that we would be late. "Hi Bishop, it's the Sisters!" Hi Sisters! How are you?" "We're good. We just wanted to let you know that we took some wrong turns but we are on our way and should be there in about 15 minutes." "O.K. Where are you heading to?" ....Uh....that's not a good response coming from the person you are heading to for dinner. "Your house...? Your wife signed up for dinner." "Oh. O.K. Let me check with her"......."Yea, O.K. come on over." "...O.K." When we get there bishops wife is on the phone and getting ready to run out the door to go to work. Bishop was gone. So we ended up just eating the left overs of the dinner that the family had made earlier and we sat and ate by ourselves and talked to their kids (all married with kids of their own). They were all super nice about it, but talk about awkward. #missionlife We got to have lunch at the Stuarts house on Thursday with four of the Elders in our zone. That was fun. We do service every Thursday and then go over to the Stuarts to eat. Anyway, those Elders are so nuts!...but then again, what Elders aren't, ya know! You will be glad to hear dad, that they spent most of their time at the Stuarts "playing with" aka 'terrorizing' the Stuarts cat. That cat is pretty devilish it was funny to watch the Elders jumping around and yelling as the cat swiped at their feet. She held her own for sure. O.K. I do have to tell you about the joke that me and Sister Murray played on ward council. First of all as a disclaimer: Brother Black is a jokester and prankster like no other. So it's kind of rubbed off on us. Sister Murray wears glasses and she is legally blind without them. Well, on Sunday she wore contacts and no one knew that she wore contacts. So right before ward council started Brother Black came up to us and said, "Sister Murray, where are your glasses?" "I broke them," I responded. "Yeah," Sister Murray agreed. "She got really upset and just stomped on them and broke them last night." Now, does that story sound believable to you? Well, Brother Black believed it. And so did the whole ward council! We weren't even trying to trick them. We didn't even try to keep a straight face, and yet we had the whole ward council believing it! In fact, about 10 minutes after we had left (we don't stay for the whole ward council) Brother Black came and found us and asked if just the frames were broken or the lenses too etc, etc. Apparently it was a topic in ward council and they were trying to figure out how they could replace them and where the money was going to come from. We told Brother Black that is was a joke and started busting up laughing. He just stared at us for a few seconds and then he started smiling and gave each of us a knuckle bump. It was pretty great. Well, I think that's pretty much all the news I have. Love you all! Hope your week is going good so far. Love Sister Cryer Card sent separately with the same date: Hey Family, Guess what I forgot to do? Several things. First of all I forgot to say that I was so sad to hear about Jack! I'm sure Jackson and Snuggles are looking out for him in the spirit world though. Also, I think I'm going to start taking a bubble bath daily! Tell Aunt Gloria thanks! I also wanted to say thank you for all your prayers. I know that they help. And I need to get all the help I can! haha. But really though, I am very grateful. And thank you mom for sharing that with me about your prayer being answered through my experience. Heavenly Father is such a good father. So merciful and loving. Also, I wanted to tell you that I loved hearing about y'alls insights on the brother of Jared. That's where I have been studying too, trying to figure out what the brother of Jared did to get to the point of being able to see God. It has been so neat to study! Something that I enjoyed doing was comparing Ether 3:2-13 with Mosiah 4:9-10....Anyway, thanks for sharing. I will try and share more next week. Love you! Sister Cryer

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