Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Letter dated August 3, 2015 Dear Family, So, I just had a panic attack because I dropped two M&M's on the floor. It was pretty funny!...but maybe you had to be there. Anyway, really quick mom, you asked a question about training that I don't think I answered. It's not a once a trainer always a trainer deal. It's very much up in the air as far as what's going to happen each transfer. Honestly, I wouldn't mind training for the rest of my mission, but I doubt I will. But who knows! Anything could happen. Well, I feel like I pretty much told you everything....I'm sure I can come up with something else though. We did a TON of cleaning today. The apartment was a little bit on the nasty side. It feels a lot better now though. The bathroom....well, I won't go into details I guess. It sufficeth me to say that cleanliness is next to godliness and this apartment is now closer to heaven than it was before. Fun fat (hahahahaha!) FACT (not fat): Our apartment has a problem with fruit flies at the moment. NASTY! We bought ourselves a little bouquet of flowers today because apparently the stuff that you put in the water to keep the flowers fresh kills the fruit flies. Who knew! So anyway, we have flowers around our apartment which is super nice. Hey! Guess what! Elder Bednar is coming to our mission in September!!! I am SO EXCITED! It has caused me to do some self evaluation for which I am very grateful. It made me think a little bit about the second coming. That I really do just need to be prepared at all times so that I am ready when He comes again. Thinking about that made me very grateful for the Atonement as well because there is so much that I need to work on, but because of the Atonement I don't have to worry about being imperfect. All I have to do is progress. And that reminds me of a thought I had the other day. We were saying a prayer and all of a sudden the question popped into my head, "What is the purpose of life?" What the heck! Don't I teach people the answer to that question? Why should I be asking it? But I was. For whatever reason that question was suddenly a very real question that I had. I felt like Enos when he said, "My soul hungered." Well, I knew right where to find an answer. I went into Preach My Gospel and almost immediately I found a highlighted sentence that said, "Our purpose in this life is to have joy and prepare to return to God's presence." I felt such a thrill of joy and peace as I read that! What a great purpose to have! My purpose is to have joy and prepare to return to my Heavenly Fathers presence! So anything in this life that does not contribute to one of those two categories (joy or preparation) is not worth our time. SO COOL! I just love the gospel! I love how we can always learn new things, not only with our heads, by study, but with our hearts, by the spirit. Anyway, it was cool to have my testimony strengthened in that doctrinal point. And now, because my testimony of that point is strengthened I should hopefully be able to teach it with more power. I just love how all that works! Anyway, I think I've pretty much given you all my news. I love you all a ton. Love Sister Cryer P.S. I was drawing at church to keep myself awake! Don't worry, I was listening. We were talking about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. There has been a lot on that lately. Anything changing at home or at church because of that new focus of the church? Just curious. I am trying to find some way to make Sundays special, because as a missionary I feel like Sundays are the same as every other day pretty much. So I am trying to figure out how I can still do everything I am supposed to as a missionary on Sunday but still make the day feel special. Any ideas?

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