Sunday, August 30, 2015


Letter dated August 24, 2015 Dear Family, Wow! August is going by SO fast! That's a mercy because July seemed to crawl by. It was July for forever! At least that's how it felt for me, I don't know about y'all. Anyway, on to the news of the week! Sister Murray just read something about freezing eggs in a cooking tips book....I really want to freeze an egg now and see what happens! OK! Now on to the news of the week:) So on Tuesday we had some open time and no one to go see so we decided to sticky note some peeps doors. We used a lot of sticky notes because we put one letter or one word on each one so we could make it look crazy and fun on the doors. Anyway, everything worked out surprisingly well. Either people weren't home or didn't see us and their dogs didn't hear us and we were able to sticky note in stealth mode, completely undetected, despite the fact that we stick out like a sore thumb in skirts with badges running madly down streets away from members homes and into our truck:) It was good times! We got to go on exchange with Brother Brewer, the Young Men's President, to go see Noah. He is 13 years old, recently baptized and pretty ADHD. Haha! That kid was everywhere! We couldn't stay on one topic for more than 30 seconds it felt like. They had a cute hound dog (super big) with an adorable wrinkly face. They also had a pond full of tadpoles and green water. Anyway, we talked with Noah about the temple and the Book of Mormon. He said he really wanted to come to church but he lives so far out in the boonies that it's hard to find people willing and able to give him rides. So we are trying to work that one out. We were able to do some family history with some of our recent converts. Myra and Helen. I sure love those two! They are a hoot! Especially Helen. She is a feisty older lady with a big heart and a desire to follow God. She has some eye problems too. She said that when she drives she can see the road just fine, she just can't see the speedometer....That's Helen! haha! Myra is a sweetheart too. She is very shy and has had a pretty rough life. She loves animals (she has 4 dogs) and she is so strong in the gospel already. Anyway, so we got to swap family history stories with each other on Wednesday. Myra was telling us that her mom had to have surgery on her leg to take out the bone and they put a goats bone in to replace her bone! What the heck! I didn't even think that could happen. Hmmmm, what else? I think the only other exciting thing happened after our zone training meeting. We had arranged to ride up with someone and to get a ride back with someone else, which was fine. We arrived on time and had our meeting and everything was great. Our ride home however wasn't quite as smooth. We had miscalculated how long our meeting would go, so at 12:00 all the other missionaries were heading out to go grab a bite to eat and me and Sister Murray were stuck at the church waiting for out member who would arrive at 1:00. That wouldn't have been so horrible were it not for the fact that I was SO hungry. There was nothing we could do though despite our zones best efforts to get us to CC's pizza with all of them. So, off they went and there we stayed. We decided to study while we waited so we plopped down onto the couches in the foyer and began. We hadn't been sitting there too long when we got a call from Fort Smith Spanish Elders, Elder Millet and Elder Busi. "Hola," I said. "Como esta ustedes?" I heard an excited exclamation from the Elders that I was speaking Spanish to them. lol "Que pasa?" I asked. They proceeded to inform me, in Spanish, (which I caught enough of to know what they were saying...kind of) that they had gone to an eggrollery near their apartment and bought egg rolls and they were bringing them back for us! "Bless their souls!" I said to Sister Murray when I hung up! Those Elders are the best! They couldn't come inside the church so we found a flat rock outside in the sun (a little hot but not too bad) and ate egg rolls, swapping tips for investigators and finding and the like. Well, I think that's about all my news. I love you tons and bunches! Have an incredible weekend! Love Sister Cryer P.S. "Teddy Bear" by Elvis was playing in Walmart today while we were shopping. It was pretty much the best thing ever! haha P.P.S There is a colony of daddy long legs that have just recently decided to set up house in our doorway. Really? So going in and out of the apartment has been a bit of an ordeal this week. A stick and a bottle of hair spray usually gets them running the right direction (away)....usually:)

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