Monday, August 10, 2015


Hello family! I will just start out by saying that I loved that missionary story that you shared with me dad! That is so cool! Missionary work is basically the best thing ever. So, this week has felt about a month long. The first full week of a transfer is always killer it seems like for some reason that I don't yet understand. The best part of this week was Sunday. So I will start out telling you about that and then if I have time I will tell you about some of the other cool stuff that happened :) ...well hold up here. Actually to explain some of the awesomeness of Sunday I will need to tell you about a few things that happened on Friday and Saturday as well. (I am sure there is a gospel lesson to be pulled from that about preparation or diligence or something. 'It's not just the end product, but what it takes to get it' type thing) OK, so Friday we stopped by to visit a less active family. We were a little less than hopeful that they would be home, because we were just dropping by and they are always super busy I guess, but we went forward with as much faith as we could muster and hoped that they would be home and available for a few minutes :) When we got to the house and up to the door we could hear the TV going inside the house so we knew someone was home. We knocked on the door and then listened to the following: "go see who that is" ... then a little kids voice yelling "it's the missionaries!" ... movement. ...TV still going. ... talking...... more TV..... and that went on for a LONG TIME. Well, we thought, if they don't answer the door then I guess we know that they didn't want to talk to us... lol We waited for what felt like about five minutes and then were just getting stuff out to write a quick note on a sticky to leave on their door, when the door opened and brother ____ popped his head out and said "sorry sisters, let me get a shirt on." lol Hey, at least they were willing to talk to us! We couldn't talk to them for very long because Sister Price wasn't there only Brother Price so we were just standing on the porch and it was HOT OUTSIDE. ...Super HOT. ....Hot. Any way, we got to visit with Brother Price for a few minutes though and invited him and his family to come to church and he said that they would be there! :) So that was miracle numero uno leading up to Sunday. On Saturday we had an exchange with the Smiths and they took us to go see one of their less active friends out in the middle of no where named Donny. He was a really cool guy! He still reads the Book of Mormon (he still has his original that he got when he was baptized. That thing was very well loved looking!) and when we invited him to come to church he admitted that he really had no reason not to come. So we invited him to come and he said he would try. ...try? He would try. That's what he kept saying. We just basically said, "you'll be able to make it" and "we'll save a seat for you" :) Saturday night we had dinner with our ward mission leader and his family, The Blacks, and they invited Alex (a less active) and Natalie (an investigator that we haven't been able to see in forever) to dinner at our request. And they came!!! That was a miracle in and of itself. They actually came and we were able to have a great lesson with them after dinner. We talked about how the gospel blesses our families. We asked Alex how the gospel had blessed him in his life and he talked about how he had noticed how even though he was happy right now, the happiest he had ever been was when he was going to church. He said that he knew the church was true and that he knew he needed to start going back. The spirit was so strong! The Blacks invited them to come to church on Sunday and they said they would come for the first hour. Which is really big for them. Then Saturday night on our way home we got a text from Sister Nelson. She is a less active who is working on getting back into the church and her grandson Pheonix is an investigator. He is 9 and super cute. Super small too. He looks like he is 4 or 5 years old. Any way, she texted us and said that they were bringing a non member friend, Kevin 20 years old, to church! WOOHOO!!! We were so excited! So, now to Sunday when we were able to see all the results of our hard work. Sister Nelson and Pheonix came with Kevin. Donny came. Alex and Natalie came, AND randomly, Lanty came, another less active. We had 4 less actives at church and 3 investigators! Me and Sister Murray and Brother Black at one point were just standing in the back of the chapel looking at all of these people in awe and grinning from ear to ear! It literally felt like heaven to see so many people there! It was like one of those movie scenes. The finale when everything comes together in a perfect yet quiet way. So awesome! We got to talk to Kevin after church and he said that he loved his experience! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and he was well taken care of and he wants to learn more! PLUS in the third hour with priesthood they talked about the temple and so the question he started out with at the beginning our our lesson after church when we met with him was "can you tell me more about temples? What they're for and how I can go inside?" What a perfect question! Talk about beginning with the end in mind! So exciting. And now, I am pretty much out of time. BUT I will write a letter. I should have time :) I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! Say hi to the ward for me :) By the way, how is Dimitri doing? And how about Jarom Jenkins? and Kyle Strasdas, has he got his mission call yet? Love you! Sister Cryer

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