Wednesday, February 10, 2016


BIG Letter dated 1 February 2016 Dear family, This was such an incredible week! We were having a completely dead week and then on Wednesday afternoon after a meeting with the Elders (Williams and Millett) we decided to HIT THE STANDARD! That was pretty brave on our part I must say because by Wednesday night we only had FIVE LESSONS. So...I wasn't sure how we were going to do it, but I knew I wanted to try! So, Wednesday night we get a call from the Elders and they offer to come and help us in our area. YAY! I can't even tell you how grateful I was! So they came to our area on Friday and got us a lesson and a new investigator. I know it doesn't seem like much, but by SMALL and SIMPLE things, are GREAT things brought to pass. That lesson and investigator helped us so much! Anyway, we worked our little badges off to hit the standard. Friday was ROUGH. We were actually blessed a lot, but it was an emotionally and spiritually draining day. To give you an idea, we ended our day at a house where we arrived about 7:45 and we did not walk into our apartment until 10:00. I was SO done. Then the Elders called to tell us what they had gotten for us that day and Elder Williams helped cheer me up and then challenged me to COUNT how many miracles I saw the next day. So I did and the day was so much BETTER! By the end of the day I had seen 17 MIRACLES, which I thought was pretty cool. And actually those 17 ended up being 18 because of an answered prayer. But I didn't realize the prayer had been answered until the next day. The lights in our bedroom had all but gone out (all of a sudden too). One hadn't been working for a while anyways, and now another had joined the ranks of the dead bulbs and the only one we had left seemed a little hesitant to LET HIS LIGHT SO SHINE BEFORE MEN. So I decided, in the spirit of expecting miracles, to say a prayer and ask for our lights to be fixed. Fast forward now to the next day and I look up and see 3 light bulbs shining brightly for all the room to see! It was pretty cool. Anyway, everything just kind of came together for us (we even received almost 20 referrals on Thursday!) We had exchanges, we got lessons, we contacted referrals. So Sunday rolls around and all we need in 1 investigator at church, 2 member present lessons, 1 referral contacted and 1 new investigator. (BREATH....) First thing was to get an investigator at church. After doing literally everything I could think of to get someone at one was there when sacrament meeting started. NOOOOOO! I was freaking out! "What more could we have done to qualify for the blessing of having someone at church?" That's what I was thinking. I was so stressed out that I decided to just get out my scriptures, open them, and read. I ended up turning to D&C 6:33-37 The verse that stuck out to me was: "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." As I read the verse, I had the thought to look at a picture of Christ. So I started flipping through to see if I had one stuck anywhere. I found one, and as I was looking at it I happened to look at a verse on the other side of the page. D&C 98:2 "Waiting patiently on the Lord for your prayers have entered into the ears of the Lord...and...the Lord hath sworn and decreed that they shall be granted." BOOM!!!! All fear and stress drained away and I just felt that we would have the indicator of an investigator at church. And guess what? WE DID!!! In fact....We had DOS!!! (that's Spanish) We had an investigator attend the YSA but we still got to count it, and we had a non-member there, Maddy, who came with the Pattersons! We are hoping to be able to start teaching her. So that was AMAZING!!!! After church we went out to Westville with some of our members, the Exleys. Westville is a ways out and so they always FEED us and then take us to visit people out there. So as we were driving out they told us that NONE of the people they had been hoping to take us to see were available. What?! WE NEED TWO MEMBER PRESENT LESSONS! All was not lost though. I ACTED on a prompting and just told her to goals that we were hoping to hit. And guess what? We got 2 member present lessons, contacted 1 referral AND got a new investigator! It was a lot of HARD WORK and PRAYERS. We sent our numbers in that night and not long after that Elder Williams called and said how excited he was for us, and then he told us that SIX areas in our zone hit the standard! Say WHAAAAAT! We were so excited! I was so pumped that literally as I was in bed that night my feet were shaking. If I stopped them, then something else would start to move! HAHA! It was an INCREDIBLE week. We were blessed so much. And we had to be willing to do a lot, but when we did, Heavenly Father pulled through and we saw miracles! It really was incredible. Well, I don't know that there's really much else to tell y'all about. Well, I mean there is, but this letter is BIG enough already, and prep day is just about done and over with. So, I love y'all! Have a great week! Sister Cryer

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