Wednesday, February 10, 2016

!!!!!!!!!HIT THE STANDARD AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Email dated Feb 8 2016 Hello Family! WE HIT THE STANDARD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so a little bit about the week. I got to go on exchanges with Sister Peterson (from the MTC) this week. That was way fun! I haven't been able to see her much through the mission, so it was awesome to be able to spend a day with her. It was pretty much the quickest exchange ever though. We started it Wednesday morning and then ended it Wednesday night with Stake Coordination. Missionary schedules are pretty crazy sometimes! haha We went to a funeral on Tuesday at a baptist church. That was the most upbeat funeral I have ever been to, and I liked it! They were singing this song: "Going to that glory land!" and it sounded like the type of song that would be sung with "Swing your partner bring her round" going on in the background. haha We got to go on splits this week too which was cool. Me and Sister Jeppson (YW pres.) got to spend the evening together and it was really fun. I wasn't really sure what we should do, because the whole splits thing was kind of last minute. So when I got in the car with Sister Jeppson I suggested that we say a prayer to ask what we should do. We both immediately decided to go and see Brekken. She is YW that is struggling a lot right now and hasn't really been at church. So we headed off and were able to have a great conversation with her about Personal Progress. Well, at least Sister Jeppson did. I was busy entertaining the three younger siblings, all of them with some type of autism I think. Lets just say my scripture case was all but torn apart! haha But it's ok, because it was a good visit and both me and Sister Jeppson felt like that is where Heavenly Father wanted us to be that night :) We had a great conversation in the car traveling too. She was telling me about an experience she had sharing the Book of Mormon with someone, and I was able to tell her about hitting the standard :) Wednesday we had a tender mercy :) Kind of... we went to go have a lesson with the Sixkillers who live way out in the middle of the middle of nowhere and they weren't there. They are potentials. Any way, so we were pretty sad about it, and we sat around for a few minutes to see if they would show up. They didn't though so we decided to leave and guess who we should happen upon on the gravel road on the way home? The sixkillers! Sweet! We were able to set a return appt with them and it was awesome! ...The not so awesome part is that they didn't open the door when we went back for that return appt. :( Why won't people just tell us if they're not interested?! We also had the nicest anti lesson ever. It was with this 80 year old man who has some really interesting ideas and doesn't believe or want to hear about what we had to say. He was super nice about it though. Super sweet old man. We were telling him about temples and baptisms for the dead and stuff and he said "That's a load of crap. Holly Wood stuff." uh...haha it was interesting. But hey, referral contacted and another lesson. Count it! Friday we had our zone council meeting and interviews with President. That was really fun! We have a pretty awesome zone :) In interviews with President he said that he gave me a 90% chance of going to BYU-I. My future is decided! haha Ok, I think I am going to tell you the rest of my week in my letter :) Love y'all! Sister Cryer

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