Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Letter dated February 8, 2016 Dear Family, Yo, what up home dogs! I don't know why I wanted to say that, but I did. So, this week has been awesome! We hit the standard AGAIN! I honestly don't know how we did it, but God is good and somehow it happened. Saturday was cool. we got to go to a Seventh Day Adventist church. It was kind of like a really intense institute class. I actually really enjoyed it, but it didn't feel like church. (We studied 2 Samuel 11) Everything else about Saturday was pretty rough. Literally everything fell through! But it's cool because Sunday was full of tender mercies and miracles. Kay FINALLY came to church!!! She's an investigator that we found in December but haven't seen her since, until yesterday! Joy! Anyway, we were blessed to be able to teach in gospel principles class so we got a member present lesson. That was really neat too because we started out with a lesson on family but ended talking about the plan of salvation because Kay's husband recently passed away. (Oh, by the way we needed 6 member present lessons and 1 referral contacted to hit the standard. And don't forget it's Super Bowl Sunday so effectively we had until 5:30 to hit the standard.) So we get out of church and things seemingly start to fall apart. PEOPLE! WHY AREN'T YOU HOME?! But it's OK. We ended up being able to contact a referral, have a way to long lesson with the Browns, somehow get two lessons at the nursing home (we literally just bumped into people we knew), got a lesson with Brother Byrd and then somehow got a lesson with some nice ladies that were just sitting in the lobby of Brother Byrds building. All before 5:30! I don't know if y'all followed any of that, but if not, I'll tell you about it in a few weeks! Love you! Sister Cryer

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